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How to Select the Right CTA for Every Page on Your Site

The Call-To-action plays an important part of every website as it promotes marketing. But how to be sure about choosing the right way to get your users to respond?

Define the stages in the sales thread:

First you need to collate all your offers and arrange them along with the corresponding landing pages.  It means you need to have records of your offers and the URLs. Then, recognize the following steps: awareness, evaluation and purchase which means prospective clients need to be aware of the product/service and are considering the quality offered before they are ready to buy it. The awareness stage is about the needs of the customers while the evaluation stage explains how those needs can be met and it leads toward a purchase. Defining the stages in your sales is necessary because all offers are not suitable for everyone. For example, you sell a translation software and a visitor to your website in the awareness stage probably came across an article on your blog simply because they were looking how to translate an expression. For this situation the best solution may be an educational webinar or an e-book. It may lead the prospective buyer into the purchase stage.

Identify the compatibility of your website pages with the above mentioned stages.

When you know what visitors like most in a particular stage of the sales you can figure out where to put the offer CTAs that are aligned to the stages. The best way to do this is to rely on marketing analysis and to your common sense. To make the best marketing decisions many marketers use HubSpot Conversion Assists. It helps to see what pages on your website are most interesting to leads and customers. For example, if you see that certain pages are viewed before lead converted into customers it means the pages are effective in the evaluation or purchase stages.  Of course, common sense should not be neglected as logical thinking can bring you to some solutions about who your visitors are. Sometimes you easily place visitors depending on what page they are at.

Use analysis to detect good offers:

If you have identified a lot of offers for each of the stages you could discover more about the best offers. This is especially important if you have a wide range of offers and want to choose which offers to use in CTAs on your website. Though, if you don`t have many offers, you may want to create CTAs for all of them so no need to use the same CTA on every page. Also, you can choose the best offers by using the landing page conversion rate. At the end, when you add all the offers and match them to their appropriate stages in the sales you will know which offers you will use in CTAs in which website pages. The final step is to add the CTA buttons for the offers to the respective webpage.

As a Spanish copywriter I can help you to write or proofread your CTAs and all the rest of the text of your website. Write me a message with your idea and I will give you a budget!

5 Scientifically-Backed Copywriting Tips

If you want to improve your copywriting skills, you can find help with neuroscience studies and behavioral psychology. The problem is that you have to go through mountains of dry research papers and (sometimes boring) statistics to find some useful nuggets.

In this article, we are going to look at some interesting studies on the human mind and how they can help you create an enchanting copy for your web.

1. Weave authentic stories into your copy

This is old advice but it works so well. Using stories can help you ignite your audience’s imagination, make them feel your copy and let down their guard. Some people are reluctant to sales copy but will respond well to well-pitched stories thus giving you an open window to persuade them.

Also, research by Melanie Green and Timothy Brock shows that stories that have either detailed imagery (think of the Lord of the Rings), suspense (think the Harry Potter series), or metaphors and irony (think the Animal Farm) works very well.

2. The evil is in the details

If you want to sell or just want to persuade people to do your bidding, then you need to be specific in your copy.

Take these two paragraphs:

“We are the best in the industry. We have been in business for long and our customers trust us. You can find all kinds of woodworking tools in our store and they are priced reasonably.”


“We have been in business for 25 years and we have been able to serve more than 100,000 customers in our locality alone. All our woodworking tools are priced below $90 and you’ll find we typically respond to customer’s inquiries within 24 hours.”

Which one would you respond to more?

It’s clear the second paragraph is stronger and will likely convert better than the first one. In fact, simple details like this may be what you need to convert tightwad customers.

3. Use  more verbs

Most writers cling onto adjectives in their writing even though it’s not as effective as verbs.

A group of admission officers analyzed persuasive admission letters and found that letters that use more verbs actually performed better than those powered by adjectives.


Because verbs are specific, short and help you get to the point. This is why they are hard to ignore so use them more in your writing.

