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SWOT analysis of working from home: Threats

work from home has its own threats
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Going from an office job to working from home as a freelance writer can sometimes threaten your already established career.

Content writing is a very cool profession that will let you work from home. At the same time, establishing yourself as a freelance entrepreneur can change your approach to writing entirely. Therefore, it’s important to analyze the threats this shift can bring to your career and your writing. The more you know about the threats of a freelance writing career, the better able you will be to protect yourself against them.

  1. The Internet and Its Many Distractions

If you can just get down to business without getting distracted by the technical side of things then this isn’t a threat for people like you. But if you’re easily distracted by new information (which leads to more new information, which leads to still more new information…) working as a freelancer can be a bit tricky. Since there will be no one hounding you to get back to work, you’re free to follow links all day – and then scramble to meet your deadline at the very end. To avoid this, make sure you come up with a method to keep yourself focused and on track.

  1. Society as a Threat to the Entrepreneurial Content Writer

One major fear people have about becoming a freelance content writer is the fear of society and its lack of respect for the profession. Because this kind of work is usually done from home, many people think of it as more of a hobby than a respectable career. For many of us, working in a field that lacks “respectability” can be very hard, as there’s a lot of pressure from society to have a “normal” career. It can make Christmas dinner with you relatives or parties full of strangers pretty awkward if they don’t think of your work as a real job.

  1. Almost Everybody Wants to Work from Home

And this means that if you’re scrolling through an online freelance platform looking at jobs, then there are countless people eager to get exactly the same job. Of course, there are lots of people who are just bunglers hitting a keyboard, but there are also great writers out there, and you will need to stand out among them.

  1. SEO Writing is Constantly Changing

Keeping yourself up to date is crucial and will help you stay ahead of the game. Failing to do so, on the other hand, can be very detrimental to your feelance writing career. Many clients want content with SEO to make their websites stand out. If you can’t provide this, you will be passed over for someone who can. Luckily, the internet is awash with guides for SEO writing. Schedule yourself some time to familiarize yourself with the concept and its implementation.

  1. Some Clients Don’t Believe Content Writing is a Real Job

Like I mentioned when talking about society as a whole, you will find that some clients also think that online writing is just a hobby – and not worth paying much for. If you ask me, you just need to avoid this type of client. If they don’t respect you or your work and don’t pay you what you deserve for it, then do yourself a favour and find someone with whom you can build a lasting working relationship.

  1. Currency exchange

You always need to be aware of changes to currency rates. Because you work online, you will have clients from all over the world and it is better if you can charge them in their own currency, if that’s what they want. On the other hand, many clients and contractors use American dollars or Euros as for simplicity’s sake. If you’re charging in dollars or Euros, make sure you know what that translates to in your own currency and in your client’s.

Doubling Your Freelance Writing Salary: Beyond a Penny a Word

earn more working as writer at homeSo you’re an established freelance writer who is making enough money to live. However, you’re ready to take it to the next step. Freelance writers do hit those roadblocks where it seems like they can’t earn any more, that they’re destined to write for a penny a word.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you can earn more and have more cash to have fun! Here are ten ways you can double your rate with ease.

  1. Set a Rate and Stick With it

One of the most important rules when it comes to making more money is to have confidence in your work and show your client the rate you think you deserve. If you feel like you deserve more than a penny a word, tell your client that’s your rate.

They may try to negotiate with you to work for a lower rate, but don’t budge. Show your client that you have a portfolio to justify your rate, and don’t back down if they ask to do it for less. Most clients who want quality will bite and pay you what you want.

Of course, don’t make your rate too ridiculous. You should first look at your competition and see how much they’re charging.

Never forget that everybody can write, but most of the people can’t do it well.

  1. Don’t Stick With Hourly Rates

One of the biggest flaws of traditional jobs is being paid by the hour. No matter how much work you put into an hour, you’ll be paid the same, and your client will get angry if you take too long.

Instead, work with a fixed rate. By doing this, you’ll be rewarded the harder you work. If you have lots of projects, you can blaze through them and earn even more.

  1. Type Fast With No Distractions

You’d be surprised how much money you’re missing out on if you spend a few extra minutes on Facebook. Instead of doing that, eliminate distractions and type as fast as you can. Take typing classes to maximize your potential, and experiment with different keyboards.

  1. Look for More Sources for Writing Jobs

If you’re just getting your jobs on a freelancing site, try looking for other sources. It’s nice having a comfort zone, but some of the most obscure corners of the Internet can be the most rewarding. Look around and find those higher-paying jobs.

  1. Don’t Let Your Doubts Get You Down

So you see a job that’s offering you an amazing amount of money, or a prestigious newspaper looking for freelance writers. You may think, “I’m nowhere near qualified” and not apply to it.

Don’t. You have enough experience and confidence to get the job! Feel free to send out as much applications as possible to the jobs of your dreams.

You may get rejected, and you it may be more than once. But just remember that some of the biggest writers and authors got rejected dozens of times before finding their big break. And you can too!

So what are you waiting for? Adjust your rate and start working for more today!

