Getting a Spanish version of your site

Spanish copywriter for websites
Manuscript by Seth Sawyers
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If you want a Spanish version of your site, you should consider hiring a Spanish copywriter instead of a translator.

Face it, translations are expensive and many times the result is not as good as it should be. Even if you hire a translation agency that works with the original translator and a proofreader, sometimes the final result doesn’t look as good as the original page in English does.

Of course there are many agencies that will give you a high quality version of your site in Spanish, but then you have to forget that generous budget of less than 0.03 euros per word that you were thinking about.

However, it is possible to get a Spanish version of your site without translating it. You can hire a copywriter to do it. Let me explain:

Hire a copywriter to get a Spanish version of your site

You can get a better price if you focus on what you really need instead of on what everybody else does.

  1. You need a website that is well-written and user-friendly.

2. You don’t need a website that says exactly the same thing as the original one. You probably don’t mind if the text is in a different verb tense or if one particular word in Spanish hasn’t exactly the same meaning as the English version.

3. You need a website that provides information about your business, keeping the nuances and the general meaning, but not all the details. This freedom is not possible with a good translator, because you are actually paying a higher price to get a high quality translation. In this case you need what is called localization. But again, you can’t get that for less than 0.03 €/word. The problem with low quality translations is that they don’t seem natural in the target language.

But the point here is that you don’t need a high quality translation, you need a high quality Spanish text.

And, of course, I can do it.

What information will I need?

  1. I need the original English text.
  2. I need to know if there are any specific words that need to be maintained, because this may be important. But keep in mind this won’t be a translation.
  3. Tell me the deadline.

The average price for this is 0.025 euros per word in the original source. But if you want to agree on a price for Spanish words, that would be ok. Minimum 9 euros, even if the text is smaller than 360 words.

Contact me here.

If the budget is not so important and you really need to be accurate with the original text and need a English to Spanish translator I can do it for 0.03 € per word.

I am a freelance copywriter from Spain