4. Use power words

It’s true that certain words are just more persuasive than others. If you notice from the beginning of this article, you’ll see I’ve used the word “You” several times (probably more than any other word in this article). This is a power word that helps you connect with your reader on an individual level.

Research has shown that seeing your name on screen/print make you more receptive to information. When your name appears in a message, you become trusting and more engaged as if a friend is talking to you.

Others are:

  • Dan Ariely, in his book Predictably Irrational, illustrates this with a study where a group of people was tested on chocolate truffles and Hershey’s Kisses. Initially they chose the truffles over Kisses when it was a penny, but when the Kisses was offered for “free”, people choose them over the truffles by 38%.
  • Robert Cialdini conducted a study where someone would cut in line using different words for a request. When a polite request was made, people were not willing to give permission. But immediately “because” was added (can I use the copy machine first because I need to make a copy?) people were willing to concede even though that request was nonsensical (and not even polite).
  • MRI studies show that people want rewards now (we all want) and if you can invoke a sense of a quick incentive, you are more likely to persuade.
  • Research has also shown that newness is important for a product because people want to try out new things.

Basics of Copywriting

Copywriting is the essential skill of writing sales promotions and marketing materials; it’s all about being a good salesperson that can cleverly persuade people to buy into a product. This is why it is an absolutely vital skill when it comes to online marketing, including promoting your brand to an online audience. Copywriting is a skill used in so many fields of work, so it is an important skill to master. This article will give you the basics you need to know about the field of copywriting.

What Exactly is Copywriting?

Copywriting is needed in promotions to target specific audiences and sell products or services. Before the technology age, copywriting was still a relevant skill in advertising, but it has completely exploded since the introduction of the internet and electronic marketing. It encompasses a vast array of writing tactics, including websites, e-mail copy, online articles, social media posts, ads, and more.

A marketing campaign for just one product can require copywriting for all of these components in order to run a successful campaign. This is why there is such a large need for freelance copywriters, and why you should want to possess this highly-sought-after skill.

How Does it Fit With SEO?

SEO copywriting is still on the increase, with numerous businesses seeking experienced and talented copywriters. This would mean writing marketing materials with search engine optimisation in mind, creating SEO-friendly content that also puts sales across.

Of course, in order to do this, you have to have some knowledge of SEO and how to create engaging online content, and only then can you master the skill of SEO copywriting.

What Makes for Good Copywriting?

If you want to create the best online content, you have to make sure you target a specific audience with your words. This means writing advertising content that is geared at a certain demographic, meaning you can write better and make more sales. In addition to this, you should make a connection with your audience; try writing in first person to strike up a rapport. This is a really good way to persuade people to buy into your products or services.

Although this point should be fairly obvious, good copywriting should really show off the product or services, or in the case of brand management, it should really sell the company as a community that people will want to be a part of. To do this, not only should you use persuasive language and classic advertising techniques, but also try including client testimonials, test results that compare the product to competing brands, or include a marketing video.

You should also include a call to action that will encourage immediate engagement by clients. This means guiding them into interacting with the content in some way, using imperatives such as “click here to see how easy it is to use this product” or incentives such as “order now to save 10%”.

Final Thoughts

Copywriting is a skill that takes time to develop, and it requires tweaking and changing your writing style over time when you know what works.

Now that you know a bit about copywriting, it’s time to combine this knowledge with prior SEO skills to become a copywriting master.

3 Tips to Earn Your Audience’s Attention

As a freelance copywriter I face everyday the fact that there is too much information to read. As a result most published content are becoming ineffective. Readers have developed a sound filtering system that easily weed out bad content and respond positively to good content.

As you can see, it’s important (now more than ever) to create better content that resonates with your audience because that’s the only way to earn their attention. This takes lots of effort and learning, but it’s doable.

To help you create content that stands out and earn your audience’s attention, here are a few valuable tips from copywriting theory you should try now:

1 Tailor your content to a specific individual you want to connect with

Before you put pen to paper, ensure you know who you are writing for (i.e. your target audience).  What does your reader really want to see? What is her pain point? What problems is she facing now and how can your content provide solutions to these?

