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You make your blog, and invest a lot of time and effort in making it look great, in capturing an audience. However, it does not seem enough. No matter how hard you try, you just do not seem to get it to that level that you have always wanted. Do not worry, you should not panic, because there is a solution to everything. Today, I am going to talk to you about some add-ins that will boost your blog, and maybe even to that place where you have always wanted it to be.

  1. Akismet

We all simply hate those spam comments that somehow keep on finding their way into our blog. No matter how hard you try or how popular your blog is, they keep showing up. If you want to gain 10000 followers on your blog, please follow this link. It is simply annoying. Just imagine having to delete those comments one by one. It is such a waste of time, and leaving them there will simply do no good to your blog. Luckily, this application helps you deal with the unwanted spam comments by eliminating them. The app eliminates the comments one by one, without you even having to come across them. Isn’t that simply great?

  1. Yoast SEO

Nowadays, writing blogs is no longer just about the content. You do not only write what you feel, what you want to tell the world. In order to be successful, you also need to optimize your blog for SEO. It is all about keywords and landing on the first Google search page, because let’s be honest, you must really be desperate if you go on page 2 of Google results. So what is the role of this add in? How does it optimize your blog? Well, it guides you every step along the way with optimizing your content correctly.

  1. Regenerate Thumbnails

One thing that is really unpleasant is blurry images. No one likes to see unclear images. I mean, back in the 2000s, when we used to have those 1mp cameras, it was acceptable. Now, with the development of technology, is no longer ok. So, just imagine that you are trying to make your blog look a bit fancier by adding a theme to it. However, after making everything look fancier, you realize that the photos that you have on your blog are blurry. What should be done in this case? Can you keep both the blog pictures and the theme? Of course, with the help of this program Regenerate Thumbnails, you will have your media restored in no time.

  1. Simple Social Share

The more shared your content is, the more viewers you get. This is how it works. You want your readers to be able to quickly share your post without any hassle. You want to be able to click and share, instead of copying and pasting links from one place to another. This is why, this add in is going to be a great saver for your blog, and it will also make it easier for your content to reach new people. You know how all of those popular blogs have a button for social media sharing? Well, this add in will help you take your blog to the next level, by making the content more shareable.

  1. Scroll Triggered Box

Now that you know how to make your content easily shareable, let’s talk a bit about keeping your audience. Sometimes, if you post regularly on a certain day of the week, the frequent readers of your blog will check it out. However, if for some reason you forget to post a few weeks in a row, you might slowly lose your audience. The solution for this problem is a newsletter. If you want your readers to be notified when you post something new, creating a newsletter is the best option. This add in will let your readers subscribe to your newsletter, ensuring that all of your blog posts are read.

  1. Easy Facebook Like Box

If your blog happens to be linked to a Facebook page, then you have to get this add in. Just think about it. It is said that if you are not on Facebook, it is as if you do not exist. So, if your blog is not on Facebook, does it really exist? This is why, you should create a Facebook page for your blog, where people can be informed about your blogs as soon as you post them. Also, you can see how many people like your blogs, by making using this Easy Facebook Like Box add in.

There are of course, more add ins that you can use to amp up your blog. These are just a few of them. So, as you can see, there are many ways in which you can make your blog writing days easier. Just think about it. You no longer have to think a lot about all of that SEO drama, when you can simply add a plug in to your blog. The same happens with the social media presence. Nowadays, it is all a matter of word of the mouth advertising. One share leads to another, and a few shares later, you are viral. This is why you just might need that social media share button.

As you can see, there are so many options. Some add ins even show you the number of visitors that you have had that day, and even their nationalities. Others might even generate automatic answers to FAQ. Others are robots that are used as chatboxes. It all depends on the type of blog that you have, and what you want to do with it.

If you want to learn more about blogging, and other programs that help you improve your blog, just take a look at the page of resources for writers. Some might even surprise you, in a good way.

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