13 Good Apps for Learning Spanish

Are you looking to learn Spanish like a pro? Do you need extra practice outside of the classroom? It can be challenging to know how to start, but with these 13 apps, you’ll be a pro at Spanish in no time!

  1. Duolingo

Free in the appstore, this popular app won the Best App Award in 2013 in both the Apple Storeand the Google Play Store. Duolingo is structured similar to standard lessonplans. With each topic, you complete a module and can progress to moredifficult modules. You can even test your Spanish knowledge by testing out oflevels. Duolingo is meant to be a quick and fun way to get your daily dose ofSpanish practice.

2.)    SpeakEasy

Though it will cost you $3.99, this app is perfect for travelers on the go. It’s the equivalent to a pocket-sized phrasebook, but in the mobile version its equipped with recordings of native speakers, so you never have to guess if you’re saying anything correctly. SpeakEasy is perfect if you want to refine your accent.

3.) Learn Spanish Offline

You will find it in Google Play. What I like of this app is that you can learn even if you do not have acces to the internet. It teaches you some sentences and its pronunciation. Good for beginners, not very comprehensive for advanced students.

4.)    FluentU

FluentU is allabout picking up on Spanish in a natural way. This app uses videos from thereal world, such as news clips and speeches, and creates a way for you to learnSpanish with an inclusive experience. These videos are a fun break from themonotony of the classroom. Users say that FluentU is not only fun butconvenient and can be used anywhere! With FluentU, you’ll be sure to improve onyour Spanish skills, one video at a time!

5.)    Lingualia

$14.95 in theapp store, Lingualia takes users through an individualized course. Users canget a customized lesson plan based on their level of Spanish. Each levelcontains 50 units, so by the time you’ve finished, you won’t be missinganything! Each lesson includes the basic formatting of language learning:spoken language, written language, vocabulary, grammar, and more. Plus,everything is spoken by a native speaker. This app most resembles a traditionalforeign language classroom setting and has ratings of 4.7 stars in the iOSstore, and 4.5 stars in the Google Play store.

6.)    Memrise

This app’starget function is to strengthen memory when it comes to learning the Spanishlanguage. Memrise is made up of modules, with individual lessons in each modulethat teach you 15 words each. Each word begins with the Spanish word, then thedefinition in English, and finally an audio recording. Not only that, but eachword has a fun video or picture attached to it to help you learn through humor.It’s a fun and easy way to learn Spanish. Just create an account, and you canstart learning instantly!

7.)    Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone isarguably the most popular app for learning a second language out there. Whatseparates it from the rest, however, is that instead of learning Spanishthrough being taught in English, it teaches you Spanish through being taught inSpanish. There are no translations to English, so you are learning Spanish asif it were your very first language! Rosetta Stone also has the technologyimplemented to detect non-native accents, which takes the pressure off soundingperfect to pass a quiz. It’s an in-depth, totally interactive language learningprogram with a long history of success among its students.

8.)    Open Language

This app, once known as Spanish Pod, has a reputation for being the most versatile amongst both Apple and Android users. The app carries a more serious tone than other language learning apps because its central focus is the CEFR, or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is the international standard used to measure and describe language ability. Each lesson goes with each of the six levels of the CEFR and uses dialogue as a means to teach. Each lesson comes with a transcript for the dialogues, so it is easy to follow along and pick up on new words or key phrases. At the end of each lesson, you will be provided with a review covering everything from grammar to vocabulary. Open Language is an excellent tool for learning academic level Spanish.

9.) Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish

This app is useful because it focuses in simulated conversations. Instead of learning vocabulary from nothing, you will be experience basic conversations that will help you to remember the new vocabulary within a context.

10.)    Busuu

This apprequires a monthly subscription that costs around $21 but provides you with acommunity of Spanish language learners. Due to this, Busuu presents themajority of its coursework as oral communications and practice. The lessons arestructured to provide vocabulary, dialogue, writing, speech recording, and alesson review. Each lesson also provides the opportunity to speak with nativeSpanish speakers to gain practice and familiarity.

11.)    Mindsnacks

Mindsnacks iscredited for being one of the best apps for Spanish students. This app isactually a game, rather than structured lessons. Each game is centered around aparticular topic such as food or school, so its comprehensive and easy to followalong!

12.)    Fluencia

A webpage ratherthan a mobile app that costs $14.95 a month, Fluencia is known for its visualapproach to teaching Spanish. One of its best features is that while itincludes essential components of language learning (grammar and vocabulary), italso provides lessons on culture and communication. The way Spanish is taughtin Fluencia is visual and uses pictures and visual aids with each lesson. It’sthe best platform to use to learn Spanish if you learn best with visual aids!

13.)    MosaLingua

MosaLingua isdifferent than most language learning platforms in that it targets the wordsand phrases you have the most difficulty learning and provides simple ways toincorporate them into your long-term memory. In general, the app focuses on thetop 3,000 words and key phrases and focuses on teaching those so users canlearn basic vocabulary to get through everyday situations. MosaLingua has a 4.6rating on both the iOS and Google Play store, and is one of the top-ratedlanguage learning apps!

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