But, how do you find out about these things? One way is researching their demographics, age, hobbies, what they like/dislike and so on. And then you also should research in the internet: keywords, Google suggestions and so on.

The objective is to identify a specific problem your potential customer is facing now, and tailor your content to that, in order to earn their trust.

You can start by highlight a problem and promise a solution in the content if she reads.

This can immediately grab attention and make her want to read your article. Some copywriters would spend days or even weeks just researching what their audience wants. After this exercise, they come up with a central benefit and continuously hit on that throughout their copy.

2. Craft the content that that person actually wants to read

Look at websites like Wikipedia or your favorite sites, what do they have in common? They consistently provide content that you find useful, which gets your attention and that is why you always go back for more.

This is what you want your own content to achieve your brand.

And that means writing in a way that makes your readers go, “Oh look, he knows what I’m struggling with and is going to help me!” After that, you need to craft headlines that address their urgent needs.

When your headline matches what your readers want now, they will notice and pay attention to what you have to say. After you figure out the content your reader wants to read, and a headline that communicates that to her, you now need to make your content consumable.

Adding lots of white space, featured images, useful videos, and a strong introduction to your content can go a long way in helping you nail down your reader’s waning attention.

3. Invest money or time in design

If you have a website where you connect with readers, you have .05 seconds to create an impression and that’s when your readers form an opinion about your site. Graphic design is one (out of many ways) of getting people’s attention so you need to incorporate it into your writing.

When it comes to your website, think what you need your users to do and if you do not have money, invest time researching free themes until you find one accurate. You don’t have to spend 5 figures, you can get high quality designs cheap and even free, but you will need t o invest a lof ot time researching, looking for them and checking all the features: lay out, mobile optimization, loading time, etc.

Search Engine Ranking Factors for 2018

In the world of content creation and writing, everybody wants to come out on top. It is really important for blogs and websites to factor high up in the search engine rankings, preferably near the top of the first page of results. Achieving this can be fairly straightforward, since popular search engines like Google have several factors that they use to rank webpages. Some of these are more important than others, but all of them are key if you really want to achieve a high ranking.

Google has a lot of factors that they use to rank. Below are some of the absolute essentials you will need in order to appear high up on those searches.

1. Website Security

Very recently, Google has allocated a small ranking benefit to sites that use HTTPS instead of HTTP. This is currently only a small boost, but Google has said that they “may decide to strengthen” the benefit of having HTTPS because of an aim to keep everyone safe online.

Based on recent tests, Google has said that the HTTPS signal has shown positive results for relevancy and ranking in search results. However, in order to make sure traffic stays up when switching from HTTP to HTTPS, make sure to alert Google that you have moved your site, and ensure that crawling bots can still navigate your site.

This is specially important for websites in which there is money transactions like shops or sites selling paid suscriptions.

2. Content Length

When ranking different sites, Google looks for authoritative and informative content that is valuable to users. After all, people aren’t satisfied with basic, minimal information. Longer content, therefore, is desired when ranking in the search engines. However, make sure that the content is still of a high quality and avoid rambling. Invaluable content may be penalised by Google, but don’t be afraid to write long pieces if they are of a high standard. Here you have a guide to create a SEO-optimized content.

3. Keywords

Any SEO writer worth his salt will know that keywords are vital in search engine optimization. Of course, keywords are the basis upon which search results rely. And if you know about SEO, you know that keyword stuffing is something to avoid at all costs. That said, there are a few important places that you should definitely include keywords.

The title meta tag is one of the strongest signals for a search engine. Definitely include a keyword in the title tag, as well as the meta description tag. As long as these are included, it is fairly easy to sprinkle keywords naturally throughout the remainder of the text without keyword stuffing, and still achieve a high search engine ranking.

4. User Experience

User experience is extremely important in rankings. Users should be encouraged to stay on the site and not leave after a few seconds. Website engagement (i.e. comments, shares, etc.) is vital for rankings, so you should attempt to get users to interact a little with the site.

