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How Much Does a Professional Writer Cost in Spain?

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As a Spanish freelance writer, I have seen many job offers for 5 euros per 1200 words. Actually, one time that I bid for a project in which someone needed 6 posts of 800 words about belts daily for the long-term, I was told that I was out of the market because my price was 10 euros per post.

Well I don’t know how much you know about belts, but in my case writing 6 posts daily, no matter the subject, requires some research to provide fresh material each time.

As most clients usually expect the posts to be error-free, I usually need to proofread my own posts or pay someone to do it.

Of course it depends on the subject and on the text length, but if you want to provide a high quality text, you can’t write more than 6-8 posts per day. Well you can if your clients are involved in the work and they suggest titles and have a general idea about the post structure. But, most of the time the clients only know that they need a large number of posts for SEO. In these cases, if you ask me, you can only increase your productivity hurting your quality.

Let’s do an easy calculation:

Price 5 euros.

Posts: 10 per day.

Total income per month: 60 x 22 working days = 1100 euros

And now the freelancer needs to pay taxes= 280 euros -> 820 euros in total. Also, people need to understand that if a freelancer takes a week for holidays, he is not earning money because he is not working.

And now you are likely saying, well that is not so bad, isn’t it?

But, freelancers also have to look for jobs, write applications for new projects, generate invoices, and do basic accounting. And considering that if the freelancer takes a week for holidays, he is not earning money because he is not working. So, in the end that 800 euros are much less than what they seemed.

As a conclusion you can’t get 500 words posted by less than 8-10 euros if you want a professional writer. You can get a high quantity of posts cheaper, but face it, the writer is not professional.

I am not saying that hiring an amateur is a bad option, you have to decide whether you want to place your trust in a professional or someone who has a writing hobby.

There are a wide range of options in the market to choose from but don’t lie yourself with impossible options.



3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Writer for a Spanish Text

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We live in a multicultural world; the more languages you know, the more people you can reach. However, trying to write in a language that you do not speak natively can be difficult, and you may even end up conveying a different message than you intend to communicate. Therefore, it is sometimes more beneficial to hire a writer who is a highly proficient speaker of the language in which you want to write. With the numerous choices of writers available online, it can be difficult to know how to choose. These three tips can help guide you in your decision on hiring a writer for a Spanish text.

1) Hire a native speaker
Although it may be a little more expensive to hire a native speaker as opposed to a nonnative speaker, an individual who grew up speaking Spanish is more likely able to communicate effectively in the language than someone who learned it as an adult. When you hire a native speaker, you are less likely to have to worry about grammatical errors. As a result, you may end up saving money because nonnative writing generally needs to be reviewed by an editor to make sure there are not any mistakes.

2) Hire someone with a freelancing experience
Experienced freelancers are more likely to know how to write for different types of audiences and how to utilize keywords to get the maximum number of hits from search engines. Experience can be checked for by communicating with potential contractors and asking to see some of their work. It is not uncommon for clients to ask freelancers for a sample of previous work before completing the hiring process. If you have the time to sift through different applicants, skimming over their samples can help you find a writer who would be a great match for your project.

3) Hire someone who can understand your native language
When dealing with translations or nonnative writing, the tone and meaning of the article can be unintentionally misconstrued. This could be detrimental to your goals because it could turn away prospective readers. Hiring someone who speaks both your language and the target language can be beneficial for avoiding these types of issues. To check if your potential hire is proficient in English, you could ask for his or her scores on common standardized tests, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. If the individual has not completed any of these assessments, you could see if he or she has any sample writings in English or is able to provide documentation of English proficiency in another manner.

Writing across languages is a practice that is only going to become more common as the world progresses. If you ever need to hire someone to write a text for you in Spanish, keep these tips in mind to get the most for your money While taking the time to do your research may seem burdensome at the beginning of the process, it could actually save you time overall by minimizing your need for an editor or another writer to rewrite half of the piece. If you have a serious job to complete, taking these suggestions into consideration will help you reach your overall goal.

Writer’s block, just do it.

