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3 ideas for working from home
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It is common that when you are doing a copywriter task, you find that something can be done in a better way than the one that your client have asked. In this case the dilemma appears, what should I do? It can be hard choosing between the best option or just the one that the client have asked for.

First thing you need to do is communicate with your clients. Give them a clear description about the problem, you reasons to recommend another way to do things and wait for their feedback.

Most clients will be happy with this situation and will write back telling you if need to keep following their rules or not.

In case they accept your explanation, and ask you to do the job as you think is the best way there is no problem

But sometimes they don’t look life as you do, and they think you should follow the original instructions. In this case you should do what they are asking you. Is it moral doing something that can be done in a better manner? Maybe you think it is not. But the truth is that you aren’t the truth owner and they could have their reasons. And even if it is not the case, your job is do a work that makes your client happy. The only thing you need to be secure is that you have advice them about the way you think it is the best. After that, they have the right to decide.

Never do things against your client indications, even if you think it is better for their interest, because the final result will have effects in your client development, and you are not the responsible for that. You are responsible about your own work, and you are doing it as you was asked.

Remember that specially when working from home, trust is the most important thing between you and your clients. They need to be secure that you will the work as they wish, because they can’t see you doing it, and this makes them feel unsecure.


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