5. Links

Creating a sitemap so that your content is all navigable is a really good idea. Not only does this improve user experience, but it also makes it easier for crawlers to access all pages of the site. Because of this, more of your pages will appear in the search engines, which will certainly improve rankings.

Additionally, the number of domains that link back to your site is an important ranking factor. Google trusts pages with a larger network of links, which means it might be worth looking into guest posting. Besides, Bing has confirmed they take into consideration website’s name mentions in other sites, even when they are not into a link. And if Bing does it, it is very likely that Google too.

6. Click-Through Rate

Search results will change if a user frequently clicks on the same site, making it a handy indirect ranking factor. Google uses CTR to validate the quality of search results, so increasing CTR can be a good method to improve rankings marginally. Make sure to have good metadescriptions that make users enter your site when you appear in SERPs.

7. Mobile Friendliness

Just less than half of searches are conducted on mobile. Having a mobile-optimised site is an easy way to increase search engine rankings and direct more traffic to your site, because it improves user experience and lets Google know that your site is valuable.

Final Thoughts

Although these aren’t the only ranking factors out there, they are all important and should be helpful tools in getting you started.

Websites where you can have promoted content in Spanish

When you first start writing a blog or when you start your own business, unless you are really famous or have many friends, it is quite hard to get people’s attention. This is why, there is this small little helper called advertorial marketing that can give you a helping hand.

People basically write SEO articles. This means that these articles focus on linkins a site with some specific words. Why do they do this? So that people can have an easier time finding their website on different engines. It helps them appear in the front pages when you search on Google for example. I mean, lets be honest, nobody really looks on the second page anyways, am I right?

Writing articles in English is easy and you have many options and many possibilities where you can promote your content. However, for Spanish speakers, it is a bit harder. Even though Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin, there are way less places where you can find content in Spanish, as opposed to English.

If you are a Spanish speaker or have content written in Spanish that you want to promote, then you are definitely in the right place to learn about advertorial in Spanish service.

Getting an advertorial published in Spanish and also in a famous newspaper, will make the readers credit the reputation of the newspaper that is already established, to your own website. In addition, Google News receives content from newspapers, which means that there is a possibility that your website appears on Google New when they look up certain keywords that are related to your business. This means that you can get more customers, just by doing this.

Below, you can find some of the top notch online newspapers that offer advertorial services. This might just be the thing that you need to boost the traffic on your site and earn more clients.


This site is a high quality news site, which is mostly dedicated to things that happen in Madrid. The best option for writing on this site is if you want to create content related to Madrid, or if you live in the capital. Besides this, it has other news related to other cities in Spain. There are also some other sections that you can see on this site such as social issues, heath, culture and free time, environment, education, politics, economics, transportation, success, and sports.


This website is a great digital resource for higher education in both Europe and Iberoamerica. You can learn to write in a more academic tone and promote your content in a different kind of environment. It has a variety of sections, among which you can find: politics, human capital, economics, culture, green strategies, health, society, sports, debates, interviews, education, scholarships, jobs and formation, tendencies, companies, universities, and many others. It is a great place to promote your website in a more scholar friendly environment.


Another great resource for news is this website. It features many sections among which most are related to Madrid. As with the first link, it is best if you live in Madrid or have a really great knowledge of the city, its surroundings and anything related to it, maybe even news. However, besides this, you can find information about parties, sports, people, history and curiosities, culture and free time, politics, success, and television.


This is yet another online news journal. It is an excellent source if you are interested in the news or promoting content related to: Spain, economics, international topics, culture, religion, society.


This news site is an excellent place where you can do some content marketing. There are many different categories present in this site: politics, society, education, free time, culture, sports, lifestyle, and many more. You can also put an ad of your website on this page.


This page offers news about the Castilla la Mancha region in Spain. Again, it is probably the best option for people who live in the region, as they can write about specific things. However, this should not discourage you by any means. It is also a reliable website, where you can promote content related to: sports, bulls, trends, cars, free time, and horoscopes.


