3 Tips on how to improve your writing

Writing might not always come easy. Some are more talented, while others have a hard time finding their voice, their writing style. Setting aside the part where you try to achieve that flawless writing in terms of grammar and spelling, writing is more than that. It is about sending a message, about engaging the reader. This blog post is about improving your writing in terms of making it more attractive. If however, you just want to learn some tips for content writing, check this out.

  1. Read Books

In school they always made us read books. It seemed useless back then and a bit annoying to take out some part of our play time just to read. The thing is that those books helped us find our style of writing. The more we read, the more our writing evolved. We started using more complex words and our sentences started evolving and so did our content. Nowadays, the same thing applies. Read books! It does not really matter whether they are science fiction, non fiction or romance novels. All that matters is that your writing will evolve as you will involuntarily adopt elements from the writing style of the authors whose works you read.

  1. Watch Ted Talks

You have probably heard about this worldwide phenomenon called Ted Talks. It is basically an event where people go an hold speeches and they are usually very engaging. You will learn from the way they speak, the structure of their monologues and how they give arguments in order to sustain their ideas. Soon, you will start adopting those concepts to your writing and you will realize in no time that your content is more interesting and your ideas are more clearly stated and have greater arguments. All of this, with little or no effort.

  1. Watch Stand Up Comedy

This might seem a bit stupid at first, but watching stand up comedy could really get your writing to the next level. How come? Simply watch a comedian capture the attention of the public. You will see how he makes a story out of everything. A simple walk on the street becomes a great adventure if you look at it through the right lenses. They can talk about basically anything without making you lose interest and also manage to make you laugh. That is simply magic. You know how when you make new friends you soon start adopting some words that they use, their style? Well, think of stand up comedians as your friends. Watch many videos and you will soon end up having engaging texts and who knows? Maybe even funny.

As mentioned above, writing is all about finding your voice and getting a message across. If you are having a hard time engaging your audience, then you should try out these tips. You might end up writing the latest best seller. You might even get new ideas, learn new things. You will have fun and your writing will improve. That is definitely something to look forward to.

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