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Three More Types of Writing That Can Make You Money

As a copywriter one has to look for new clients and projects almost everyday. Last month, we delved into the world of writing for money, and listed three types that are always hiring. Now, we’ll take a look at three more, and give you tips along the way on how to succeed.

Reviews writing

Online reviews are important for many reasons. First, they give potential customers some insight as to how well the product works. If there are no reviews, a potential buyer may not take the risk and purchase it. Also, reviews can give the makers of the product criticism as to how they can improve the next time.

That’s why there are many review job postings available. There are two types of review jobs, honest and dishonest. An honest review job typically involves the maker sending you a free sample of their product, and you give them your opinion on it.

Dishonest reviews, on the other hand, may send you a free sample, but they want you to write a positive review regardless if the product is good or not. These are used to trick people into buying a product that may not necessarily be quality.

Shilling may not be the best for some people, so try going for review jobs that just want your honest opinion, whether it’s good or bad.

To write a good review, keep it short and to the point.


This technically counts as fiction, but it’s so big in the writer’s market that we fill it warrants its own section. Many clients, whether it’s for a site or because they’re trying to make the next 50 Shades of Grey, want a story that’s steamy and can entice their readers. They may use euphemisms on sites that don’t allow erotica, saying they’re looking for a “romance” story.

To be an erotica writer, you obviously need to have a general knowledge of sex and how you can describe it sensually with words. Also, if you’re a man (as I am), try writing under a woman’s name, as you’ll land more jobs that way. Sorry guys, that’s life.


From the big name newspapers to the small-fry indie publications, employers are always looking for more writers, whether it’s guest or a full-time position. Some journalistic-style articles will just require you to do some googling, and others will require you to actually get out there, get your feet wet, and talk to people. Others just may want your opinion on an issue.

Scout for different publications and see if there’s an open job. Also, look for the publication’s preferred writing style. Some may want you to write in a traditional journalistic approach, and others may want a more relaxed, clickbaity tone.

And those are just a few of the many types of writing that makes money. If you’re not sure if you can succeed as a writer, just build a portfolio and send out applications. Who knows? You could find yourself with the writing job of your dreams. Some of the greatest writers only succeeded because they never gave up.

Want to share any other kind of writing that gave you a nice income? Feel free to do it.

Writing about a product? Remember the 4 P’s of Marketing

3 tips to write better blog content
Finding My Fountain Pencreative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by Charles Kenny

Marketing marks the most in-demand task of a freelance writer. Writing tasks are integrated especially in SEO strategies. Besides, marketing is the soul of a company because through this, services and products are well-introduced to new target clients. It also unveils the updates regarding a certain product that benefit its users.

As a consequence writing and marketing are linked and it is a good idea for every freelance writer to take a look to marketing basics.

If there is an area that is specially linked with marketing, it is copywriting and even more narrow aspect of it the texts related with products.

Freelancers must always remember the four P’s when it comes to writing texts for products.

Here are some facts that you need to know about the 4 P’s of Marketing

  1. Product – Marketing’s main goal is to introduce product or services. Hence, as a writer, one must know what the product is. Writing about it involves knowing about it sincerely. Facts, details, and every single update about the product must be known by the writer. Highlight the special traits of your product. Enlighten your readers that what you are talking about is a competent and effective product that anyone can use. You will know that what you are doing is correct if your readers are convinced that your product is good through giving a response. In other words persuade them.
  2. Price – This dictates how consumers will react on your product. The ample amount of product will surely leave a great impact on product’s price. However, having low price does not mean good. Setting high price is also good especially if the product is actually made from authentic materials or ingredients. Do not let the expensive price of jewelry appear really expensive. Then, explain the good signs of a well-given price. Of course it depends where your text will be published, but if you are writing a review for a blog, sayins that the product is worth its price is a good idea.
  3. Place – Indicating where a product or service can be bought helps in promoting effectively. This assures the readers that they can satisfy their longing for the product because they can easily avail it in a nearby store. Since most buyers prefer online, freelancers should know how to perfectly explain a good place where people can pay for these goods online, or even at the nearest store. The availability to purchase the product is definitely helpful for students. It is very likely that your client is one of the sellers, so this will be easy.
  4. Promotion – If you are just the writer you do not have to do the promotion yourself, but always is a good a idea that the clients let you know how they will promote the article. For example you can add a couple of twitter texts related with your article if he will use twitter. Depending on the information that you have and your client tastes, you also can link your text with any other promotion that they are currently developing. Actually it will give more coherence to the full marketing strategy.

Here are some of the things that you should know about the 4 P’s of Marketing. Marketing must be nourished and taken care of.

Tips to get value in your Google research

I will share some tips to get more value in your Google search when researching in order to write about something. These tips are not new and I am sure most of the people already know them, but it is very helpful for Internet beginners.

Exact words

If you want Google to search for your words exactly as you have written them then put your words between quotation marks:

“like this”

Similar words

If you are interested in a topic, then you can tell Google to look for similar words too adding a tilde before the word:

~like this

You get that symbol  by pushing shift + ` in an English keyboard.

Search in a specific website

This option is really useful when you need to have an idea about how other posts about the same subject look in the place where you are about tu publish. Do it


Or you can focus in a specific type of webs:




Type of file

Yes, it is also possible! Are you looking for a pdf?


other example: filetype:docx

Remove searches with a specific word

Sometimes there is another topic that uses  the same words, but are not related with yours. For example, if you look information about the fruit apple you could try

-software -hardware -computer

And you will remove all the sites with these words.

These are the most basic tools Google offers you, and they are very useful in some researches.