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Enhance your affiliate recruitment skills

In affiliate marketing as a process of expanding the creation of a product or service on the market, various parties participate receiving their benefits. Those benefits or better to say revenues depend on their contribution in the affiliating process. If you decide to start your affiliate programme you need to know how to attract affiliates. You need to know where to search and how to approach them.

Firstly you should know that affiliates are in fact publishers so you need to make your programme noticeable so that the interest for visiting it will increase. You also need to do a lot of searching for different websites, content that fits well with your product.  Offer them to get linked to your programme and get connected.

When creating a programme, prioritize some important facts to mention, like how much profit affiliates get of a product or how long cookies will be. Also will there be a list of priority regarding who called first for affiliating? Of course, do not forget to define when you pay them and how you do it. So you need to clarify certain points which affiliates might be interested in.

Speaking of money, carefully think about the amount you will offer. Low commission may turn off prospective affiliates. They say 25-30 is the ideal percentage. Obviously, this will not be possible if you do not offer an attractive product or service to your customers.

Try different advertising services like Google Adwords or Facebook ads where you can find new affiliates. Another way to catch up with prospective affiliates is joining affiliate marketing forums. You can meet people and discuss aspects of affiliate marketing and you can even promote your product in a roundabout way. You may offer a small discount to fellow members when it comes to commissions.

Be generous-make sure you come up with some good ideas of offering something extra to new affiliates or potential customers. This may be a good motivation prior they decide to join your programme or an incentive to continue affiliating if they receive the award at the end of job.

Stay in the affiliate network keep in touch by providing affiliates with information. It can be an article, a promo email or a banner. It shows that you take care to give additional details.

In some parts of the world affiliate events take place. See if there is one near where you live or look for a webinar. These are some good ways to meet important affiliates and to promote your program straight away.

Finally, you should not forget that none of the above will be valid and worthy unless you have an awesome product or service to offer. You must offer something that is unique in a way, something that stands out from the crowd and is catchy.

If you want to read more about how to find affiliates follow the link.

3 Ideas for Working at Home

If you’re planning to work at home and are quite confused as to what work you want to do when you’re there, here are three ideas that might get you started:


3 ideas for working from home

Freelancing is the practice by which a someone who has a certain skill set doesn’t work in a company that needs these skills but instead markets these skills so that different clients can avail of his services. It is a kind of work from home setup that has gained popularity over the years thanks to improving technologies and people’s changing perspective of their priorities.

A lot of freelancers are work at home moms who prefer to spend time with their kids. However, because they have spare time and would still want to be productive or want to use the skills they learned in university, they engage in freelancing. In a way, this helps them achieve a well-rounded lifestyle where there is a professional aspect of their life and there is also a personal aspect.

 Sell your hand-made products

Another type of work at home setup would be selling your hand-made products. If you’re more of the crafty and creative type, you can earn from making crochet dolls, fancy accessories, party favors, or even artsy photo frames. Your investment will be your skills and also the materials you will be using in creating your handicraft. Once you have a good amount of stocks, you can try to consign these products to a local outlet and start selling these products.

 Affiliate marketing

Finally, affiliate marketing is the third option for you if you didn’t find yourself in the first two work at home setups. What you basically do is help businesses market themselves and you earn a commission for your work. The target is to encourage as many people as you can to either visit a company’s site or buy a company’s products. The number of people you get to do so directs how much you stand to earn.

Starting a Work at Home Business: Focus on your skills

Setting up a work at home business starts with knowing what your skills are and understanding how best to offer these skills. What are you good at? What can you do? Where can you find the market which needs your skills? Although you will be working from home, understand this situation from a business perspective. Your product will be your skills while freelance job sites could be where you place these skills. To serve as a better guide, understand the four P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Placement, Promotion.

work from home starts knowing your own skills
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For people who can write, their product may mainly be that skill itself. However, it is not always that someone who can write can actually write different kinds of materials. There will be people specialized in writing for business while some will be specialized in writing blog articles. A related skill would be the ability to edit or proofread material.

Take note however, that it is possible to not have all these skills which isn’t totally bad. If it cannot be forced like when time is not on your side for you to learn skills you don’t have for now, focus on honing your current skill set and specialize. In this way, when you’re able to create a very good portfolio, you can actually help yourself to get more clients and also even increase the fee you can ask for your work.

In a business where your skills are at the center, how good you are directs how successful you will be. So think that if you are very good then you will be very successful.

After you have identified and honed your skills, make yourself visible. Create your profile and start looking for work. Put out your credentials and have your portfolio ready. Clients will want to see how good you really are before they hire you and they can do so when they see that work you have done. Even if you’re just a newbie writer, you can draw up some sample pieces to help clients decide whether you have their preferred level or proficiency or even their preferred writing style. Some clients will be more specific than others, requiring you samples of work where you wrote using Business English. On the other hand, some clients will only need to see whether you have a good command of grammar or you don’t. With this variety in requests, keep in mind one thing, its okay to decline.

If a job requires a skill which you don’t have, politely decline the invitation for an interview. There’s no need for you to put yourself in a compromising situation where you won’t be able to deliver or where your client is likely to be disappointed. Remember, this is a business and in business, reputation matters a lot. If you can’t deliver what the client expects, this can not be a good impression on your work and it can affect your chances of getting more clients in the future. So be smart about what you’re going to offer.

3 sites that pay you for writing

work at home how get money
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If you want to work as writer, you are likely looking for someone that wants to pay you for your texts.

My recommendation is get real clients, but today I will share

3 sites that pay writers for posting texts on them

Shvoong: UPDATE this site is closed.

Do you like writing summaries and reviews? This is your site.

Shvoong doesn’t want original texts as articles, poetry, etc. This site wants to be a reference when you are looking for a review. However the accept almost all texts without looking at the quality. They pay 10% of the revenues they get from your articles.


Squidoo: If you want to write original texts, this is a more accurate site.

Squidoo tries to develop a high quality content creator community, so they encourage high standards to their users. Writing for Squidoo you can add to your texts features as pictures, maps, quotes, etc. They pay 50% of their earnings, which comes from Amazon and Ebay adverts that are added to your content,.


Triond: Like Squidoo, this site gives you 50% of the revenues they get from display and contextual advertising that appears on your content.


Is it worth?

If you ask me no, it isn’t.

How much does it take to write a text? How much do you think you can earn in these sites?

The time/effort-income relationship is so low that I don’t think these sites can be of help. Besides, there is another thing you have to take into consideration. Let’s think you write awesome texts and you get a good income from these sites. If you are able to do a text that generates high incomes from any of these sites, be sure that you could get more money publishing it on your own blog or selling your texts to specific clients.

So, why am I sharing these sites?

No I am not receiving money from them, nor because I am an affiliate. I am not.

I’m sharing this because these sites, could be a place to publish an example of your work, Triond is a good page for that. And you can learn a little about the job in them. For example in Shvoong you can learn about what kind of topics that you are ready to write about generates more traffic; in Squidoo you can learn to create SEO friendly texts, because they ask you to do so, and until your text is not ready they don’t allow you to publish it.

And of course if writing is just your hobby instead of your job, you can give a try and have a dinner from time to time thank to one of these sites.