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How to improve the quality of your service

freelance quality tip: do not make your clients wait alone
Waiting patiently?flickr photo shared by Chovee under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

As freelance copywriter I have one main goal: improve the quality of my work. To do so, one needs to study and keep learning things, but also is a good idea observe what things make your clients more happy. As you can’t learn everything in academic books, sometimes you need every day expertise, and this is hard to find in the academia.

One thing that I can recommend to everybody that is starting a freelance career is to treat your clients as if they were special. Actually, if you think it for a moment your clients are special. How many clients do you have? If you are not company, I am sure you do not have so many clients that you can’t remember each one of them. Of course, you can forget someone that one day asked you to do something and you never have heard from him again. But, now I am talking about your current clients. Can you tell me that you are not able to give them a personal treatment? I am sure not, and if the answer is yes, you likely need to hire someone because you are not keeping enough attention to your clients.

So, how can you show them that they are special?

Easy!  Let them know how is the work being developed.  When you are working hard in several long term projects, you can feel that you do not have enough time to write to your clients. However, if they need to wait, let’s say for a month to see the results of your work, they can be worried when half of the time is over. How can they be sure that you are working hard and that you will have it on time?

Just writing a short e mail saying that you have finished these things, you are currently working in these other things and you will finish it on time, will allow them to trust in you and feel better.

Because just waiting without news, can be stressful.

Taking a few minutes to give them the information they deserve, allows you to show them that they weren’t wrong when they decide to give you the project.

Don’t forget that in the work market we are all people, no robots.

Cooperate and win!

freelance cooperation to increase your services
“Lemur giving hands” flickr photo shared by Tambako the Jaguar under a Creative Commons ( BY-ND ) license

I am freelance copywriter, but sadly I am not very good creating graphics. The truth is that you can browse the internet and get some images that are free and which rights only ask to put a link to the owner. This is easy and cheap.

However, some clients want a more comprehensive work and are open to pay for someone to create the images that will be published in their content. In these cases, you can just say ‘no, I am not able to provide original images’ or you can cooperate with graphic designer freelance and offer the full pack.

Well cooperation has one disadvantage, if one of the worker fails, the two of them will be affected. If you commit to collaborate with someone you commit to have a post and an image ready for the deadline. You can’t come to your client and say ‘man, it was the other freelancer who fails, I did my part of the job’ because someone that is paying, doesn’t want problems, but solutions.

However, if you find someone reliable and hard-worker, you are in disposition to offer a work that has its value increased.

My experience says that most clients just want a text, and the ones that ask for an image have the nonsense idea that it will cost the same as just a text. Well that is not possible. An image is very important for content, and you can’t just get the first one and hand it in.

Happily there are also a lot of people that like things well done, and understand the work that an image requires. In these cases, have some freelancers colleagues that are able to do it, is a great plus of value.