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Every day, people are more and more hurried to obtain information.  Our attention is drawn in a million different directions and it’s harder and harder to really capture an audience’s interests.  One new phenomenon that I expect will only become more and more popular are infographics, slides, charts and banners.  These methods allow for a more visual representation of information and are fun and easy to read.

Who wants to read a long, boring report?  Boring! Even “how to” posts are losing their steam!  Images, pictures and drawings are all the rage, keeping audiences engaged and interested world-wide.  The good news is that there are some helpful infographic tools out there for the amateur creator.  Visme is one such tool.  I’ve used a few of these tools recently and so was eager to see how Visme compared.  I was pleased to find that it’s a tool that is intuitive, comprehensive and quite helpful.  Here’s what I learned from testing out Visme and making my very own infographic, “A 4 Step Guide to SEO Copywriting.”

How to Write a SEO Friendly Post

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Great Selection of Colors

You don’t have to be a graphic designer or artist to obtain great results from Visme. Even a color-blind creator can use the helpful pre-chosen pallets that provide an array of five colors that go together nicely.  Some infographic tools limit colors and don’t seem to have much variety.  With Visme, this is not the case.  Many color choices are available, so if you’re concerned about matching your brand’s colors, never fear.

Oh- and did I mention that it conveniently saves your most recently used color choices for you?  Forget sorting through the color choices over and over again for an obscure choice hidden from the main menu.  Visme knows that if you chose to use a color once, you might need it handy to use it again.  Great feature!

Wide Variety of Images and Graphics

Even while using the free subscription option, there are many, many choices of graphics, illustrations and images.  They don’t leave you high and dry with only strange, ugly image options.  Visme has a great selection of well-done graphics that come in handy for a wide variety of topics.  They are also conveniently sorted into categories so you don’t have to guess what keywords were used to tag them.  For most of the shapes and illustrations, you can also change the color used so that it matches your scheme.

Excellent Editing Tools

Visme lets you get into the details!  You are allowed to format texts to be bold, italics and in just about any font you can dream of.  Bullets are an option – you don’t have to fiddle with sizing circle shapes.  I won’t mention any names, but there are SOME infographic tools out there that have made me suffer through this.  Trust me, you want Visme’s bullet feature to avoid those headaches.

In addition, text boxes can be neatly outlined, inset or highlighted as you wish.  Items can be easily grouped by clicking and dragging over the chosen objects and moved accordingly.  Spacing of texts within boxes can also be handily controlled through a “vertical padding” and “horizontal padding” feature.  This is very handy since eyeballing the spacing of the text would be complicated.  There are many more editing tools I could mention, but we’ll leave it with these essential ones I though stick out the most.

Charts are Easy to Include

Visme is one of the only infographic creation tools that allows you to include a chart in a user-friendly sort of way.  All you need is to choose your format and plug in your numbers.  Voila!  A beautiful chart has been created.

For all of those business reports, financial status and growth chart-y sort of infographics, you’ll love this feature.  It’s also perfect for showing research in an easy to read, visual sort of way.  AND you won’t get a headache from creating it.

I Wish the Preview was Accurate

I’ll admit.  It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.  Unfortunately, the preview feature of Visme could still use a bit of work.  What I saw in my preview was a perfectly created infographic, spaced nicely with no flaws.  But, when I downloaded it – the headings all ran off their banners and the text flowed right out of the text boxes.  It took quite a bit of fiddling and guesswork to adjust it and get the final product that I was more or less satisfied with.

Some of the Windows are Finicky

While I’m complaining, some of the features – even the ones I loved – block your editing space when showing you the menu.  There are ways around it and you can move them and adjust the zoom in order to compensate.  I’ll just say I wish it was easier to maneuver.  With a few modifications, I think the menus could be less intrusive during the creation process.

It’s a Media Friendly Tool

I loved that you can link in videos and audio files to your infographic.  Not all tools do.  This is definitely an innovative feature that is right in line with the future of communication.  After all, all content writers know that the more video and audio we include, the more audiences love it.

The Sky’s the Limit

Overall, it’s a great tool.  I think it’s one of the more up and coming infographic creation tools that provides a comprehensive package.  Even in the free version of the tool, it can produce stunning results once you learn your way around.  Forget creating boring content with no pizazz.  This tool is the way to spice up your content, and provide supplementary information!  It can help you make a summary, an advertisement, a blog illustration, you name it, Visme is the platform for your creation.  I’m excited to continue using it for my own purposes, and I think just about any blogger, content writer or marketer will be too.

Overall, my recommendation is to try it out.  Based on my use of other infographic tools, this is definitely one of the better ones with more control and options for the user.  Have you tried it? Tell me what you think.

*I haven’t received any money for this review.

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