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Working at home as copywriter can be the most exciting job that you ever had. But, it can be also the most irritating task that you will face especially when you experience having no idea about what to write. Yes, I’m talking about that big problem called

up from his head. It happens and when it does, it usually brings stress to the freelancers. But then, this is the right time to get ideas! Did you know that there are still many ways on how to write despite of being stressed at all? This is possible by following the simple ways to get the right idea.

  1. Read more articles online. Since freelancers write articles about anything under the sun, freelancers need to know more about the things that they deal with. Being exposed to articles about different topics gives one idea on how to come up with an article. Your chosen topic must be updated and new. It must cover the basic things that we need to know about this. This ensures you to be more reliable writer compared to a writer who just merely writes and knows nothing about the world.
  2.  Make sure to use only validated information when you present facts. Moreover, try being creative in the process of writing an article. Look at different aspects of your life. Looking at it gives you an idea of what to do. Sometimes, the answers in our problems seem nothing; yet, the ideas that we need are already around us.
  3. Stop for a while. Do not hurry typing just because you are in deadline. Search for more details on the internet. Then, weigh if its source if reliable enough to be used in your article. Some people find time in creating articles in the coffee shops. It is important to think and reflect; then go back again.
  4. Worry less. – This four word one liner gives you chance to be confident in writing. If you have done your research then your post will be useful. Most of the times you do not need to discover anything, but to help people to understand something with your personal point of view.

So in other words. Do not lose time thinking that you are stuck. Research, take your time to relax, when your mind is relaxed put your information in order only taking the one that is worth reading and write it.


How to find the best freelance copywriter for your site

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Are you looking for someone that generates the content of your website in the long-term?

When a company is about to hire someone, it likely develops a long hiring process. However, when choosing a freelance some people just pick one that seems OK. Why choose one that is OK, when you can choose one that is perfect?

Ok, perfection maybe doesn’t exist, but you can try to go close to it.

The truth is that you won’t know if someone is accurate for your needs until you hire him or her. Let’s see some tips to improve your chances to select the best one.

How to find the best freelancer

1. Take your time when writing the job description.

Most of freelancers that fail giving an accurate work claims that they didn’t know what the client wanted until they deliver the job done and they saw his claims.

Think about everything you will need done. Be realistic and decide if there are chances to find someone with all these skills. Maybe you should hire more than one person to do the job in small pieces for different areas of expertise or maybe you just need to assume that you need a superhero and your budget is not enough.  But is a really good thing if you are aware of that, even if you can’t afford it because it will give you a better idea about what you can get.

Important things you have to take into consideration:

  • Skillset needed
  • Volume of work
  • Job particularities
  • Deadlines

If you take some minutes to write a good job description you will get more suitable applications and a better idea of your real needs.

2. Ask to see a portfolio

It is a good idea ask for some examples for freelancers, but take into consideration that each client is different, so maybe they don’t have something really accurate for your needs. If that is the case, you should ask them for a test because in the end each job and client is different.

When looking a portfolio, you should look at how the copywriter has adapted his work to the job needs, not how similar this job is to what you need. Someone that knows how to adapt the work is better than someone that only knows do one thing.

3. Ask for a test

The easiest is to ask for a free small test. However, my recommendation is trying to agree for a paid test for a lower price. Of course, this is only applicable to long term jobs. But, if you want to hire someone for the coming months, can’t you pay for 5 or 10 examples of different freelancers?

A paid test is more real, and let your freelancer know that you are taking this job serious. In the end, most of freelancers work for money, and they do their best for something that will let them pay their bills.

4. Try to get some opinions about the freelancer

This is easier now that many freelance work platforms exist, but if you are not in one of them, you can ask for recommendation letters or references.

5. Do not hire the first one that applies

When you publish a job offer, you will get applications very quick. Some of them will look great. But, wait for some days, and be patience. Maybe one the first application seems very good and reliable, and when you hire this person, you get another application for someone that seems equally reliable but also have more experience doing the tasks that you need done.


How to Write Content for Young Readers

When writing for Internet publications, no matter the type of writing, it is always important to take the audience into consideration by using language, style, and themes that are appropriate and appealing to your ideal readers. In some ways, writing for a younger audience as an adult can be more difficult than writing for an adult audience because children usually have fewer literary experiences than adults, and therefore, they have more limitations for what they are able to understand in a written text.

