Doubling Your Freelance Writing Salary: Beyond a Penny a Word

earn more working as writer at homeSo you’re an established freelance writer who is making enough money to live. However, you’re ready to take it to the next step. Freelance writers do hit those roadblocks where it seems like they can’t earn any more, that they’re destined to write for a penny a word.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you can earn more and have more cash to have fun! Here are ten ways you can double your rate with ease.

  1. Set a Rate and Stick With it

One of the most important rules when it comes to making more money is to have confidence in your work and show your client the rate you think you deserve. If you feel like you deserve more than a penny a word, tell your client that’s your rate.

They may try to negotiate with you to work for a lower rate, but don’t budge. Show your client that you have a portfolio to justify your rate, and don’t back down if they ask to do it for less. Most clients who want quality will bite and pay you what you want.

Of course, don’t make your rate too ridiculous. You should first look at your competition and see how much they’re charging.

Never forget that everybody can write, but most of the people can’t do it well.

  1. Don’t Stick With Hourly Rates

One of the biggest flaws of traditional jobs is being paid by the hour. No matter how much work you put into an hour, you’ll be paid the same, and your client will get angry if you take too long.

Instead, work with a fixed rate. By doing this, you’ll be rewarded the harder you work. If you have lots of projects, you can blaze through them and earn even more.

  1. Type Fast With No Distractions

You’d be surprised how much money you’re missing out on if you spend a few extra minutes on Facebook. Instead of doing that, eliminate distractions and type as fast as you can. Take typing classes to maximize your potential, and experiment with different keyboards.

  1. Look for More Sources for Writing Jobs

If you’re just getting your jobs on a freelancing site, try looking for other sources. It’s nice having a comfort zone, but some of the most obscure corners of the Internet can be the most rewarding. Look around and find those higher-paying jobs.

  1. Don’t Let Your Doubts Get You Down

So you see a job that’s offering you an amazing amount of money, or a prestigious newspaper looking for freelance writers. You may think, “I’m nowhere near qualified” and not apply to it.

Don’t. You have enough experience and confidence to get the job! Feel free to send out as much applications as possible to the jobs of your dreams.

You may get rejected, and you it may be more than once. But just remember that some of the biggest writers and authors got rejected dozens of times before finding their big break. And you can too!

So what are you waiting for? Adjust your rate and start working for more today!

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