How to use Skype to use Skype translator

Skype has allowed us to take multiple benefits in the digital era within a wide scope of opportunities. The most recent advantage Skype users can take is the use of the Skype Translator application.

This can be done not only from the comfort of your personal computer but also on any mobile device. In these terms, Skype continues stretching over the boundaries of geographical areas and language barriers. It came as an inevitable result of the widespread use of Skype calls and the necessity to overcome the obstacles of misunderstanding both in professional and personal relationships.

Steps to set up the Skype translator

For the beginning you should follow a few steps to set up the application providing you already have downloaded Skype on your device.

If you need to download Skype from the beginning look at this guide.

First, after, you have logged in to your Skype account choose the contact from your Contact List and click the Globe button, a small, grey circle on the right corner of the screen.

If you use an older version of Skype and cannot see the icon, go to Tool-Options-General and you will see the icon named Skype Translator on the left menu.

After clicking the Glove button, a box will appear with a Translation Preview. On the drop down menu that you see next to your contact, choose your contact`s current written language to see translations in the chat or from the spoken and written list to hear the translation on a call.

With all this done, you are set to start chatting or talking via Skype.  If you choose to chat with your contact, you write the massage on the chat box and will receive the translated version of it shortly after you have sent it. On the other hand, if you choose a video call and decide to speak to each other, remember to ensure that your headphones provide good quality of hearing the translation. Each speech will be automatically translated by Skype Translator on both sides and it will appear on the screen. It is very important that you speak clearly with short pauses after each sentence. After your utterance wait for a while until the translated speech appears for you to read it.

Spanish voice to voice translation is available among six other languages (Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese) while chat translations are provided in more than 50 languages. Make sure that you have the latest version of Skype which already has the software.

Tips for getting the most accurate Skype translations

  • Check the reliability of your network
  • Test the quality of your webcam, microphone and speakers. (It is recommended to use a headset instead of a built-in microphone. )
  • Call from a comfortable surrounding with no background noise

Once you start experiencing Skype Translator you will be empowered to extend your goals and hopefully achieve interactions with your friends, colleagues or coworkers while maintaining a fluency of speech will be a perfect experience. Also, we should have in mind that Skype Translator as an advanced application is constantly being improved which means it is a question of time when it becomes a high quality routine.

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