Below are several tips on how to write content so that it is interesting and understandable to the young reader:

  1.  Read pieces written for your target audience

The easiest way to familiarize yourself with the interests and linguistic abilities of your ideal audience is to read other pieces of writing that are directed toward this age group. Most libraries and bookstores have classification systems that categorize books based off of different age groups, often breaking them down into children’s books, preteen books, and young adult literature. Another option for finding writing geared toward young readers (depending on the age you are targeting) is by looking at articles that are trending across social media online. Teenagers and young adults are known for using social media the most; take some time to look around on the Internet to find out what these generations are interested in reading about.

  1. Use simpler sentence structures

If you are writing for younger children, in particular, you will want to be careful to use sentence structures that are comprehensible to your audience. Young children are generally not very experienced readers and will struggle to follow sentences with multiple clauses. When writing in languages like English, a good rule to follow is to make sure your sentences have the following order: a subject, followed by a verb, followed by an object. For example, a child will more readily be able to comprehend a sentence such as ‘The child is happy,’ as opposed to ‘Happiness is felt by the child.’ In order to avoid using sentences that are syntactically complex, consider thinking about how you would naturally say what you want to communicate in conversation—this is likely a structure that is easy to understand.

  1. Focus on context

One of the strategies children (and adults) use when trying to understand new vocabulary is to use the context, or the surrounding words, to help them guess the meaning of the unfamiliar word. Some teachers refer to this strategy as using context clues. Although you’ll want to be mindful and use vocabulary that is appropriate for the age of your audience, it is even more important to make sure you set up your sentences so that the reader can understand what is going on in the story, even if he or she does not know the definition of each individual word. One way to make sure you are setting up appropriate context clues for your readers is to skim through your writing and identify any words that may be difficult for someone who has not completed a high school education. Then, examine the context around those words. Does the context help to give meaning to the unknown words? If you replaced the unknown words with gibberish, would the reader still be able to understand the story?

Although this list is definitely not comprehensive, it offers several points that should be considered when writing for a young audience. By doing a little research and being mindful of your vocabulary choices and sentence structures, you can catch the attention of your ideal readers, even if you are from a different generation.

How to improve the quality of your service

freelance quality tip: do not make your clients wait alone
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As freelance copywriter I have one main goal: improve the quality of my work. To do so, one needs to study and keep learning things, but also is a good idea observe what things make your clients more happy. As you can’t learn everything in academic books, sometimes you need every day expertise, and this is hard to find in the academia.

One thing that I can recommend to everybody that is starting a freelance career is to treat your clients as if they were special. Actually, if you think it for a moment your clients are special. How many clients do you have? If you are not company, I am sure you do not have so many clients that you can’t remember each one of them. Of course, you can forget someone that one day asked you to do something and you never have heard from him again. But, now I am talking about your current clients. Can you tell me that you are not able to give them a personal treatment? I am sure not, and if the answer is yes, you likely need to hire someone because you are not keeping enough attention to your clients.

So, how can you show them that they are special?

Easy!  Let them know how is the work being developed.  When you are working hard in several long term projects, you can feel that you do not have enough time to write to your clients. However, if they need to wait, let’s say for a month to see the results of your work, they can be worried when half of the time is over. How can they be sure that you are working hard and that you will have it on time?

Just writing a short e mail saying that you have finished these things, you are currently working in these other things and you will finish it on time, will allow them to trust in you and feel better.

Because just waiting without news, can be stressful.

Taking a few minutes to give them the information they deserve, allows you to show them that they weren’t wrong when they decide to give you the project.

Don’t forget that in the work market we are all people, no robots.

Beginning quoting

 Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.

Ambrose Bierce.


A copywriter needs to create engaging texts. One tip to engage people with your text is begining with a quotation. This works because people like people, and a quotation creates a personal link between the reader and the text.

engage your readers
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We are reading a lot every day. So we need something that reaches our interest to keep real attention. This is what a personal link does.

