Do the most important first.

Avoid procrastination
After creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by maurcs

There are two kinds of procrastination: the obvious one and the “other” one. Have you noticed the not obvious procrastination?

Procrastination is to put off something in order to do it later. Big mistake that everyone has done sometimes in life. We all can easily see when we put off something important that we need to do, but that we don’t like to do and instead of face this activity, we do something that we like more, for example read the news or enter in Facebook.

At least we always KNOW when this happens.

However, when the thing we do, instead of the thing we should do, is also a productive activity, it is not so easy to notice it. We are changing something very useful by something less useful, but useful in the end, so we feel well about it.

This procrastination is a very bad thing for our productivity, because though in the end we will finish doing everything, we will do the imprtant thing, when we are tired because of the work needed for the other things.

My suggestion, do the most important first, so your brain is not tired and you can do your best.

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