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Why Would You Consider Creating Content in Spanish?

spanish people is waiting to read your content
Estamos Vivos creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Visentico / Sento

¿Como estás? Have you ever thought about creating content in Spanish?  Spanish is a beautiful language and the third most spoken language in the world. The demographics of Spanish speaking people in the United States alone are up by 34.8 million and there are also about 21 Spanish speaking countries sprawled all around the globe which would sum up for about 400 million of Spanish speaking population. Thousands of immigrants coming from or of Hispanic ethnicity are flocking the US each day. Maybe you remember yourself having to attend Spanish language classes because it is considered an advantage if you have at least a Spanish conversational skill. The same happens with your website !

During its birth, the internet or websites were written in English, but the only constant is change, and in order to reach a wider span of audience, developers are building websites in different languages. This is quite good and let me break down some of the benefits why a website with Spanish content is beneficial especially for your business.

For starters, if you are running a business, one of your main goals is to earn profit. This is why the internet is a powerful tool for advertising. E-commerce has come a long way in terms of social media and blog writing for SEO purposes. However, if you website only includes an English content, then you would only be able to reach English speakers or readers. Sure, there are others who can understand English but not at the extent of fluency you expect them to understand. You have worked hard to create such beautiful articles to promote and market your brand, but does your non-English speaker reader able to understand the message you are trying to get across? There is still language barrier everywhere and that is inevitable.

If you have a website with Spanish content, you will be able to expand your audience base and perhaps create brand awareness among non-English speaking consumers. Not only that when your website has Spanish content, then the probability of your brand to be recognized widely is huge and expands your target market. Imagine the potential loss of sales for about 73.2% because that comprises of Spanish speaking internet users. Especially in the era that internet accessibility is not just limited to computers but has reached the market of mobile and smartphones. Another reason of having a website with Spanish content makes your brand appear to be ready for the international market and takes you to a larger scale as an international brand. Business has to build trust and with the language barrier, how can you be able to reach to these audiences?

For instance, Hispanic household has larger purchasing power which has increased to $1.2 trillion. Ever wonder why some multibillion companies put up customer service hotlines for Spanish speaking consumers? Because they know the market and the need to reach out will cut on costs because your Spanish consumers understand your product and its benefits. So if you are thinking of abolishing the idea of not having your website translated to Spanish content, then think again.