How to avoid churn – related to conversion funnel

Avoid churn in conversion channel
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We have explained how conversion funnel guides your potential customers to the desired goal. So, having in mind that you should carefully move your prospects through the stages of the conversion funnel it is of paramount importance to prevent churn. In other words, you need to find ways to prevent seeing a drop-off in your business.

There are many reasons for why customers have stopped visiting your website or quit buying your products and services. Some of them might be not interested in your offers while others may be distracted by their everyday routine tasks and have not time to keep up with your endeavor.

Though, before you turn to marketing automation it is a good start that you make some qualitative research. This analysis should not include any inquires about what to do, but it is more an observation and comprehension of customers’ needs and actions. In most cases they are clear and specific about what they need and will be a great source of information. It can provide you with an insight about the source of the churn and the reasons.

Although the paths to further attract people are quite complex, it is possible to find solutions. Here is a shortlist of possible steps to take and improve churn rate

  • Optimize interaction with your customers.

Getting the right and timely feedback in a proactive manner is important. You can create customer satisfaction survey. Keep them short and avoid asking Yes/No questions. Instead ask for specific answers. Feedback bars are also useful as people may have questions while using your product. It can be a live chat or a telephone line. Random contacts with customers via social media and emails may also contribute to increase your venture.

Make sure why customers leave. Asking question of why people cancel may help you better understand your progress. Answers might give you an outlook of how you lead your business and what you should improve in future. Samples like ‘I never made enough use of it’ can mean that you do not afford the right value or you need to put extra efforts for your customers to regain interest. Take speciall attention to thing you can solve like ‘I didn’t know how much the delivery was going to cost’.

  • Be aware of your drawbacks.

If you are not prepared to deal with your weak points you are facing an inevitable failure. Ask yourself questions like ‘Why some people left’ or ‘In what point I am not good at’. As a comparison, think of the competitive start of Facebook and My space and the prevalence of the former just because frequent updates have been made based on customers’ needs.

Sometimes you cannot avoid making errors but be willing to take certain steps. For example, apologize, admit your mistake and inform users what you are going to do to sort out the problem. Particularly if the failure was costly for your customers.

  • Provide assurance to current customers that you offer high quality and professionalism.

Be prepared to deal with every situation that might cause shortcomings. People need to be confident that they are using the best service. Try to deal with situations which require detailed explanation of how to use the product or service.

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