This site is based in Catalonia, and it is mostly in the Catalan language. The best way to promote content on this site is, of course, if you write it in Catalan. The site is also translated in both English and Spanish, but the translation is automatic, by Google Translate, which, we all know is not the most reliable source for translations. You can find articles related to the following topics: news, sports, health, culture, politics, interviews, tourism, cars, and many more.


This news site has many sections that may interest you. Among them, you can find the following: economics, Spain, international, science and technology, entertainment, sports, health, editorials, bloggers communities, trends and style, people and tv, and many others.


As opposed to the sites that were presented above, this one is a radio site. It does have some sections about news. However, you might be able to promote your website on their shows, which might reach a higher audience then simply writing about it.

The sites that were presented are just some of the options that you have when you want to do some advertorial marketing. If you want o learn about more places where you can promote your website, you should definitely check this link out. It is also important to remember that at the end of the day, if some of these sites do not want to help you with your website and your business, there are other places where you can do it, and maybe even rely on a specialist to help guide you through this whole process which might not seem to be easy at first. After all, we all need a little push once in a while.


Pros and Cons of Proofreading Programs

We have all been there. We are in a hurry and we have an essay due soon. We write it, we finish it, and we are not sure that it is correctly written. We want to double check it, but we are quite tired to do so. This is when we decide to check out an online proofreading program to help speed up the process. However, the problem is that you begin to rely on these programs more and more, instead of using an authorized proofreader. This is why, I decided to show you the main advantages and disadvantages of such programs and let you decide whether they are worth it or not.

Pros of using proofreading programs

  1. One of the main advantages of using proofreading programs is the fact that they are programmed to detect the most common errors. I am talking about those easy errors, that an advanced speaker of the language would not make. They will save you from making a total fool out of yourself.
  2. If you use a word too many times, proofreading programs usually see this and they normally give you some options to use instead of the word. This is a good thing, because it is quite annoying to read the same word 100 times in a row. In addition, using synonyms will help improve your writing flow.
  3. These tools are both time and cost efficient. Just think about it. Most of these programs are free, or come with a small fee, as opposed to using a human proofreader. In addition, it takes them a maximum of 10 minutes to proofread a text. It is almost impossible for a human to beat that timing.

Cons of using proofreading programs

  1. One of the main issues with these kind of tools is the fact that they are designed to detect only the most common errors. The problem appears when more complex errors appear, and the program is unable to detect them.They are usually complex structural errors. This is one of the times when it is better to rely on a human proofreader.
  2. These programs seem to detect errors even when they are not there. This is because of different writing styles. The problem with these proofreading programs is the fact that they are quite inflexible, limiting your ability to be creative.
  3. They can damage our self-esteem, due to the fact that they detect errors that are sometimes not there. In addition, we tend to rely so much on spell check and these types of programs, instead of learning the correct spelling of words. This can cause damage in the long term.

Now that you know what the main advantages and disadvantages of using proofreading programs are, it is up to you whether you choose to rely on them or if you would rather hire a professional proofreader. When it comes to Spanish, Microsoft Word corrector is one of the best, though is not as good as in English. Spanish is much more difficult than English and this also applies to bot proofreaders.

If you are looking for a Spanish proofreader, look no more, because I am here to help you. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Finding That Perfect Article Length

There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to article copywriting. Being a good writer is about finding a good balance and a combination of many factors, pulling all these things together to make a perfect piece. One of the most important factors to pay extra consideration to is the length of the article. Here, we will talk about how to hit that perfect sweet spot when writing your articles.

Too Short

Writing an article that is too short is dangerous. It is highly unlikely that you can fit all the necessary content into a short article. Depending on what the topic is, a safe length is probably 500 words or more, because anything less than that risks being void of information.

Of course, sometimes, shorter is sweeter and if the topic is quite concise then it is best to be succinct rather than repeating yourself and finding irrelevant ways to lengthen the article. However, this does not mean that every article should be short.

Another risk involved with short articles is cramming. It is quite possible to write a short article on a detailed topic by cramming too much information into very few paragraphs. This, however, makes the article very hard to read and is likely to deter readers due to its complexity.

