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Beginning quoting

 Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.

Ambrose Bierce.


A copywriter needs to create engaging texts. One tip to engage people with your text is begining with a quotation. This works because people like people, and a quotation creates a personal link between the reader and the text.

engage your readers
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We are reading a lot every day. So we need something that reaches our interest to keep real attention. This is what a personal link does.

Sometimes is a good idea talk about yourself in the texts you write, but it is not always possible. However, a quotation is much more flexible, as we have good quotes about almost every topic.

You do not need to find the best and most original quote. But, it is better if the reader doesn’t read it every time he opens the Internet.

In Spain the quotation I have chosen for this post is not famous, so it can be seen as original.

So here you are a little writing tip for today.

Tips to get value in your Google research

I will share some tips to get more value in your Google search when researching in order to write about something. These tips are not new and I am sure most of the people already know them, but it is very helpful for Internet beginners.

Exact words

If you want Google to search for your words exactly as you have written them then put your words between quotation marks:

“like this”

Similar words

If you are interested in a topic, then you can tell Google to look for similar words too adding a tilde before the word:

~like this

You get that symbol  by pushing shift + ` in an English keyboard.

Search in a specific website

This option is really useful when you need to have an idea about how other posts about the same subject look in the place where you are about tu publish. Do it


Or you can focus in a specific type of webs:




Type of file

Yes, it is also possible! Are you looking for a pdf?


other example: filetype:docx

Remove searches with a specific word

Sometimes there is another topic that uses  the same words, but are not related with yours. For example, if you look information about the fruit apple you could try

-software -hardware -computer

And you will remove all the sites with these words.

These are the most basic tools Google offers you, and they are very useful in some researches.

3 rules that could help you to write nice content

3 tips to write better blog content
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When writing content you can’t follow all the rules because the priority is to create an interesting post. Here there are three rules that could help you to write great content, and that you can use in most of your posts. But be careful, always keep in mind that rules are great, but skip some rules to get a better result is even much more better. I mean, don’t put yourself into a jail following rules.

  1. Write a small introduction. It will help you to put your keywords in the very first part of your text. Also, readers will have a general idea to decide if they should continue reading, so the ones that decide to do so, will likely like your text.
  2. Use bulleted list. It is a good thing for SEO because people tend to share this kind of content more than any other.
  3. Ask things to your readers. Asking some questions such as: Do you already know what are the keys to fly without a plane? Will engage your audience. The ones that don’t know your secret, will go to read your text, because people us curious by nature, and also the question is a challenge that they want to overcome.

3 things you can do to get inspiration

No matter if you write in Spanish or in any other language, you probably have suffered some days that your brain is just empty. What could you do to put some ideas on?

  • Check social networks

Put some keywords in your favourite social network and see what you get. The goal is not to copy the fisrt post you see, but to get an idea about where the topic has a lack of information.

When you search on Facebook, Twitter or even in Google, it is common that you get some similar results in the top. Now you know what is there, try to think as a potential reader. What is missing? Answer this question and you have a great idea to write about.

  • Ask your children
3 things to get ideas and start to write
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Have you tried it? Children usually have an opinion about everything, and this opinion is probably a great and original way to start a post about something. In the end, you are a writer, you only need a nice and original point to start and the ideas will come. Let them try to help you.

  • Look at your old texts

One great idea is read again some of your old texts. You usually have a word limit, which means many texts have a central idea that is already developed and some tangential ideas that you could develop in your next post. Besides is an easy way to have an internal link for your site.

Do you have more tips? Share them in the comments!


The Ten Valuable Steps To Create A High Quality Article

If there is one important lesson that you need to learn about being an efficient content writer Is that the key to composing and engaging blog entry is the amount of time and effort they pour out in the name of CREATIVITY. Stress and importance of this word is highlighted further because most often, some writers compose articles like they are in a race or manipulated by their boss’ imposed deadline. It’s very nearly like being on a production line – tragically the posts most writers compose frequently reflect this.
Learning how to pace oneself when composing an article tends to help create a more inspiring and engaging article and also help attract more readers. They may not guarantee a top post at first but it certainly gets you closer to a great ranking in the future.

Here are ten essential steps when composing a high quality article on your website.

1. Picking The Right Topic
Take a bit of an additional time characterizing your point and the post will stream better and you’ll create something that matters to your readers.
2. Making Your Article’s Title
The most essential piece of really getting readers to begin reading your post is when they see it in the RSS reader or the search engine result’s main page.
3. Create An Interesting Opening Line
First impressions truly mater especially in writing. Once you’ve captured someone’s attention past your post’s title your opening line will draw them deeper into your article.
4. Make Your Post Matter
A post must have a point. It is not enough that it has a charming title and opening you’ll immediately convince every reader to stay and read until the end– however in the event that the post doesn’t “make a difference” to them it’ll never get a loyal following.
5. Create An Appropriate Call to Action
Driving readers to do something engraves the point of the article in their mind and helps them to apply it and helps you to make a deeper association with them.
6. Incorporate Some Depth
Before distributing your post – ask yourself how you could add profundity to it and make it much more helpful and noteworthy to all your readers.
7. Quality Control and Polishing Your Articles
Little errors might be boundaries to engagement for a few readers. Taking time to edit and correct blunders can help make an article great and take it to the next level.
8. Timing of Publishing and Relevance Of Your Post
Timing might be everything and the key timing of posts can guarantee that the right individuals or the right target audience see it at the correct time.
9. Post Promotion
After you hit the publish button– don’t simply abandon it to risk that your post will be immediately read by individuals. Providing for it a couple of key pushes can build the proper exposure it requires exponentially.
10. Discussion
Frequently the true activity happens once your post is distributed and being commented or discussed with by readers and different bloggers. Taking time to participate and reply on feedbacks could be exceptionally productive.
Taking additional time to understand each of these 10 steps may eventually benefit you and your career as a freelance writer, in the end all of this will pay off. You need to plan, time, discuss and most of all CREATE to make it work and like all things it will indeed take time but the rewards will be great.