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Inoreader is a content reader that appeared after Google had announced closing Google Reader which was one of the most popular services. Although it is very similar to Feedly, Inoreader came as a fresh replacement, a competent alternative for getting updates from RDD feeds with an appealing interface providing easy and fast access to any content.

Inoreader requires a minimal interface. Start with creating an account or connecting it via your Facebook account. The first time you sign up you will get informed that subscriptions will continue to be added. As an RSS reader, it leads users to subscribe to feeds, import feeds from different RSS readers through an amazing display of features.

At the very beginning, you can add your feeds manually, though you can also import subscriptions in OPML format, either compressed or plain XML. Through these files, Inoreader provides you with available packages of subscriptions that will make your reading list. They will be synchronized and you get alerts of any changes made to the original source. Building a reading list is not difficult as you may find new feeds by typing in a keyboard or a URL into the search box. Moreover, similar feeds may be found by clicking on `Similar Feeds` to get more similar information from related sites.

Organizing your collections is essential for taking the most out of Inoreader. It is important to put all your subscriptions into different folders. The central part is what you see in Inoreader but and if you want to switch to something else, you need to move the tree pane.

For time efficiency and more productivity, you can learn the keyboard shortcuts. When your feeds are organized you can add gadgets that help you see more information in a shorter time. For example, the `Unread Counter` shows you feeds that you may gather for writing your next article. You also have the option of list view or expanded version of article titles.  You may add tags, votes, mark as `read`, add to your own channel, comment, email to a friend or add to any of your social networks. One more convenient option in Feedly is that it helps you read at night which is provided through the `Dark Theme` button. In the `Preferences` there are much more things to make you handle Inoreader easily. Collapsing read articles or filtering uninteresting feeds is possible to fit your time management.

All in all, Inoreader is a powerful content curation tool and very handy for discovering ideas, collecting and presenting content relevant to a particular topic. It can be used as powerful tool to use content to engage target audience on social media. Creating content requires updating ideas and opening new perspectives, therefore whenever you come up with a new topic and would like to share it later, Inoreader may help you gathering useful sources. Considering all the above, Inoreader is an intelligent instrument which through tagging and categorizing contents, free search and discovery options, gives you access to a well- established, reliable and unlimited library.


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