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Why Hire Someone to Work from Home?

as copywriter in Spanish I can say that today internet is the main source of information
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As freelance copywriter in Spanish, I can say that we are in the era, where internet is our number one source of knowledge and information, but it just doesn’t stop there. Nowadays, it has become a large marketplace (where micro and macro businesses put up an online catalogs and ordering system); an advertising and marketing channel (in a form of social media advertising and promotions, search engine optimization, etc.) and nowadays, to outsource employment.

Business outsourcing has come a long way. It started back in the early 2000 where various multimillion companies have set up regional offices such as call centers to provide them with workforce without the additional costs. This has brought them to bring their businesses into regions in India and South East Asia, where labor costs are cheap compared to employing staffs locally. This became possible with the technology of VoIP or voice over internet protocol. It allows telephony using the internet. In the case of other industries, it is as highly effective as with multimillion companies. On a financial standpoint, as a business owner, you have to set limitations in terms of budget.

This has brought others to engage with work at home jobs. This provides them the comfort and freedom compared to working in a regular office environment. Most common jobs in this type of setting are mostly within the skill set of the following: customer service, data entry, administrative support, software and websitedevelopment, and media and advertising in the form of e-commerce.

As an employer, what would be the advantage of hiring someone to work at home?

Let’s say that you run an office in a small town and you wanted to hire someone. Of course, you would want to hire someone who is just as effective and efficient as any other. But what are the chances of having such talent when you have limited choices for manpower potential. But the right person for the job is out there, it is only a matter of widening your options. Local government, of course, encourages hiring locally because it promotes economic progress within an area and I don’t have anything against that, and for some jobs is the best idea. But let’s continue with the idea that there are lot of jobs that just need someone who is willing to work and can deliver satisfactory results more than what you are expecting. What are the chances than the best person lives in your city? Open your mind, open your chances, look at the world.

Another advantage is that it saves you some office space. Work at home employees are also free from regular office distractions and save them the time to travel going to and from the office. It also promotes work/ life balance which is essential to anyone’s general well-being and health. How does it benefit an employer like me? Simply put it this way, the happier your staff, the more likely they are to perform better. Not only that, you will save a lot in operational costs and due to time zone difference, it means that your business is operating almost 24/7. Not only that, when you hire someone to work at home for you, there is no need to pay for additional labor costs such as health insurance and compensation. These are just some of the reasons why employers prefer to hire someone to work at home.

Do you have your own reasons? Please, share them !

The Advantages of Freelancing Working at home

Are you bored of looking for a traditional job? Are you looking for something that allows you to get a wrok-life balance? Maybe it is time to change your mind.

There are plenty of benefits from deciding to work at home. Here are just five to consider if you want to be a freelancer.

tips to get hired and work at home
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  1. Make your own hours. Some people work better at night, others at the crack of dawn. You don’t have to adjust your sleep schedule and work at a time that you don’t want to.
  2. You can take any day off. Getting a day off at a normal job can be an uphill battle, and good luck trying to get multiple days off. But with freelancing, a majority of jobs have reasonable deadlines, so you aren’t hurt if you want to take a day off. You can just work harder another day to make up. Or you can even work a little if you decide to take a vacation. Just use your laptop at the hotel before bed or when you wake up.
  3. The harder you work, the more you’re paid. Most jobs pay you the same by the hour no matter how hard you work. However, many freelancing jobs are fixed price, so the more you do, the more you’re paid. If you devote a few hours to nonstop working, you can potentially make a hundred dollars or more.
  4. Work can be diverse. Doing the same task every day can be boring, but with freelancing, you can have a variety of tasks that are different from one another. You can devote one day to working on one job, or do a little bit of everything another.
  5. Getting the job is much faster. For the most part, there’s no extremely long applications and no having to wait for too long to see if you got the job. And most interviews are quick and easy. No having to wear a suit, cut your hair, and look awkwardly at your boss as they scrutinize your every breath.

Overall, there are many benefits to freelancing, and it’s something to consider if you’re tired of working from 9-5.