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Welcome to Sanishwriterpro blog

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips, advice and mistakes that I am aware of as a freelance copywriter and content writer for websites in Spanish.

Before continuing, please notice that if you are looking for examples of my writing in Spanish you can look here on this same website or maybe you prefer to go to Ya lo leo yo por ti where I only publish in Spanish.

The Spanishwriterpro’s blog structure

This blog has three main categories or sections:

Writing content in Spanish

In the Spanish content section you can read about website content strategy, how to do it, how to deal with it and some good things to do and some things to avoid.


We regularly publish blog posts about SEO techniques, news and ideas. As a freelance writer it is one of the areas you need to master.

You also may be interested in this short Guide to SEO Copywriting.

Learn to speak Spanish

I have some Spanish students that through Skype. Right now I´m focused on writing projects, and teaching is a way to meet very nice people doing something I enjoy. In this section I will share tips to help you to improve your Spanish, practice it and eventually speak it properly.

Work at home

I have been teaching Sociology in the local University for a couple of courses and I noticed that work-life balance is quite hard to keep when you want to do your best. That’s why I’m writing this section about work from home. Today, there are some jobs that allow you to be a successful worker with a successful family life as well. If this blog helps just one person to be happier, then it will have fulfilled its purpose. If you want to be that person, I recommend you starting from this post about how to start your work from home career.