4 Tips to boost your creativity

4 tips to boost your creativity
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As a freelance writer you might at some point get stuck. The following scenery may sound familiar to most of you reading this blog post. You have a deadline soon and you have no idea where to start and for some reason you keep postponing it, hoping it will go away. Well, it doesn’t. You have tried everything you know to try to get to work, yet you don’t manage to write a single word. Here are some tips on how to increase your creativity that might work:

  1. Remove expectations

By removing the pressure of expectations, you will be more relaxed and thus, more creative.If you worry, your worries will have a negative impact on your work. Without the stress of having a certain outcome your chances of creating something interesting will increase as you will dedicate yourself to writing without the fear of how it might turn out.

  1. Do puzzles

Leaving your work aside and trying to figure out some puzzles or brain teasers might be the thing that you need in order to boost up your creativity. It has been demonstrated that puzzles are a good stimulant for your brain as they make you view the problem from various perspectives. You can later use the techniques for solving puzzles by adapting them o your own problems.

  1. A change of scenery

If your home office no longer inspires you to write, then try going to another room. You might find it surprising, but even the kitchen might do the trick. A change of scenery leads to a change of mind, which further leads to a boost in creativity. You can even try to go to a park, cafe, or basically any place that works for you. Also, if you do not feel like moving your work space in order to get inspiration, you can try daydreaming about it. It might be the thing you need to start working.

  1. Blue or green for inspiration

Looking at something that is either blue or green will have the effect of increasing your performance on cognitive tasks. The reason behind this is, according to researchers that when we think of the color blue, we think about the ocean, the sky, which are associated with openness. As for the color green, it is usually associated with nature and growth. You could put a plant on your desk and maybe something blue like a painting on the wall or even a picture on your desktop of a forest and a lake.

Getting a writer’s block happens to all of us. One day you write 100 pages non stop because you feel creative and the next day you only manage to write down a sentence.This article has showed you how to increase your creativity. However, if you are interested in learning about 3 Things you can do to get inspiration or How to avoid the freelancers’ writer’s block or about Overcoming writer’s block, check out my other blog posts.

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