How to Practice Spanish This Summer

Summer time brings about a different pace.  Even for those of us who work full time, there’s a temptation to enjoy the park and a barbecue or a longer vacation rather than hit the books.  Relaxation and enjoyment of nature is good for the body and soul; however, it can also mean you lose progress in your journey to learning the Spanish language.  To avoid getting rusty, follow these tips for practicing your Spanish this summer:

Spice up your Music

Whether driving in the car or while entertaining guests, pump up some music in Spanish.  Latin music is an excellent choice for any occasion, with offerings from rock to salsa to romantic ballads, it’s got everything. In the meantime, your ears will perk up and become attune to the pronunciations and sentence structure used.  If you’re thinking “Not a chance I’ll understand what they’re saying in the song,” ptry picking one album to make your summer anthem.  Listen to it every chance you get and by the end of the summer, you’ll find yourself singing along!  Just some popular artists you may consider are: Marc Anthony (ballads, rock, salsa), Juanes (rock), Shakira (pop, rock) and El Gran Combo (salsa).

Read a Novel

If you’re planning on relaxing lakeside or on the beach with a novel, why not make it a novel in Spanish?  You don’t need to grab a great work in literature to practice.  Keep it light and easy with a novel you’ll enjoy and be able to understand.  There are options for just about every level.  For beginners, try reading something like El Principito. More advanced readers can try the works of Paulo Coehlo or Isabel Allende.

Vacation in Spanish

If you’re planning to go abroad for you vacation anyway, why not try a Spanish speaking country?  While most touristy areas in Spanish speaking countries are English friendly, you’ll still get the chance to hear and practice your Spanish.  There are destinations that can fulfill all of your needs.  From jungle adventures to beaches to history, your choices range from Spain, to Central America and South America.  All have something special to offer and will provide the perfect opportunity to practice Spanish.

Keep a Journal

While you’re enjoying your summer and some relaxation, keep a journal of what you’re doing.  Each entry can be short with just a sentence or two about what you’re up to.  The point is to write in Spanish.  You could even try using the same idea, but posting it to your Facebook page or a blog.  This way you can share your progress with your friends and family and they can help keep you accountable with your goal to journal in Spanish.

Through any of these Spanish language practice ideas, you’re sure to make some progress and keep your skills fresh.  The best part is, each of these tips will also allow you to enjoy the summer months at the same time.  So, what are you waiting for? Pick one and get started!


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