Don’t finance your work tools with your credit card

finance your work tools with loans instead of credit cards
“Debt” by Christian Schnettelker from

Freelancing is a hard but exciting job. And one of the mos stimulating aspects is buying something that will make you more productive.

Sadly, these tools usually are more expensive than what we would like, and it is not easy have the cash to pay for them. If you are in this situation you have two basic options:

  1. Wait and save.
  2. Use a credit to buy the tool.

The point is you can’t go to your clients and say, “this month I will be less productive because I am still saving for that software/computer/too”. So many times you need to buy the tool and skip option 1.

In this situation the easies way to get the cash is to pay with your credit card. However, this is a mistake.

Why shouldn’t you pay your work tools with your credit card?

In a few words: It is expensive!

Credit card interest are too high and you shouldn’t use it to buy something that costs a big mount of money.

One thing is what you want with your personal life, and I won’t enter in that field today. If you prefer to pay with your credit card for your personal things, it is ok. But here and now we are talking about your professional development and the interests are something that decrease your financial productivity.

Work is work and you need to think about it seriously.  This means you can’t just take the easiest way.

Do you need money to buy something related with work? Ask a loan for it.

Loans are cheaper than credits cards, and also allows you to pay them off in several months. The only problem is that you need to go to your bank and negotiate with them. Also, they will check your financial situation in order to approve your loan. Hey! If they think you are not eligible for a loan, better don’t buy that expensive tool because likely you can’t afford it.

Facing new situations will help you develop your personal skills, so go ahead.

Always look for the best option instead of the easiest one.

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