5 Ways to Speed Up Your Blog Writing

tips to write faster
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Blog writing for freelance writers is a way of self-expression, but it’s also a way to put food in your mouth.  When it comes down to the wire, there are times when all freelance writers wish they could bite the bullet and pump out that blog quickly in order to get the job done.  When writing is your livelihood, although your speed and abilities may improve over time, there is also the fearsome writer’s block that you’ll inevitably run into.  While sometimes you are able to get in a nice flow while blog writing or website copywriting, other times it’s tough.

Here are 5 tips to help you speed up your writing so that you can get the job done and enjoy some free time:

Take a Break: While a bit counter-intuitive, if you’re staring at the screen and not getting anywhere, sometimes giving your brain a break is the best, most effective thing you can do.  Take a shower, run an errand or go for a quick walk.  Do something different.  Don’t read or fool around on social media – you need something that’s a change of pace and will allow your mind to go other places so that when you get back to your work you are fresh.

Make an Outline: Sometimes if you get your thoughts organized, the work flows better. Writing titles and subtitles can give you direction in your work.  Thinking of the article or blog as a whole unit with headlines and all makes sure that your piece is cohesive as well.  When thinking of headlines, be sure to keep in mind any keywords and eye catchers that will keep your audience interested. Once you have your outline in place, add text for each headline.

Get Inspired: If you’re not quite sure where to get started on a topic, it never hurts to peruse and do some research to see what else has been written.  Be careful to mention any sources you do use and respect copyright laws.  Keep your post original by adding a unique perspective, personal story or your own ideas and advice.

Write Anything: When all else fails, start writing whatever comes to mind.  Some editing to your post can perfect any mistakes, awkward sentences or undeveloped ideas in your quick first draft.  Many times, having something to work with on the page gets your creativity going and you are able to come up with more elegant ways of saying things after the initial ideas have been articulated.

Use a Thesaurus: When writing, we can find ourselves using the same words over and over.  In order to keep an audience interested, a wide range of vocabulary must be used.  Instead of wracking your brains to pick the perfect words, a thesaurus can help you find the magic words that will fit perfectly into your post.  Every word counts, make sure you pick the right ones.  Online options such as thesaurus.com are easy to use and also provide antonyms and definitions as well.

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