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If you want to work as writer, you are likely looking for someone that wants to pay you for your texts.

My recommendation is get real clients, but today I will share

3 sites that pay writers for posting texts on them

Shvoong: UPDATE this site is closed.

Do you like writing summaries and reviews? This is your site.

Shvoong doesn’t want original texts as articles, poetry, etc. This site wants to be a reference when you are looking for a review. However the accept almost all texts without looking at the quality. They pay 10% of the revenues they get from your articles.


Squidoo: If you want to write original texts, this is a more accurate site.

Squidoo tries to develop a high quality content creator community, so they encourage high standards to their users. Writing for Squidoo you can add to your texts features as pictures, maps, quotes, etc. They pay 50% of their earnings, which comes from Amazon and Ebay adverts that are added to your content,.


Triond: Like Squidoo, this site gives you 50% of the revenues they get from display and contextual advertising that appears on your content.


Is it worth?

If you ask me no, it isn’t.

How much does it take to write a text? How much do you think you can earn in these sites?

The time/effort-income relationship is so low that I don’t think these sites can be of help. Besides, there is another thing you have to take into consideration. Let’s think you write awesome texts and you get a good income from these sites. If you are able to do a text that generates high incomes from any of these sites, be sure that you could get more money publishing it on your own blog or selling your texts to specific clients.

So, why am I sharing these sites?

No I am not receiving money from them, nor because I am an affiliate. I am not.

I’m sharing this because these sites, could be a place to publish an example of your work, Triond is a good page for that. And you can learn a little about the job in them. For example in Shvoong you can learn about what kind of topics that you are ready to write about generates more traffic; in Squidoo you can learn to create SEO friendly texts, because they ask you to do so, and until your text is not ready they don’t allow you to publish it.

And of course if writing is just your hobby instead of your job, you can give a try and have a dinner from time to time thank to one of these sites.

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