Three More Types of Writing That Can Make You Money

As a copywriter one has to look for new clients and projects almost everyday. Last month, we delved into the world of writing for money, and listed three types that are always hiring. Now, we’ll take a look at three more, and give you tips along the way on how to succeed.

Reviews writing

Online reviews are important for many reasons. First, they give potential customers some insight as to how well the product works. If there are no reviews, a potential buyer may not take the risk and purchase it. Also, reviews can give the makers of the product criticism as to how they can improve the next time.

That’s why there are many review job postings available. There are two types of review jobs, honest and dishonest. An honest review job typically involves the maker sending you a free sample of their product, and you give them your opinion on it.

Dishonest reviews, on the other hand, may send you a free sample, but they want you to write a positive review regardless if the product is good or not. These are used to trick people into buying a product that may not necessarily be quality.

Shilling may not be the best for some people, so try going for review jobs that just want your honest opinion, whether it’s good or bad.

To write a good review, keep it short and to the point.


This technically counts as fiction, but it’s so big in the writer’s market that we fill it warrants its own section. Many clients, whether it’s for a site or because they’re trying to make the next 50 Shades of Grey, want a story that’s steamy and can entice their readers. They may use euphemisms on sites that don’t allow erotica, saying they’re looking for a “romance” story.

To be an erotica writer, you obviously need to have a general knowledge of sex and how you can describe it sensually with words. Also, if you’re a man (as I am), try writing under a woman’s name, as you’ll land more jobs that way. Sorry guys, that’s life.


From the big name newspapers to the small-fry indie publications, employers are always looking for more writers, whether it’s guest or a full-time position. Some journalistic-style articles will just require you to do some googling, and others will require you to actually get out there, get your feet wet, and talk to people. Others just may want your opinion on an issue.

Scout for different publications and see if there’s an open job. Also, look for the publication’s preferred writing style. Some may want you to write in a traditional journalistic approach, and others may want a more relaxed, clickbaity tone.

And those are just a few of the many types of writing that makes money. If you’re not sure if you can succeed as a writer, just build a portfolio and send out applications. Who knows? You could find yourself with the writing job of your dreams. Some of the greatest writers only succeeded because they never gave up.

Want to share any other kind of writing that gave you a nice income? Feel free to do it.

How Much Does a Professional Writer Cost in Spain?

work at home how get money
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As a Spanish freelance writer, I have seen many job offers for 5 euros per 1200 words. Actually, one time that I bid for a project in which someone needed 6 posts of 800 words about belts daily for the long-term, I was told that I was out of the market because my price was 10 euros per post.

Well I don’t know how much you know about belts, but in my case writing 6 posts daily, no matter the subject, requires some research to provide fresh material each time.

As most clients usually expect the posts to be error-free, I usually need to proofread my own posts or pay someone to do it.

Of course it depends on the subject and on the text length, but if you want to provide a high quality text, you can’t write more than 6-8 posts per day. Well you can if your clients are involved in the work and they suggest titles and have a general idea about the post structure. But, most of the time the clients only know that they need a large number of posts for SEO. In these cases, if you ask me, you can only increase your productivity hurting your quality.

Let’s do an easy calculation:

Price 5 euros.

Posts: 10 per day.

Total income per month: 60 x 22 working days = 1100 euros

And now the freelancer needs to pay taxes= 280 euros -> 820 euros in total. Also, people need to understand that if a freelancer takes a week for holidays, he is not earning money because he is not working.

And now you are likely saying, well that is not so bad, isn’t it?

But, freelancers also have to look for jobs, write applications for new projects, generate invoices, and do basic accounting. And considering that if the freelancer takes a week for holidays, he is not earning money because he is not working. So, in the end that 800 euros are much less than what they seemed.

As a conclusion you can’t get 500 words posted by less than 8-10 euros if you want a professional writer. You can get a high quantity of posts cheaper, but face it, the writer is not professional.

I am not saying that hiring an amateur is a bad option, you have to decide whether you want to place your trust in a professional or someone who has a writing hobby.

There are a wide range of options in the market to choose from but don’t lie yourself with impossible options.



Writing about a product? Remember the 4 P’s of Marketing

3 tips to write better blog content
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Marketing marks the most in-demand task of a freelance writer. Writing tasks are integrated especially in SEO strategies. Besides, marketing is the soul of a company because through this, services and products are well-introduced to new target clients. It also unveils the updates regarding a certain product that benefit its users.

As a consequence writing and marketing are linked and it is a good idea for every freelance writer to take a look to marketing basics.

If there is an area that is specially linked with marketing, it is copywriting and even more narrow aspect of it the texts related with products.

Freelancers must always remember the four P’s when it comes to writing texts for products.

