Writing texts in Spanish from scratch

Looking for a Spanish freelance writer? Finally you have found a way to get an original Spanish text, that is SEO friendly and engaging for humans (don’t forget there is life apart from Google).

  • Without platforms’ fees!
  • Direct contact with the writer (Me).
  • Contact me and let know what do you need.

If you need to write a text in Spanish and don’t know where to start, hiring a Spanish freelance copywriter could be your best option.

What will you get with my Spanish writing service?

First of all a high quality text. But, also:

  1. a text that will help your site to get a good position in Google with the keywords you want,
  2. a text that gives value to your customers, no matter if you are an online marketing agency or a product seller,
  3. a text with a perfect spelling, excellent grammar and adapted to your communication tone,
  4. a worker that reaches your deadlines,
  5. communication with someone that knows the Spanish culture and market and that is willing to give you suggestions to improve.

Who can benefit from my Spanish writing from scratch service

An online marketing agency that has clients in the Spanish market and needs a writer or copywriter to produce original texts for them. If this your case, don’t worry because you don’t need to explain what is an anchor text or that you need a keyword in the subtitles or metadescription. I already know it!

A businessman that wants a Spanish website.

Many websites have a blog that helps the homepage to get a better SEO. This means that the site needs frequent updates, likely one per week at least. And sometimes the blog needs to be feed with content that, though is related with the main topic, is not so directly related to the business and as consequence the owner of the site maybe doesn’t have knowledge enough (or much more likely: time) to write this content.

Are you working with an affiliate marketing scheme? I have experience writing reviews to get results with this business model (payday loans, gambling, investment, etc.)

Why can I do it?

I have three years of experience writing texts for the Internet. I have written texts for agencies and final customers from the very beginning. Some of them needed good articles for readers, others just wanted SEO texts and most of them wants the perfect balance among the two.

I have experience writing texts about many different topics. For instance, I have written about gambling, cities, trips, cars, watches, sociology, leadership and many other subjects.

Besides I have researched about public-private partnerships in city management (I can show you some academic papers published in that time), so I am used to do a research and write about what I have found in it.

What information will I need?

  1. Where will be the text published? It is not the same if you need a blog post, a letter or a webpage text. The more information you give, the more accurate the text will be.
  2. Give me the rules for topic, keywords, number of words.
  3. Tell me the deadline.

The average price for this is 0.03 euros per word (15 euros per 500 words). Minimum 9 euros, even if the text is smaller than 300 words.

Contact me here.

I am a freelance copywriter from Spain