English to Spanish Translation by a Native Spanish Freelancer

Do you need a natural Spanish translation of your English text?

In this service, I offer you a real translation that reads as a 100% natural text for native Spanish speakers.

  • Without Google Translator
  • Respecting your deadlines
  • With feedback as needed to ensure you understand if something needs to be changed to sound natural in Spanish
  • Perfect spelling and grammar
  • Adapted to your company tone
  • Fluent communication with the translator (Me)

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    What you get with an English to Spanish translation

    You will get a strong text that communicates the same ideas as the English version in natural Spanish. My Spanish is from Castilla y León in Spain, which is the neutral accent taught in the Instituto Cervantes and considered the international Spanish. If you need a different regional Spanish, I can try to work with a proofreader from that region to make it as natural as possible. Just let me know that when you contact me.

    The text will be in an independent file, clean and ready to be used. If you need it in a different format, ask me and I will do my best to accommodate.

    If your text is SEO-oriented, I can adapt the translation so it has a good rate of keywords. You can let me know what the keywords you need in Spanish are or I can translate them from English.

    Who is the English to Spanish translator for?

    I work for both final clients and agencies; so, anyone needing a reliable translation that respects deadlines is a good client for me.

    If your text is highly technical, it is best for you to allow me to see it first, that way I can confirm for you that I am able to provide the highest quality translation. I highly recommend this so we are both on the same page.

    I am educated in business administration and marketing at the university level. I also have professional experience writing about payday loans, gambling, marketing, and many other topics.

    Why I can translate from English to Spanish

    I have three years of experience working as freelance translator, writer, and proofreader. You can see a good sample of my clients here. I can provide recommendation letters or contacts if need be.

    I like to do a good job. If I find that I can’t provide you a good text for any reason, I will let you know and I won’t take the task. If I accept, which I do in most cases, I will use all my effort to keep even the most minor details perfect.

    My Spanish is of a high quality; I even have academic publications in scientific journals.

    What do you need to do?

    1. Contact me and explain to me what you need. To get an accurate budget, you can give me:
      1. Total number of words
      2. Deadline
      3. Your address or your company’s address
      4. A sample of the text
    2. I will write you back with a budget
    3. You can freely decide if you are interested

    What is the price

    The price may vary a little depending on the work characteristics, but you can estimate something close to € 0.03 per word or $ 0.035.

    I accept PayPal and Skrill, and international payments are not an issue.

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    I am a freelance copywriter from Spain