Advertorial and Guest Blogging in Spanish

Do you need to promote your website on other Spanish sites and blogs?

I can help you to publish content with a link to your website in Spanish newspapers and on quality websites.

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Advantages of advertorials

  • Build your brand within a Spanish audience
  • Make your company known
  • Explain what is your product about
  • Direct traffic to your site from the site where you publish the text
  • Promote deals, news or new products

Besides, when you publish an advertorial in Spanish in a well-known newspaper, readers will credit some of the newspaper’s established reputation to your site. And also, some newspapers provide Google News with content, so your website could appear in Google News when potential customers are searching for keywords related with your business.

What about advertorials and guest posting to get links?

It is well known that, by getting advertorials in Spanish, you can boost your ranking in the Spanish version of Google. However, it is against Google policies. Following Google’s instructions, your link should have the “nofollow” tag. Then, the website you are paying will not pass page rank to you.

So what kind of links can you get?

You know the rules, so it is absolutely your decision!

My job is simply to find you a place to publish your Spanish advertorials, and I will follow your instructions regarding the type of links.

But how is the article published and completed?

When publishing an advertorial, you need a website that’s similar to your own in terms of topic and audience. It doesn’t make sense to publish an advertorial about books on a videogame website. Some people do things like that, because they just want to be published on any website (no matter the topic) that has good domain authority. But I really believe in Google evolution, and it will get better and better at identifying on-topic and off-topic content, and as a result natural and unnatural links. So, my advice would be to publish only on websites related to your topic.

Then, this is the process of getting an advertorial published in Spanish:

  1. Write me and let me know what your website is about, or preferably send me the link so I can take a look
  2. I will contact a high quality site to request a price
  3. If you agree with the price, I will write the content in Spanish and send it to you, in order to check the basis of the text and ensure that everything is good to go
  4. I will send the text to the website to have it published.

How much does an advertorial in Spanish cost?

The price varies a lot depending on websites and topics. But an estimate for a good website with a domain authority over 40 would be 150 €, with the text included.

However, the best advice would be to ask after giving me information about your budget and site, because there are many options out there.

What about guest posts?

My experience says that free guest posts in high quality sites are very difficult to get in Spanish sites, if you do not offer anything in exchange. And what could they possibly get? Apart from money, in which case it wouldn’t be free anymore, the most common answer is they want a back link on your blog. But link exchange is not recommended by Google, so my advice is to think about guest posting as a kind of advertorial. The difference is that you will publish the content on a blog or on a personal or company website instead of on a news site or in a newspaper.

Interested in publishing an advertorial in Spanish?

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