Too Long

Getting carried away and writing an excessively long article is all too easy. Sometimes, you might want to over-explain certain aspects of the article and end up writing too much. Other times, you might just want to add extra bits of information here and there.

Long articles are very hard for readers to digest, especially if it’s an article that isn’t broken up into subheadings and categories. In this day and age, people have a relatively short attention span, and therefore they may get distracted or bored when reading a long article.

So, it is much better to cut down on the word count sometimes and stick to the point. But how?

Cutting the Length

There are several ways to cut the length of an article:

  • Read back through your work and try to see if you have repeated yourself. If some parts of the article explain really similar concepts, cut it down to just one explanation or example.
  • Don’t ramble. Always stick to the point and don’t go off on a tangent, and this should keep the word count down to a minimum.
  • Make use of simple sentences. Scattering simple sentences throughout the article avoids the excessive use of long, complex sentences and can make it easier to get straight to the point.

A Final Tip

After you have finished the whole piece, go away and do something else for a few hours, maybe sleep on it. Then, after spending some time away from the screen, read back through your article as if it was someone else’s work. Are you bored or tired? Do you feel like there was enough information included? Asking yourself these questions can help you to understand whether the article needs to be longer, shorter, or if it’s just right.

Now, that brings this article to an end, before I go on too long!

6 Places to Post Spanish Advertorials

Advertorials are an excellent way to expand business and direct more online traffic your way. Promoted content involves writing an article for an external source in order to expand your readership; more people will see your work when it is included on another site or in a newspaper, and this gives good potential for people to take an interest in your blog.

The trouble is, where should you start when looking into posting advertorials? It is important to choose a site or a newspaper that has a similar target audience, so that you are more likely to draw in new readers. If you are interested in posting promoted content in Spanish, read on to find out where might be the ideal sites for you.

1. El Mundo Financiero

If you are interested in writing about financial matters, then this is the perfect site for you. This news site covers the topics of economy, business, work, commerce, and international matters. Since this site covers such matters, the ideal audience is a little older and more business-driven. If your blog covers entrepreneurial issues and you want to appeal to like-minded executives, then this site offers the perfect advertorial opportunity to get yourself noticed by people who will be interested in your ideas.

El Mundo Financiero also has an Analysis & Opinion section on their site, which means you don’t have to write a journalistic news piece in order to write promoted content for them. Instead, you can stick to what you know (and what you’re good at) and write an opinion piece that will allow potential new readers to get to know what you stand for before even visiting your blog.

2. Huelva24

This is more or less your standard news site, with sections on various topics including news from the capital, the province, news about the economy, university, sports and culture. Huelva24 focuses on news from Huelva, sometimes featuring important news from Andalusia as well, and therefore it may be best to write an advertorial for this site if you are from the same locality.

Once again, Huelva24 features a section for opinion articles, which is most likely where you will find your home writing promoted content. The website features a ‘Contact’ button in the top right corner, allowing you to get in touch with the newspaper very easily. In addition, there is a ‘You’ section on the site, where people write letters to the editor and write about their experiences in Huelva. This is a very interactive portion of the site, where people like to leave their comments. If you do live nearby, this site is definitely a good option!

3. El Dia

El Dia is an excellent newspaper for finding news specific to the Canary Islands region of Spain. There are separate sections for the Canaries, La Palma, Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, Tenerife Norte and Tenerife Sur. Furthermore, there are sections covering the topics of economy, society, current events, technology, sports, culture, food and even international news. Clearly, there is a variety of topics you can write for here, depending on where your interests lie and what you are good at.

As before, it is definitely easier to write an article for this site if you live in the area and can contribute relevant information. El Dia actually have a section of the site for contracting short pieces of news, with a cost of 2,70 euros per 10 words per day, and an extra 0,40 cents for extra words. This might be an easier way of getting into working with the site before posting advertorials.

