How to get to Gandia or any village in Valencia province by train

Travelling in Spain can be complex. As the summer is here I will take advantage of the Spanish culture section of this blog to help you all to get to Gandia from Madrid using a train.

Madrid has two main train stations: Chamartín and Atocha

First you need to know is that there are two main trains stations in Madrid. Chamartin is used to go north and Atocha to go south. To go to Valencia you need to go to Atocha.

If you arrive in one of the stations and you need to go to the other one, to take another train, you don’t need to use the underground. You can go from Chamartín to Atocha or viceversa using Cercanías.

So, if you arrive at Madrid by train, and need to go to the other train station check if your ticket has this code.

how to get to Gandia from Madrid
It is possible to change from Chamartin to Atocha or viceversa for free if your ticket has this code in the red circle

If you have the code you don’t need to pay the Cercanias ticket. You have to go to the machine where you usually buy the tickets, choose your destination (Atocha or Chamartín) and scan the QR in it. Doing so, it will give you the ticket for free.

Atocha – Valencia – Gandia

In July and August there are some trains that go from Atocha to Gandia. This is easy and do not need more explanations. But, it is possible that you can’t use one of these trains because of your schedule. If so, you need to go to Valencia.

In Valencia you will arrive at Joaquín Sorolla station and there is not any train from this station to the villages. So again you need to

Go from Joaquín Sorolla station to Valencia Nord station

It is very easy. You don’t need a taxi. When you arrive at Valencia, walk to the street and look at your right. There is a bus stop that is not looking to the road, but to a kind of intern path with a small roundabout. It is easy to find because many people with bags is going there, so you just need to follow the crowd.

This bus is free, you do not need to show any tickets, and it will take you to Valencia Nord.

From Valencia Nord to your destine

Now, you are in Valencia Nord. You will need to buy a Cercanías ticket. This time you have to pay for it. If your destine is Gandia, there are trains every 30 minutes.

This is the best way to move between the stations without spending a lot of money in taxis. Feel free to ask if you have any doubt.

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