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Is it hard to find novels to read in Spanish? Many students of Spanish want to read novels in Spanish, but don’t have a clue about which one to choose. The classics are always there, but let’s face it, sometimes are not the most engaging for the general public.

Shakespeare is a great author, but when it comes to enjoying the story, many people would prefer reading Ken Follet.

So today I bring you a review about a novel by a Spanish indie author that you may consider reading:

Review of La llave de la eternidad

cover of la llave de la eternidadThe Key of Eternity is a fantasy novel written by  Gorka E Argul. It is a fast-paced novel, which will make you overcome the limits of Physics.

The Key of Eternity is a thriller book, at the border between fantasy and science fiction. In this novel, Gorka E Argul takes the historical figure of Nikola Tesla as a starting point in order to develop a fantastic story in which the time travel journeys are not only for the characters of the novel, but also for the reader.

The novel is a modern one, in which the characters continually cross each other and in which the narrative line plays with the different perspectives of the characters themselves. It is a fast-paced novel, in which the events happen in a thrilling way, with the added interest of the fact that the narrative is not linear, but there are various gaps in the timeline, which contribute to keeping the suspense.

The gaps in the timeline and skipping from one period to another help embellish this fantastic story. This raises the question of whether the advances in science make it possible for people to teleport themselves or even travel back in time.

In The Key of  Eternity time travel and teleportation are not only possible, but also they have existed for a long period of time. Even though it is, of course, a highly kept secret from there and that is why, the protagonist of the story, a journalist from New York Times, called Patrick Stevens finds himself involved in a mysterious and dangerous plot, which could become one of the major revolutions of the history of humanity.

The story begins with Patrick taking part in a scientific demonstration. He soon goes from being a spectator to a protagonist, which happens immediately after he helps the injured after an accident. That is how, in a short period of time, Patrick makes contact with various important characters, in what is no more than a small example of the pace of the events.

An especially interesting aspect of the book are the events that happened in the past, where the author takes important figures such as the above mentioned Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein as characters, along with a two American solders whose friendship will remain in question.

It is a perfect novel to take on vacation or for the days in which you have some free time to read, because it requires you to pay close attention in order not to miss part of the main plot, given the different time ‘hops´ and the constant change of the characters from the perspective of whom the narrative is presented. The difficult part of this novel is that it must be read in one sitting, or else important details could be forgotten.

It is important to take into account that the publisher is not as important as the ones that you are accustomed to if you only read books from important publishers. It is a detail that could attract your attention, but which does not make the lecture more difficult.

In the same manner that an independent publisher could have his problems, this also has its advantages, which means that we are presented a story which has a fresh vibe to it along with originality, which is quite rare today and frankly, we see it lacking from the majority of the bestsellers that we can find nowadays in the bookshops of  any given city.

Besides what one may enjoy from reading it, The Key of Eternity gives us something to reflect upon: What scientific progress could have been stuck in the process of innovation? How many times were investigations that could have had a major impact or even a change in history abandoned?

I recommend you to read this novel.

Spanish level to enjoy the reeading: Advanced C1-C2

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