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Best Spanish Spell Checkers

If we want to achieve readable texts, we need to check the grammar. Whether you work as an online journalist, you write as a fiction writer, you write for an important fashion magazine or, well, for your own personal use, grammar checkers are imperative.

When it comes to the Spanish language, it is maybe one of the languages with most linguistic richness in the entire world, which doesn’t make our task easier.

Fortunately, technology has brought us a multitude of tools, and these tools have greatly facilitated proofreading for us. We have online checkers, dictionaries, and translators into so many different languages, and all available in Spanish, of course.

As a rule, Spanish Spell Checkers are for free use, but if we make an annual payment, we get access to more functions in the system.

With these Spanish Spell Checkers, you will be able to improve your text. They are not only for students of that language, but for native Spanish speakers as well.

However, they are not perfect. If you want a high-quality text, I would recommend passing the Spanish Spell Checker first and then sending it to a Spanish proofreader.

Microsoft Word

At the time of writing, the checker per excellence is the one that comes incorporated to Microsoft Word. My recommendation for you is always having it activated. It will help you greatly to always have well written texts with the correct spelling, since every time you write a spelling error Word Office will detect it and will show it in red, giving you the option to correct it.

With the passing of time, the aforementioned spell checker has been getting better substantially, not only with the expansion of vocabulary but also with the detection of some grammatical flaws.

The automatic checker is a simple comparator of letters between the words written and the words compiled in its “dictionary”.


One of the alternatives is Stilus, a Spanish Spell Check online. Stilus will give us a lot of surprises and, also, joy, because it’s one of the best Spanish Spell Checkers. Stilus is not merely a checker, but instead it makes a revision of the linguistic context and is accompanied by a didactic explanation and its related bibliography. In other words, it doesn’t get comfortable enough with the mere detection and mention of an error, but instead it’s capable of arguing for it.

In the final analysis, Stilus will help us to avoid grammar flaws and spare us some very valuable time by conducting multiple documental searches, letting us work quickly and be more productive. It’s not the universal remedy for automatic checks, but it’s a giant step for us to use in our daily life as a worker, as well for students or for our personal use.

Spanish Checker

And now, one of the best along with the great Stilus. The second Spanish Spell Check is called: Spanish Checker.

Spanish Checker is another option for us to correct our texts, although maybe not so complete as the previously mentioned tool, but it’s completely free. Its handling is very simple, and despite this, it’s very strong. Spanish Checker will correct our texts orthographically and grammatically. In both cases, whether it’s a grammar check or an orthographical check, Spanish Checker will suggest a modification or will simply suggest that we verify what we have written with the correct sense for the sentence. Putting the text over the word in question, Spanish Checker will show us a short explanation of the possible flaw through a floating text and will suggest the proper use for the sentence.

We will be the ones to correct the text, which is very useful because we will be able to learn from our mistakes. Also, this tool can correct texts in the English language.

Now, I share with all of you some reviews that I have made about some other Spanish Spell Checkers, and these are not less important than the previous ones.

Ortógrafo de Lenguaje.com

It’s a fast Spanish Spell Check and is composed of more than five million words; it also recognizes every form of conjugation, including the diminutives, augmentatives and the most common prefixes and suffixes. Its engine detects typographical and spelling flaws and even corrects Roman Numerals.


Spellboy is another of the bests and most reliable Spanish Spell Checkers you will find online. It’s kind of a treasure, really. Its layout is very attractive. The layout imitates a notebook. And you don’t get too much advertising on the website.

In addition, Spellboy has a great number of languages at your disposition: Russian, German, Spanish, Dutch and French.


This one, it’s a practical and easy tool to use. It corrects your flaws of grammar and it can help you with your homework or your daily job. The only thing you have to do is “copy and paste” the text inside the empty box and it will instantly be fixed. Furthermore, it counts eleven different languages you can work with. Its use is very simple – you only have to put the text you want to check into the field, choose the language and click on the “Check” button to finish the job.


And finally, but no less important, this website brings together simplicity with reliability. It contains eleven different languages which you can use to check your texts in. These languages are: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Scottish.


These are some of the best Spanish Spell Checkers. If you can check one by one and use the one of your own preference, you will definitely find the perfect checker for you. Remember the function of each one is to “clean” your texts, checking orthographical or spelling flaws. The goal of each and every Spanish Spell Checker is to clean up our flaws in our writing to get it free of errors for every reader or for the general public.