Habits of successful freelance writers

We are all familiar with the perils of a being a freelance writer. There are no guarantees in freelancing. One day you may have a lot of work, and the next month you may have little to nothing at all. But despite the fluctuations of work, the one thing that will remain consistent is your monthly bills! So how can you be a freelance writer and make a living at the same time?  The good news is that it is possible!  Let’s check some basics to achieve it:

  1. Write every day!

This is the most important aspect of being a freelance writer. Whatever your topic may be—fiction, nonfiction, or creative nonfiction—remember to write in your genre every day. The best way to become good at your craft is to practice it consistently. Spend at least 15 minutes of your day, and just write whatever you want. I would recommend getting a journal just for this purpose. Writing consistently will help you create new ideas each day. Not only will you will have a lot of ideas to draw from, but you will have many different ideas to compare when it comes time to writing your next piece. In addition to this, your writing (and your specific writing style) will greatly improve.

  1. Market thyself

This is important if you want to have a steady stream of work. Within the realm of marketing, it is important to develop a marketing plan. Your marketing plan should address several questions such as: Who is your target market?  What price can your target market sustain? What are the best ways to reach out to this target market? These are key questions that will anchor your marketing strategy. In addition, what tools do you have available to you to market your writing skills?  This is where your creativity can be used! Think about unique ways to reach your target audience in a way that will grab their attention as well as be effective. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you may come out with a lot of new clients because of your experiments!

  1. Network

As a freelancer, it is true that you are your own business. However, be aware that you do not have to do everything alone. Network with other freelancers.  Learn what some of the best ways to reach clients are from others. And also take time to learn from other’s mistakes. There are hundreds of writers out there doing what you do and everyone can help each other be successful. Just remember to work collaboratively and be transparent about how other writers can help you reach your goals.

With the following three methods, you can easily go from a starving writer to a successful writer. Just remember to take the time to do these following three methods in unison and place a strong emphasis on marketing. A solid marketing plan will be the backbone of your freelance career. So now that you know what to do, get out there and do it!  Each attempt you make will bring you closer to success.

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