Check English Grammar with Grammarly online corrector

Do you need to proofread an English text extremely fast, but nobody is available?

If you want to check your spelling and grammar mistakes for free and in just some seconds, you can do it with with Grammarly the best sentence corrector. You just need to sign up and instal the extension in Firefox, nothing else!

*If you are looking for Spanish Spell Checkers check this page!

That happened to me, one night. I was in a hurry to finish one article, but even though my spelling tends to be great, I sometimes have some slips of hand and some double letters appear where they should not and a misplaced comma here and there.

It happens to all of us. But how can we correct it? That night, I decided to finally click on the link that claimed to check both my spelling and grammar in no time and that is how my adventure with Grammarly started.

Below I will write about both the advantages and the disadvantages of the program and also suggest some additional features that the program could benefit from. But first, let’s take a look at what Grammarly is and what the site promises to offer.

Grammarly description

Grammarly is a writing application, that scans your text for any mistakes and many complex writing errors. It checks grammar and helps you to correct spelling. The application is said to check your text input while you are writing it. It verifies whether grammar rules are respected (more than 250 rules are checked).

The Grammarly description on their website says that the application looks for grammatical errors, use of articles, spelling mistakes and verb conjugations (mostly irregular). In addition, the application also looks at the context of the sentences.

A final feature of Grammarly is that it suggests synonyms in order for your writing to be easier to read. This is great because sometimes the word you need might not come to you at that moment. That’s one of the reasons it is my favourite sentence corrector.

How does Grammarly checker work?

The first step is creating an account. Then, you can also download the Windows plug-in. This way, using Grammarly will be more efficient. After you have finished writing your paper, you should copy the text and insert it in the blank text box. If you also want to verify your paper for plagiarism, then you can go to the Start Review button which is located at the top of the page and then click on Plagiarism Detection and turn it on. After this, you should click on Start Review. This is where the actual process starts. Don´t worry, because it usually takes less than a minute to complete.

Part two of the process is the report. You will see any parts of text that are incorrect being highlighted. In addition, there will be a card that shows you what type of error it is. Also, you will be able to see an explanation of the error along with a suggestion on how to correct it. After that, you can click next and continue with an other error (if there is one). Then, do the same thing until you have seen all of your errors along with their explanations and suggestions.

Advantages of Grammarly

One of the main advantages of using this program, is that you do not have to hire a proofreader to do this job for you. In addition, it is a faster way of achieving similar, if not better results than those of a proofreader. It is physically impossible for a proofreader to finish correcting your piece of writing in less than a minute, well, if you have more than a few sentences at least.

An other advantage of Grammarly is the fact that besides checking your grammar and spelling, it also provides explanations. This is an important aspect, as you will be aware of what your most common mistakes are and how you can correct them. This way, you will learn from your errors and will most likely make them less often or stop making them at all.

Grammarly also includes the option to check your document for plagiarism. This is a great feature, as you do not have to use more than one program to check your work for grammar accuracy and plagiarism.

There is also a free version of the program which enables you to see the critical mistakes that you have made. This version is enough to correct spelling and use it as sentence corrector. However, if you want to see a more thorough analysis of your errors, you will need to get the Premium version (which of course you have to pay for)

Disadvantages of Grammarly

Some people might find the cost of this program a bit on the pricier side, as paying $29.99 for a monthly subscription might not be a suitable option for them. In addition, it might not seem as the best option if you only need it for one use, and the length of the document is not that long.

An other down side of the program is the fact that you are unable to use it for languages other than English. If for example your text is in Spanish, then you are out of luck and will have to rely on a human proofreader.

Even though, Grammarly is as close as possible to a proofreader as it can get, it can never truly replace one. A human will always get the context of the text and also the figurative meanings of the words and the expressions. In addition, using Grammarly does not provide an excuse for you to not learn grammar, because the program will correct it anyway. It is better to try to improve your work rather than relying solely on the program.


The program is not perfect and there are some areas where it can improve. One of them regards the technical part. It is for now only available for Windows, so people using Mac operating system are currently unable to download it for their devices. Further development of this technology in order to make it available for other operating system is an aspect that should be taken into consideration.

One area that the program has some issues with is the possibility to use it for other languages as well. A suggestion would be expanding the supported languages to include some of the most common such as: Spanish, French, German.

In conclusion, Grammarly is a great product if you want a quick solution to proofreading. It does however not have the accuracy of a human proofreader, but it does decent work. It might seem pricier, but the cost could be worth it if you frequently need to use a proofreader. It is only up to you to decide whether the benefits of the Premium version of the program outweigh its cost and give the program a try to form your own opinion about it. The process is simple, as you can download the program in less than 2 minutes or install the Firefox extension after you register on the website.


Does Grammarly work with Spanish?

No, it does not.

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