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What Upwork is?

Upwork Facts that Every Newbie Should Know

Are you thinking about signing up in one of the most useful websites for freelancers, Upwork? Are you an aspiring freelancer who wants to start reaching his dreams through freelancing? If your answer is yes for these questions, then you are ready to work at home.

upwork freelance platform review
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Freelancing can happen once you sign up in Upwork.com. This website is formerly known Odesk.com. It offers variety of online job vacancies. Its job openings cater most of the works that are needed in outsourcing. It has served lot of freelancers globally and has given job opportunities for people who prefer working at home. In fact, it has been one of the competing companies when it comes to freelancing opportunities.

If you are planning to sign up, or working through this website, then you must know these facts.

Nature of Upwork.com

Upwork.com is an online website that posts job offerings from various people with or without companies. Basically, these people post the skills or services that they need, then you will be the one to apply for that job. Upwork.com does not directly give you a workload. You have to work for it. Hence, not applying for a job means not having workload at all.

Application in Upwork.com

Killer resume is needed in Upwork.com. Just like in applying for a full-time job in companies, or institutions, you have to build yourself by creating a resume. In Upwork.com, your profile in this website is your resume. Hence, you have to show your competence through writing every detail of it. Other than that, you also have to take exams to test and prove yourself. Your chances of getting hired increase whenever you have created your resume. A higher possibility of getting hired is possible if you have good ratings posted on your resume or profile as well.

Two Kinds of Wages

There are two kinds of rates in Upwork.com—hourly rate and fixed hour. Hourly rates refer to wages that are hourly in nature. It means your work or job is being monitored then you will be compensated based on your job hours. It works better for administrative assistants and other fields as well. Meanwhile, fixed rate means your payment depends on your project. If your project’s price is $10, then you will receive that no matter how long you work for it. Hourly rate is better than fixed rate for it will really compensate you well.

Basically, you must know that Upwork.com has already given job opportunities for people worldwide. These people are brave enough to prove themselves through their profiles. If you have the skills to convince employers to hire you, then you must sign up already.

Signing up in this website means opening doors to more opportunities to acquire work whether it is for full-time or part-time. Upwork.com generates opportunities and new learning that you can never get from working in the outside world. As long as you have the resources and well-written resume, you are now ready.

Odesk.com was known for being a low-cost freelance platform, though you can choose what works you will apply for. In my case I have found good clients in ODesk and now in Upwork. However, being honest I have to say that you will find a lot of jobs which budget is non-sense.

GOLD tip for working in Upwork, be picky with the jobs you apply for and you won’t lose time.

ODesk is now Upwork

Avoid procrastination
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If you are looking for a work from home job, you likely know ODesk and Elance. Well, time ago we read that ODesk and Elance merged to become a bigger and better freelance job platform. A few days ago ODesk has changed and now it is Upwork.

It was a big change! We receive an e mail with a CEO explanations, we say a brand new website and all the changes…some changes….well it is a new website.

The truth is that the big problems of ODesk remains the same. Many people are still looking for slaves instead of workers, and freelancers don’t know if they are applying to work for a business or a physic person. When you ask ODesk…sorry Upwork about that, they think ‘Who cares? We provide work, which is what you are looking for’ and then you have to explain that in your case working for a company means that you don’t need to charge VAT which means that you will earn 21% more. Well it is true that 21% percent more than almost zero is still almost zero, but within the slave hunters, there are some clients that pay reasonable prices and if you are the only one asking about they data, you are creating more problems than solutions for the clients, so they usually choose someone that doesn’t ask annoying questions.

What a bad habit is paying taxes!

Elance is still independent and is still a better place to work. I am really afraid that it will be spoiled when it turns into Upwork. When I receive the new about the change, I thought Upwork was going to be more serious, more professional, but they have missed that part.

Let’s keep the faith in the future.