How AI Can Impact the Future of SEO Writing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is almost everywhere now. And the time isn’t far that AI will greatly impact every field in the future. What you and I see today is just a glimpse; a lot will unfold in the future. Some people even fear that AI will steal their jobs.

It has been believed that the art of writing can’t be replaced by AI. We’re creative people, and creativity can’t be replaced. But a lot has changed, things we couldn’t even imagine have happened. Did you ever think AI would write a novel someday?

In September 2020, a robot wrote an article for humans, ensuring them that the rise of AI won’t end the human race on earth — May be it will never happen. But if you’re an SEO writer and watching AI interfering in writing work, you are forced to think about what could be the impact of AI on SEO writing in the coming years?

The Positive Impact of AI on SEO Writing

Not just in the future, even now, we can see many benefits of AI for SEO writing.

1.      AI Can Give You Fresh Ideas

You know, sometimes we dread AI might take everything from us, including the value of our skill. But have you ever given it a thought that AI can boost your productivity and simplify your writing work?

Recently, I came across a tool called “Copy.AI”. This tool can generate an ad copy for any purpose. But again, AI can’t hit the emotions or pain points of your customers. So don’t worry, it’s not going to end copywriting jobs.

Instead, as a copywriter, you can use this tool to generate ideas. Writer’s block is a real thing, and every writer has to go through this phase. So when your morning coffee fails to give new ideas and your mind feels numb, tools like this can give you fresh ideas to start with.

In the future, AI writing tools will help writers to produce quality content in quantity. Writers have limits and once your daily quota of ideas is finished, you find it hard to write more. AI can boost the productivity of writers, and good writers would be able to take more projects than today.

2.      More Research in Less Time

Whether you are doing creative writing work or writing for a client’s website copy, research is the most important part. Good writers research before writing anything. That’s why their writing makes sense and is easy to understand. 

With AI, gathering facts and statistics has become easier. Writers can do more research in less time. They don’t have to visit libraries to write detailed and well-researched articles.

Today, we have Google Scholar and In the future, we might have tools much more advanced than these. And on a single click, a writer will get access to hundreds of relevant studies and numbers.

3.      Good Writers Will Get Credit

Though even today, Google algorithms are good enough to distinguish between original and spun work, writers and SEO experts still deceive Google with black hat techniques. With advanced AI algorithms, Google will become more efficient in judging the quality of content.

There’ll be no space for spun or stolen content in SERP rankings. And writers will get more credit for work. Also, the difference between an average and a quality writer will be evident.

With no option left, blog owners and businesses will have to hire good SEO writers and pay them accordingly for producing unique and quality content.

Negative Impact of AI on SEO Writing

Certainly, AI will have some negative impact too on SEO writing. But if you’re a writer who has original ideas and unique content to share, you don’t need to worry at all.

1.      Prolific but Mediocre Content

Content marketing requires resources. And one of the most important resources in this field is having a good writer. Writing is all about creative ideas and creating angles to explain the same thing.

Even today, some people use AI-based text generators to write articles. These text generators can generate text in the continuation of any idea or spin the given content in the same writing style, but this content’s quality is mediocre.

Here’s an example of a GPT-2 text generator.

Human written paragraph:

Google’s AI, RankBrain, is an artificial intelligence change that attempts to understand the context of content on websites. As Google gets better at analyzing search intent, it’s more important than ever to get our keyword research right and then tie those keywords back into our content. Content has to do a better job than ever at serving searcher intent. So rather than older factors like keyword density, things like content relevance, context, and value are now more important ranking factors.

Then AI continued as follows:

The key point here is that we’re seeing the biggest changes in keywords for Google. A lot of them are the same for every online search engine. These changes are affecting both the SEO rankings for Google as well as the content. It’s very interesting to me to see the impact that new things have made on the algorithm at Google. It’s not just what the site is doing, but more importantly, what the user is doing about it. While the user doesn’t have to manually opt-out, they will be able to make multiple different changes to improve it in the future with the user.

As you can see, the text written by humans is much easier to read and makes sense. On the other hand, text written by AI is hard to read and, in some parts, doesn’t even make any sense.

Though Google is intelligent enough to rank only unique and worth-reading content, what if a certain niche has very little content available? Likewise, in some niches, text content doesn’t matter. For instance, songs and movie downloading sites. With AI-based writing tools, spamming Google with fluffy and spun content in such niches will be ridiculously easy.

2.      Less Work for Writers

Unfortunately, AI might replace SEO writing work in the future. Not for writers who are excellent in their craft, but for those who might be in the starting phase. Or for those who lack originality in their work.

Who would hire writers — even at a low rate — when AI can do the same work at a lower price or for free?

But that doesn’t mean AI will replace SEO writing completely. Remember, robots can’t connect with humans. They neither understand human psychology nor can they discuss a particular topic from different perspectives.

If you have authority in specific niches, you don’t need to worry about finding work. You’ll remain ahead of these AI tools in the future, no matter how advanced they get.


Indeed, AI is going to interfere in the SEO writing world. With rephrasing and auto-text generating tools producing content in quantity will be more comfortable than before. But at the same time, Google will become more advanced with growing AI. And thus, only good writing will prevail.

Let’s see who wins the battle between AI and SEO writers.

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