Finding the Right Work

One difficulty that many freelancers faceis finding the right work. A huge perk of the job is having the ability tochoose what you want to do. This gives you the freedom to choose particulartopics, particular project lengths, and particular styles of writing when youare looking for work.

However, a lot of freelancers will findthat there are always bumps in the road. Finding the perfect job is virtually unattainable. There’s always at least onelittle thing: it might be time-consuming, it might require a lot of research,or the pay might not be as you had hoped. But finding the right job is possible, and here is how to do it.

Look in the Right Places

The first step is obviously to be looking in the correct places for freelance works. There are freelancing websites where clients post jobs. These sites can essentially do the filtering for you, since you enter what kind of work you are interested in and use the search bar to find jobs you like. (A word of warning, sometimes it can be tricky to find decent work on these websites, and sometimes clients aren’t all they cracked up to be.)

Established freelancers may set up anonline portfolio and let the work come to them. Posting examples of your bestwork may allow clients of the right calibre to approach you looking for contentcreation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

If things are looking a little pessimisticin terms of pay for a job, do not be afraid to barter a little with the client.Explaining politely and professionally why you deserve a higher salary shouldnever elicit an aggressive response. You’re more likely to get the pay-risejust for being upfront and still well-mannered. The thing is, if you never askat all then you’re definitely notgoing to get it: there’s no losing!


Since the perfect job is probably nevergoing to come, you have to be willing to compromise. Sometimes you might needto accept a little less pay in order to complete an amazing job that will workwonders for your portfolio. Sometimes you might need to do a job you don’treally like just because it pays well. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a littletime to do a job that, in the end, is quite enjoyable.

This compromise is important when it comesto freelancing. Keeping an open mind about different kinds of jobs is a goodmindset to have, because it can only improve your skillset in the end.

Take Your Time

Perhaps most importantly, it is essentialto take time out to search properly. You may have to go through fifty terriblejob offers or adverts before you come to just one that suits you. This might bea little off-putting, but don’t let it dampen your spirits. It’s all worth itwhen you find a job you enjoy. Remember to search thoroughly for jobs thatappeal to you, but also keep a broad scope out for things that you deem alittle less perfect, too.

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