Sometimes is a good idea talk about yourself in the texts you write, but it is not always possible. However, a quotation is much more flexible, as we have good quotes about almost every topic.

You do not need to find the best and most original quote. But, it is better if the reader doesn’t read it every time he opens the Internet.

In Spain the quotation I have chosen for this post is not famous, so it can be seen as original.

So here you are a little writing tip for today.

3 rules that could help you to write nice content

3 tips to write better blog content
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When writing content you can’t follow all the rules because the priority is to create an interesting post. Here there are three rules that could help you to write great content, and that you can use in most of your posts. But be careful, always keep in mind that rules are great, but skip some rules to get a better result is even much more better. I mean, don’t put yourself into a jail following rules.

  1. Write a small introduction. It will help you to put your keywords in the very first part of your text. Also, readers will have a general idea to decide if they should continue reading, so the ones that decide to do so, will likely like your text.
  2. Use bulleted list. It is a good thing for SEO because people tend to share this kind of content more than any other.
  3. Ask things to your readers. Asking some questions such as: Do you already know what are the keys to fly without a plane? Will engage your audience. The ones that don’t know your secret, will go to read your text, because people us curious by nature, and also the question is a challenge that they want to overcome.

Why is important to have a content writer into your marketing plan?

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Content marketing is a form of marketing which enables you to provide in-depth and valuable information which could attract new customers and retain the old ones. An orthodox form of marketing involves flyers and leaflets which could sound very mechanical or sometimes boring because it only discusses the main benefit which is just simply for advertising purposes. In the day and age of internet and multimedia, marketing has evolved entirely. The term content marketing is coined as early as 1996. This is used to build trust within the customers and your brand. Having a content writer is deemed to be useful because it has been proven to generate more sales. Especially during your first 2 years in the business, the possibility of gaining profit is difficult because you are yet to build your customer base. In content marketing, especially in e-commerce, this will take your business to a whole new level.

How does content marketing work?

Content marketing uses articles, blogs, social media, news and videos and e-books as its avenue. For example, when you hire a content writer to write an article for your website and readers found it enjoyable then they are more likely to share it to their friends. This is more of the “word of mouth” internet form of advertising. Your brand will get more exposure without having to pay that much money compared to running a television or newspaper ad, to put it simply – it cuts costs. It also gives your customer value, because content marketing such as blogs is something that reveals your sympathetic side making it more personal rather than corporate sounding. You will be able to build trust and rapport between your customers because they are reading something that is more from a personal point of view, rather than them looking at business perspective. This method will also lead you to generate more sales efficiently and reach unexpected target market because your reach has expanded through the course of social media and SEOs. When your customers are interested into buying something, they tend to ask more questions. With content marketing, you will be able to answer these queries and questions will eventually lead and be converted to sales. I was once told by my superior from my previous sales job that a client tends to ask because they are interested into getting your product and wanted some answers. If you are only able to answer them correctly without confusing them, then you will be able to convert those into sales. Content marketing are pretty straight forward. It is only the matter of how you write it to be able to attract more customers and gain net profit. It is also universal and fluid because content marketing works well with any type of industry. By providing customer with relevant information through your articles or blog, that is already called content marketing! Not only that, with blogs and articles that readers can leave comments, you will be able to provide them with an excellent customer service and having that for an experience as a customer will truly make me loyal to your business.

Could you change your text?

Being asked to do changes in the work done is a common freelance problem.

Some freelancers don’t include any revision in the price, so if the client doesn’t like the work done, the client needs to pay more to get the changes he wants.

I believe in offering a high quality work and, if you ask me, within the high quality work is adapting the work to your client tastes. So, in principle I wouldn’t ask more money for reasonable changes.

But there is a limit. Your client has the responsibility to give you clear instructions. Then, after seeing your work it is normal that he suggests minor changes. In the end, he is who better knows his customers.

What is not acceptable is not giving any instruction in the beginning and then ask for changes. You need to decide what is improving your work, then you should it, and what is making you lose time, and you never should lose time.

Most of clients are reasonable people, and it is better to accept son minor changes in order to get them 100% happy. With time you will know them better, and you will need fewer and fewer changes each time.