How consumerism affects our life style as freelancer writers

a tip to save money for freelancers
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Consumerism has enormously influenced our lives in every domain. Acquisition of goods and services do not apply only to physical consumption but is widely spread in the virtual world as well. Redirecting the work online has shifted people towards the pursuit of better working conditions in the highly competitive market. Moreover, knowing how to provide and use the right freelance tools has become an imperative that increases the chances of success.

The virtual market place offers a wide range of implements necessary for freelance writers. We are facing a `mass production` of applications designed to utilize our work. But are they as useful as they are advertised by the designers? It may depend on your work load as a freelance writer. If you are a beginner in this business try to avoid getting messed up with everything that looks nicely packed as you may realize it might not fit your needs no matter how beneficial it is. You can always make a shift away and choose other commodities.

As a freelancer you should keep in mind that you have to work to your full potential. In other words, you will always get more work done if you eliminate the obstacles to concentration and improve the productivity of your assignments. Therefore, pick up time management tools that best suit the job requirements. Once you have made your choice check whether you need to invest money in certain apps or products-your life will be less cluttered if you are strict about buying anything until you actually need it. Well managing your budget is important especially if you are a novice and you just have your career started.

Software to boost the start of your freelance career

Word processor– If you do not use Microsoft Word there are a number of other free word processors.  

Portfolio- It gives you an excellent opportunity to show your work and abilities to potential clients. You are allowed to create a beautiful writing portfolio online easily.

Typing teacher– Progressing in your work means it is worth learning how to do fast typing in a professional manner. Touch typing on line lessons- free software which gives benefit to both pros and beginners.

Grammar corrector-When it comes to grammar it happens we hesitate about the right construction. Avoid grammar errors with some amazing tools that can detect your mistakes.

Dictionary/Thesaurus– A `must have` for every writer, it is free with plenty of tools on the site.

Word counter-Another free online tool for counting the number of  words and dealing with repetitions. It is practical and easy to use.

Software you can skip

Accounting software-Unless you have a lot of clients avoid buying services you will barely use. Using spreadsheet to keep a track of your interactions is quite convenient for the start.

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