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ODesk is now Upwork

Avoid procrastination
After creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by maurcs

If you are looking for a work from home job, you likely know ODesk and Elance. Well, time ago we read that ODesk and Elance merged to become a bigger and better freelance job platform. A few days ago ODesk has changed and now it is Upwork.

It was a big change! We receive an e mail with a CEO explanations, we say a brand new website and all the changes…some changes….well it is a new website.

The truth is that the big problems of ODesk remains the same. Many people are still looking for slaves instead of workers, and freelancers don’t know if they are applying to work for a business or a physic person. When you ask ODesk…sorry Upwork about that, they think ‘Who cares? We provide work, which is what you are looking for’ and then you have to explain that in your case working for a company means that you don’t need to charge VAT which means that you will earn 21% more. Well it is true that 21% percent more than almost zero is still almost zero, but within the slave hunters, there are some clients that pay reasonable prices and if you are the only one asking about they data, you are creating more problems than solutions for the clients, so they usually choose someone that doesn’t ask annoying questions.

What a bad habit is paying taxes!

Elance is still independent and is still a better place to work. I am really afraid that it will be spoiled when it turns into Upwork. When I receive the new about the change, I thought Upwork was going to be more serious, more professional, but they have missed that part.

Let’s keep the faith in the future.

4 tips to write the perfect cover letter to work from home

You have some competition when applying for a freelancing job.

tips to be a better writerBeing the first to apply to a job helps, but you need a good cover letter to go along with it. Of course, this is a subjective thing and different clients react in different ways, but there are a few methods to make your cover letter stand out.

1. Read the job posting carefully.

Some clients filter out cover letters if they don’t include certain things as described in the job posting. Some want you to put a certain word in the heading of the letter, or they might want you to answer a few questions. This will put you in front of those who just spam a template in every application.

2. List your qualities.

Say you can get the job done fast and with quality, and back up what you say with a few samples. Mention a few challenges the job might hold, and show the client how you can overcome them.

3. Address your clients personally if you can.

Say hello, and if your client has a name, mention that. Invite them to discuss the job with you further. You don’t always have to sound like a stiff; sometimes a friendly tone is what the client prefers.

4. Keep it short.

While you should list your qualities, keep it short and to the point. The client has many applicants, and seeing a novel-sized letter may turn them off. You want your sample to do the talking, and your letter to be the wrapping paper that delivers it.

Getting the job can be difficult, but by writing a convincing cover letter, you should stand out among the rest of the applicants and increase your chances on nailing the freelancing job of your dreams.

Happy applying!