Here are some facts that you need to know about the 4 P’s of Marketing

  1. Product – Marketing’s main goal is to introduce product or services. Hence, as a writer, one must know what the product is. Writing about it involves knowing about it sincerely. Facts, details, and every single update about the product must be known by the writer. Highlight the special traits of your product. Enlighten your readers that what you are talking about is a competent and effective product that anyone can use. You will know that what you are doing is correct if your readers are convinced that your product is good through giving a response. In other words persuade them.
  2. Price – This dictates how consumers will react on your product. The ample amount of product will surely leave a great impact on product’s price. However, having low price does not mean good. Setting high price is also good especially if the product is actually made from authentic materials or ingredients. Do not let the expensive price of jewelry appear really expensive. Then, explain the good signs of a well-given price. Of course it depends where your text will be published, but if you are writing a review for a blog, sayins that the product is worth its price is a good idea.
  3. Place – Indicating where a product or service can be bought helps in promoting effectively. This assures the readers that they can satisfy their longing for the product because they can easily avail it in a nearby store. Since most buyers prefer online, freelancers should know how to perfectly explain a good place where people can pay for these goods online, or even at the nearest store. The availability to purchase the product is definitely helpful for students. It is very likely that your client is one of the sellers, so this will be easy.
  4. Promotion – If you are just the writer you do not have to do the promotion yourself, but always is a good a idea that the clients let you know how they will promote the article. For example you can add a couple of twitter texts related with your article if he will use twitter. Depending on the information that you have and your client tastes, you also can link your text with any other promotion that they are currently developing. Actually it will give more coherence to the full marketing strategy.

Here are some of the things that you should know about the 4 P’s of Marketing. Marketing must be nourished and taken care of.

Tips to develop a content calendar

The work of writing content is not just about to write something every day. If you are a writer for a website, you probably need to create a content calendar in which you have to put the topics about you will write in the next post. Sometimes it is hard to imagine all the things that you will write about in the next month, so here I am giving some tips to help you to do it.

  1. Search for the next month in Wikipedia

Searching the name of the next month in Wikipedia you will get a list of the most important events that happens every year in that month. For instance, about march Wikipedia will notify you that it will be St Patrick festival.

This is a great way to be aware of the most important events in your society. It depends on your website and blog subject that you can get advantage of it, but it is easy that you will. Do you sell books? a post about books about St Patrick or Ireland, do you rent cars? a post about renting a car to go to party, etc.

2. Look for events in your city/region for the coming days

You need to be aware about the next concerts, congress, festivals, etc that will be ruling your city’s next month agenda. All these events bring people to your area and this people will look for information in the Internet, so you need to be there to let them know about your business.

3. Look for news in your sector

One of the objectives of having a blog is to become an expert in your clients’ mind about the thing you sell. So check the latest news about your sector and do a post about them. People that arrive at your website looking for that information is interested in your products.

The Ten Valuable Steps To Create A High Quality Article

If there is one important lesson that you need to learn about being an efficient content writer Is that the key to composing and engaging blog entry is the amount of time and effort they pour out in the name of CREATIVITY. Stress and importance of this word is highlighted further because most often, some writers compose articles like they are in a race or manipulated by their boss’ imposed deadline. It’s very nearly like being on a production line – tragically the posts most writers compose frequently reflect this.
Learning how to pace oneself when composing an article tends to help create a more inspiring and engaging article and also help attract more readers. They may not guarantee a top post at first but it certainly gets you closer to a great ranking in the future.

Here are ten essential steps when composing a high quality article on your website.

1. Picking The Right Topic
Take a bit of an additional time characterizing your point and the post will stream better and you’ll create something that matters to your readers.
2. Making Your Article’s Title
The most essential piece of really getting readers to begin reading your post is when they see it in the RSS reader or the search engine result’s main page.
3. Create An Interesting Opening Line
First impressions truly mater especially in writing. Once you’ve captured someone’s attention past your post’s title your opening line will draw them deeper into your article.
4. Make Your Post Matter
A post must have a point. It is not enough that it has a charming title and opening you’ll immediately convince every reader to stay and read until the end– however in the event that the post doesn’t “make a difference” to them it’ll never get a loyal following.
5. Create An Appropriate Call to Action
Driving readers to do something engraves the point of the article in their mind and helps them to apply it and helps you to make a deeper association with them.
6. Incorporate Some Depth
Before distributing your post – ask yourself how you could add profundity to it and make it much more helpful and noteworthy to all your readers.
7. Quality Control and Polishing Your Articles
Little errors might be boundaries to engagement for a few readers. Taking time to edit and correct blunders can help make an article great and take it to the next level.
8. Timing of Publishing and Relevance Of Your Post
Timing might be everything and the key timing of posts can guarantee that the right individuals or the right target audience see it at the correct time.
9. Post Promotion
After you hit the publish button– don’t simply abandon it to risk that your post will be immediately read by individuals. Providing for it a couple of key pushes can build the proper exposure it requires exponentially.
10. Discussion
Frequently the true activity happens once your post is distributed and being commented or discussed with by readers and different bloggers. Taking time to participate and reply on feedbacks could be exceptionally productive.
Taking additional time to understand each of these 10 steps may eventually benefit you and your career as a freelance writer, in the end all of this will pay off. You need to plan, time, discuss and most of all CREATE to make it work and like all things it will indeed take time but the rewards will be great.