Freelance SEO Project Manager in Spanish

Experience is the only quality needed as a freelance SEO project manager that you can’t gain through education. That’s why I want to start with it.


I have been working in SEO since 2012, and I am proud of having worked in different aspects of the industry.

My main focus has been content writing as a freelancer, but I have also done translations and worked for 5 years as a website rater for a company hired by Google to feed their algorithms. In this role, I had to evaluate websites from the user’s intent perspective and provide feedback according to Google’s rater guidelines.

Then, in 2021 I started as SEO Project Manager in Spanish for all the Spanish sites that my current company have (contact me if you need details!).

Read more about me here.

What can I do for you as an SEO Project Manager?

You won’t find lies here. If there is something I cannot do, reading this page is the first time you will know.

So, here’s what I cannot do:

  • I cannot promise you short-term results. SEO is a long-term race.
  • I cannot help you with technical stuff. (I know how to work with WordPress, Prismic, and some other content tools, but I am not a developer who will make your site load faster).

So then, what?

I can help you with all the aspects related to your content:

  • Keyword research.
  • Content creation.
  • Content improvement & optimization.
  • Backlinks

What Is My Approach to SEO Project Management in Spanish?

I always approach SEO as a long-term project. The reason is simple. If there’s one thing all my years of working in SEO have taught me, it’s that if you keep improving, updating, and taking care of your site, you will eventually achieve higher rankings. Is it a promise? No, sadly, your competitors are likely working every day too (although this depends on your niche).

In other words, I believe revisiting your already published pages is just as important as creating new ones.

We all know link-building is important. Now, the controversy arises when we talk about buying links. While it is not recommended in any theoretical guidelines about SEO, the truth is most people do it.

My personal opinion is that unless you are a really well-known and trusted company, you still need to buy some links. However, buying links is a very general concept. For my websites, I only like to target general news sites that are highly relevant to the geography of our target audience or very relevant sites in regards to the content they have (or better said, the content they rank for).

What SEO Tools I like to Use:

  • Google Analytics.
  • Search Console.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Wincher.

This does not mean that I need you to have this tools, I can adapt and I am willing to learn new things. The list is here to give you an idea about what I can manage and do.

I am a freelance copywriter from Spain