4. Estrella Digital

This website is geared toward a younger audience, with a lot of daily news and current events as well as a section dedicated to Spanish stars. Of course, the more typical topics also feature on the news site, but if you want your promoted content to reach a slightly younger audience and people who may be interested in lifestyle, then Estrella Digital is probably the way to go.

The site is ideal for those looking to write in a more relaxed tone and show off their knowledge on lifestyle. In addition, there is a la Gran Vida section, where people post healthy living recipes, making this ideal for foodies, too.

5. Huelva Ya

Once again, this site is aimed at the residents of Huelva and it is better if you live here before writing an advertorial for them. Huelva Ya features topics on the province, its economy, current events, society and culture and sports.

Writing an advertorial for this newspaper would require a fairly formal tone in order to appeal to the audience reading the articles here.

6. Huelva Buenas Noticias

This is the final recommended site, and another one from the province of Huelva. As above, it is best to live here in order to write promoted content for this site. There are many categories to browse on the site, including health, food, sports, cars, celebrities, economy, culture and the Port of Huelva. In addition, there is an Opinion section featuring letters to the editor.

Sites with an opinion section are usually ideal for writers wanting to post promoted content, since including opinionated writing can help to create a bond with potential readers and draw in a whole new audience (which is the whole purpose of advertorials).

A Final Note

When writing advertorials, bear in mind that egocentric writing and articles with too many links back to your site will only deter the site on which you are posting. It will also deter readers. Make sure to maintain a professional tone, no matter who you are writing for, and always keep the target audience in mind when you are choosing a topic. This also applies to choosing the site: the newspaper should more or less match your target audience so that your writing reaches the right people.

Browse the sites above and see if anything takes your fancy, and then get in contact before writing. Good luck!

If you need help with them, contact me!


The Guest Post Toolkit

Chances are you have heard of guest posting, but perhaps you haven’t tried it yet. If you haven’t, guest posting involves posting an article for free on another blog or website. Now if we are honest about it, this is done in return for receiving a link back to your own site. In a nutshell, you write content for someone else and in return direct traffic back to your site, boosting ratings and possibly earning you a higher place in the search engines.

This article will walk you through important things to include, or not to include, in a guest post or throughout the posting process, to help you start out as an experienced guest poster.

1. Relevant Content

This really seems like an obvious point, but it is also the most important. When choosing to guest post, it is absolutely vital to pick a site that writes about a similar topic to you. There will be no traffic directed back to your site if the visitors of this blog have no interest in the things you write about. Finding a blog with a similar topic and audience is the first, and most essential, step in guest posting.

Of course, this means that while you are actually writing the guest post, you have to fill it with relevant content that readers will enjoy. This is the only way to encourage people to click the link to your site.

2. Manners

If you have chosen to guest post, chances are that you will have to reach out to the owner of the site and ask to guest post for them. In this scenario, it is best to do some proper research and find a blog that has had guest posts before, because this increases your chances of getting your offer accepted.

When requesting something like this, it is important to be polite and mind your Ps and Qs, because this is sure to increase the likelihood of being allowed to write a guest post. A little flattery could go a long way. It is also essential to come across as professional and articulate, because bloggers and site-owners want to maintain a certain image. In summary, write an e-mail that is friendly, professional and polite.

3. Links

Now, the whole point of guest posting is to include links back to your site. So of course, it is vital to put in one or two links referring back to your own blog in hopes that readers will click the link and explore your blog. The end goal here is to boost your blog’s ratings.

A word of warning, however, is to avoid including too many links. Google may penalise the site for bad content, and quite frankly the site owner whose site you are posting on may be offended that you are including so many links back to your site.

4. Entertainment

Since the aim of guest posting is to draw in some new readers, it is necessary to entertain potential newcomers. Writing with uniqueness, flare and perhaps a dash of humor is a sure-fire way to intrigue a potential new audience. Make sure that your guest article is fun, friendly and makes you sound interesting, and that way more people will click the link to check out your site.

How Can I Publish Guest Posts in Spanish?

Everybody knows the value of links in Spain. If you want to get your post published in a high quality Spanish site with high domain authority you will need to pay for a Spanish  advertorial.