Spanish lessons by Skype

Are you looking for a native Spanish speaker with whom to practice your conversation skills? Do you want to improve your writing in Spanish? Do you like reading in Spanish and want to do some exercises related with the text? I can help you online with my Skype classes!

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Spanish lessons by Skype
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I can help you develop your Spanish skills! I have experience teaching Spanish by Skype, which is advisable for a student wanting a comfortable learning environment.

Many people want to learn Spanish but:

  • are not able to find a native Spanish speaker.
  • do not want to join a group and find that individual classes are too expensive.
  • are too tired after work and just want to go home.
  • need to be at home because of children

These and many other issues could be the reason why you left your Spanish classes a long time ago, but HEY! We live in the Internet era and these issues are no longer an excuse. You can learn Spanish online without leaving your home or from anywhere you want.

What I do as your Spanish tutor?

I’m open to adapt my style to your tastes, so feel free to make suggestions. By hiring me as your Spanish tutor you can expect:

In more formal Spanish lessons

  • organized classes
  • adapted to your tastes
  • a comprehensive approach from grammar to most practical aspects of the language
  • speak Spanish in the class

I teach from the most basic Spanish lessons, to advanced students, and of course we can’t do the same in all levels. I teach grammar using Powerpoint. I usually give a brief explanation of the rules, and then you practice them while I correct your mistakes. In case you have any doubts, you can ask at any time. I like a friendly atmosphere in which you can interrupt whenever you need it.

As materials, sometimes I use some exercise books as a support, and for reading I usually use texts from newspapers, because books are too long.

In Spanish conversation lessons

Are you looking for someone to speak with in Spanish? I am native and willing to help. So, just contact me, let me know what you need, what time you want the classes, how long they should be and let’s see if we can schedule an appointment.

In addition, if you tell me what kind of topics are interesting for you, I can try to adapt the classes to them.

Why hire a Spanish tutor when you can do a language exchange?

This really depends on you. Some people just say that by paying a fee they feel more committed to attend the classes and work to improve.

If you ask me, the true advantage of a native Spanish speaker tutor is that he knows the language well and is usually able to explain things better than a language exchange partner. Of course, if you have a great partner, you may not need conversation lessons, but you still may benefit from some grammar classes.

When you speak with a friend, the main focus is the conversation and they do not correct all the mistakes. Sometimes even when he is a speaker in Spanish, he just does it well, but does not know the rules or reasons and can’t explain to you why something works the way it does. Working with me, you can focus on improving your weaknesses in a more structured way.

How much for a Spanish conversation class?

If you just want to chat about everyday life while being tutored in order to improve your Spanish conversation skills, my fee is 7 euros per 30 minutes and 11 per hour.

If you want a more formal class about reading, writing, grammar, etc., let me know what you need, and I will give you a budget. Don’t worry! It won’t be too much more than the amounts listed above. It would just allow me the time I would need to prepare the class (think about 14 euros/hour).

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    1. Hi, Mark.
      Yes, I do. As you sent me a message through the contact form, we already have discussed this by mail. I’m just answering here, in case there are other people interested they see this kind of classes is possible. Anyone interested, please contact me in the contact section (look on the top right corner).

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