3 Tools for developing Marketing Strategy

3 marketing tools for online marketing
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The new technological advancement nowadays can make it rather difficult to stand out of the crowd in marketing. You need to constantly think about how to grab the attention of your customers as the market is really competitive. Though, also thanks to technology you may be able to use a great variety of tools to map out your strategic planning.

Woobox is a useful tool for those who are engaged in social media marketing as it helps to customize tabs and see the number of likes and comments received for posts. Also, information can be downloaded into a spreadsheet. Assuming that you have a Facebook page, Woobox can be pretty helpful for promoting from a single location without taking many additional steps. The tool is available in free and paid versions. If you choose the free version you will have no limits on fans and pages. You can add custom tabs for Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter in the menu. There is one disadvantage when using this platform which is having knowledge of HTLM use. If you want to create a page displaying an image for your users to like your page before seeing it, you will have to add the HTLM code by yourself. This may be a bit uncomfortable for some users who have no idea what HTLM is.

If you opt for paying for Woobox, you will have access to a number of promotional items like sweepstakes, polls, rewards, and group deals. The prices vary depending on the number of fans you have.

Nuvi is a marketing platform that helps you manage all your social media tasks such as monitoring, analyzing, reporting and publishing. Nuvi enables you to monitor more than keywords. You can reach the users through group and topic monitors to see commentaries and the impact of each post. Conversations can be easily led and responded. Keywords, hashtags, URLs can be easily detected to find relevant posts across various channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Twitter. The tool provides you with competitive analysis and less time spent on reports by customizing the reports and coordinating the data and the visuals. Content publishing is done from one platform and the level can be personalized for tailored products.

Pricing is not defined but is set through contacting for a quote instead.

PlanBold is another tool for developing marketing strategy which gives a unique visibility into the marketing planning process. It gives you an accurate picture of the suitability of each marketing idea to the general strategy. PlanBold leads you carefully through the desired plan by collecting data to organizing knowledge. Collected information is stored in different formats in one place and is easily accessible. Moreover, you can build personas regarding your target customers to know their channels, plans decisions and other important details.  Posting ideas and voting can be done by everyone in an organization and the best options pop up in the top and give further marketing tactics. PlanBold can facilitate the entire marketing process.

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