4 Content Curation Tools

What is Content Curation?

The process of finding out, collecting and presenting digital material related to a specific topic or subject is called Content Curation.

It is becoming an important strategy in the cyber world for people engaged in content marketing. We should make a distinction between content marketing and content curation in terms of collecting and delivering information from various sources in an organized manner. It means, a content curator does not necessarily create a new content but rather discover relevant contents within a specific area and forward them to their readers as a set of combinations. The types of content can be different such as, articles images or any other content that can be shared on the Internet. For example, Facebook feeds or Twitter streams are basic samples of curated and shared contents.

Useful Content Curation Tools for Content Writers

Scoop.it:This tool enables users to search for articles relevant to their audience by using the keyboard. Blog posts, articles and other content may be easily found on the Internet. Once the content is found, it is possible to be made changes by adding personal notes or comments as well as share it for a particular purpose. Soop.it is available as a browser and iOS and Android applications.

Scoop.it finds articles pertinent to your audience based on your keyword search. It recommends articles, blog posts, and other content from across the Internet.

SmartBrief: makes it possible articles to be created based on summarizing. It can be used for Marketing, Technology and many more categories. Summaries can be produced with a link to the original source. Moreover, each category may come as an email newsletter containing curated summaries on daily bases. The tool is also available on iOS and Android. SmartBrief can cover a lot of areas reaching professionals in specific industries with target news and information.

Medium:  is particularly suitable for creating stories and content using a website as a main interface. Considering this benefit, the tool is especially useful for content developers.   The website has its own bookmark tool that can be installed. All that users need to do is click on it when they find an interesting webpage and they will be led to the Medium writing interface. Once they are there, users can easily write on it. Also, there is a linking possibility to the source page.

Flip Board: This content curation tool is suitable for collecting a large number of streams in a short time. Moreover, it enables consumers to create contents in a form of a magazine. For this purpose, articles of interest are flipped from the web and placed in a magazine format so that the reader has the real feeling of flipping the pages. Before the content is crated on Flipboard, it is important to choose articles relevant to the business and aimed towards the potential audience. It can be read on any browser or mobile phone.

There are many more other content curation tools considering the fact that marketers are constantly creating contents. Content curation therefore, is developing even more and comes as a perfect solution to meet the readers` needs in the most convenient way.


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