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Spanish Corrector – Proofreading your Spanish text

Are you struggling with a Spanish text? Have you written your product description and there are gender and number mistakes? Have you written a Spanish essay to practice and want someone to proofread it?

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If you have written a text in Spanish, but it still has some mistakes that need to be corrected, I can help you with that.

Look at the section for the sort of text you want to be proofread under this lines and discover how to get it proofread and perfect!

Website Content Proofreading

Essay Corrector

Academic Proofreading

Freelance proofreader for the Spanish content of your website

Spanish freelance proofreader
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Do you want your website to look great in its Spanish version?

I have experience proofreading texts and writing in Spanish for websites. If you already have your site in the Spanish language and want to have it proofread, write me and you will find that this effective improvement of your site is cheaper than expected.
I can proofread a text originally written by you or a text that comes from a translation. In the end, you need a text that is reader-friendly and after you get it checked, you will be sure that it is.

What Will You Get?

My service as Spanish corrector involves the following:

  • Check the spelling
  • Check the grammar
  • Check the flow of the text

However, I tend to respect your way to express the ideas. If you want me to be very intrusive and change everything in order to get a higher quality, please let me know.

I will send you two files:

  • One with track changes so you can see the modifications
  • One clean that you can use

What information will I need to provide proofreading services?

  1. Where will be the text published? It is not the same if you need a blog post, a letter or a webpage text. The more information you give, the more accurate the text will be.
  2. Give me the rules for topic, keywords, number of words to check if needed.
  3. Tell me the deadline.

The average price for this service is 0.008 euros per word with a minimum of 5 euros per task, even if it is lower than 625 words. Notice that if you are within the EU and you are not VAT registered, I have to charge you 21 % more for the VAT payment.

Spanish Essay Corrector

Writing an essay in Spanish is a great way to practice Spanish. When studying a language, one tends to focus on exercises, listening and reading, but many people never take time for writing. And that is a mistake. Trying to write in a foreign language is the only way you can practice “creating” your own speech apart from speaking.

Speaking is great, of course, but when you speak you are usually focused on the idea that you want to say instead of how to say it. On the other hand, when writing, you have time to think and try your best. It is because of this that I always recommend my Spanish students on Skype to write a text in the time we have between one class and the next.

Do you really want to improve your Spanish? Do not wait! Pick a subject, write a piece of text and send it to me so you get help from a Spanish essay corrector.

I have experience as a teacher of Spanish as second language and as writer and proofreader of professional Spanish texts. If you want someone to proofread yours and give you some comments for improvement, just write me!

  1. You can see an example of a text I proofread for one of my students: Proofreading Spanish essay – homework.
  2. Do you find it interesting? Then why don’t you try it? A text like this just costs 5 euros! But if you want, I can proofread two by 8 euros
  3. I also can give you topics to write about.
  4. If you need shorter texts, we can arrange several texts to reach the price.
  5. If your text is academic I can check your list of references.

My approach to the service is to be your Spanish proofreader online. You can send your text by mail and you will get the text back in your mail. You don’t need to leave your home for anything.

Proofreading Academic Texts in Spanish for Journal Publication

Do you want to publish in a Spanish academic journal?

Looking for someone to “edit my Spanish paper”?

If you are not native, chances are that you want a professional Spanish corrector to do an academic proofreading of your text. This way you will avoid the Journal editors asking you to improve your Spanish before sending your text to the referees.

I can help you proofreading your academic texts in Spanish as I already did, for example, in these works:

Why should you have the text proofread?

As you likely know, the time since you send a paper until you get an answer from the editors can be long. Then they will answer you if they have decided to send your paper to the referees, who usually take even more time until they give you an answer. Once they do, they can ask you for changes. Then you have to make that changes, improve your article and send it again, so the editors check them and put your paper in the queue to be published. This could mean months of waiting. If you add another extra revision because of your Spanish grammar in the first step, the process will be too long. Avoid it by having your essay corrected by a Spanish proofreader.

Knowing the difference between the grammar structure of English and Spanish will make a difference when proofreading an academic article in Spanish. English does not allow for run on sentences in its grammar. The general rule is one thought, one sentence. However, Spanish allows for sentences to run on with more than one idea that are interrelated. Write with too simple sentences, may end in a poor quality text, specially in Social Sciences, while trying more difficult sentences likely bring mistakes.

Here is where I can help you and this is what I need to do it:

  1. Where will be the text published? Very important to check their rules about references.
  2. Tell me the deadline.
  3. Give me any other information you think it is important.
  4. I will give you a budget.

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FAQ About The Proofreading Services

Below you have the answers for the most common questions I received about the proofreading services:

I do not have euros, how can I pay?

You can pay by PayPal and it will help you to convert the money. I also can receive bank transfers from US banks in USD and UK banks in GBP.

Where Can I publish My Papers in Spanish?

There are several sources of academic publications in Spanish that may help to boost your career, such as Scielo, latindex or Dialnet, but if you are not native, the language can be a real problem, even when you speak it well.

Do you have any experience as Spanish text editor?

Yes, see some examples here. I also have published several academic papers when I was working in the University of Valladolid several years ago.

I Am Not Sure If My Text Needs to Be Proof

Let’s face it. If you are not sure, it is very likely that it needs it. Contact me and get the proof in Spanish you need!

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I am a freelance copywriter from Spain