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You need to create the story of your company

There are people looking for copywriters to write about anything and there are people looking for copywriters to write about the story of their business.

story telling as content marketing strategy
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Storytelling is simply considered as one of the intellectual skill. It is something that has to be developed right from the childhood. As we grow in ages, we have to grow other abilities that will make our story telling skill more interesting and yet powerful. Along with the speaking skills, the skill needed for the story telling is making the audience get involved in the story telling. Even if people is not listening the story telling in person, they should get evoked into the story just while reading the story or even just watching it. They should build their involvement into the action of story and get impressed in such a way that they feel to share with the other people like colleagues, friends and neighbours.

Storytelling in the modern world has a broad scope and view.  There is a style in story telling called Contemporary storytelling that uses addressing mainly at the educational needs. Recent forms of the media are just creating new methods for the people in recording, expressing, and even consuming the stories. The specific Tools used for communicating with in the asynchronous group can actually provide room for the individuals in reframing or even recasting the different stories into group. Platforms like games and other digital ways which are used in the area like factious or storytelling, are actually used in positioning the people as a character within the same world. Subjects like documentaries that include interactive ones that employ techniques like storytelling narrative in communicating information on the same topic.

So if it work for all these area, why do you think it won’t for your business? Life is a circle. Most of the time what you see working in anything else will work in your business too. You only need to do the effort to adapt the working thing to the characteristics of your goals.

Every company should have its own story. It is not about talk saying nothing, but talk giving your customers the information they are looking for in the wide internet. By doing so, you will reach the difficult goal of being into your clients mind. And there will be a day when they need something that you provide, that they even won’t need to make a decision, they will have done the decision to ask you to help them time ago, when they was looking for other information in internet, when they entered the first time in your website.



Why Would You Consider Creating Content in Spanish?

spanish people is waiting to read your content
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¿Como estás? Have you ever thought about creating content in Spanish?  Spanish is a beautiful language and the third most spoken language in the world. The demographics of Spanish speaking people in the United States alone are up by 34.8 million and there are also about 21 Spanish speaking countries sprawled all around the globe which would sum up for about 400 million of Spanish speaking population. Thousands of immigrants coming from or of Hispanic ethnicity are flocking the US each day. Maybe you remember yourself having to attend Spanish language classes because it is considered an advantage if you have at least a Spanish conversational skill. The same happens with your website !

During its birth, the internet or websites were written in English, but the only constant is change, and in order to reach a wider span of audience, developers are building websites in different languages. This is quite good and let me break down some of the benefits why a website with Spanish content is beneficial especially for your business.

For starters, if you are running a business, one of your main goals is to earn profit. This is why the internet is a powerful tool for advertising. E-commerce has come a long way in terms of social media and blog writing for SEO purposes. However, if you website only includes an English content, then you would only be able to reach English speakers or readers. Sure, there are others who can understand English but not at the extent of fluency you expect them to understand. You have worked hard to create such beautiful articles to promote and market your brand, but does your non-English speaker reader able to understand the message you are trying to get across? There is still language barrier everywhere and that is inevitable.

If you have a website with Spanish content, you will be able to expand your audience base and perhaps create brand awareness among non-English speaking consumers. Not only that when your website has Spanish content, then the probability of your brand to be recognized widely is huge and expands your target market. Imagine the potential loss of sales for about 73.2% because that comprises of Spanish speaking internet users. Especially in the era that internet accessibility is not just limited to computers but has reached the market of mobile and smartphones. Another reason of having a website with Spanish content makes your brand appear to be ready for the international market and takes you to a larger scale as an international brand. Business has to build trust and with the language barrier, how can you be able to reach to these audiences?

For instance, Hispanic household has larger purchasing power which has increased to $1.2 trillion. Ever wonder why some multibillion companies put up customer service hotlines for Spanish speaking consumers? Because they know the market and the need to reach out will cut on costs because your Spanish consumers understand your product and its benefits. So if you are thinking of abolishing the idea of not having your website translated to Spanish content, then think again.

Your blog is the best tool to become an expert in your client’s mind

In line with content marketing, one of its channels is through writing blogs. At first, when you heart about blogs, you was likely thinking about it as a personal diary. But blogs have now evolved and it is now taken into a whole new level especially in marketing and advertising.

Nowadays, business owners are hiring content writers to be able to improve, enhance and increase their fan base. With the amazing effects of search engine optimizations and social media advertising, many are trying to cut through a stiff competition when it comes to a certain product. And just like the others, you create a blog to help you stand out among them.

But what difference does it make? Blogging is another way of communicating with your clients or potential clients. People are now internet savvy and when they have a question, they turn to Google to find the answers. Now for example, you have successfully done what is right in order to put your site/ blog on the top of Google’s list. They would look for more answers. You can blog your answers by creating a question and answer or frequently asked questions sort of articles, or maybe even a how-to guide. This will enable them to think that you exactly know what you are saying and might be convinced to buy your product or service. I have read so many blogs and bloggers are trying to find ways or experimenting to be able to catch anyone’s attention and perhaps for their blog to go viral and spread the word. There are others who would send samples to bloggers and have them provide an honest review of their product in exchange for the freebies. That is one way of content marketing.

Benefits of a blog for your business:

A blog is one way for you to communicate and reach out to a wider market. Blogs also drive traffic into your website because when a blog seems to poke their attention and somehow provide relevant answers to all of their questions, it is likely for them to click into buying your products. When your blog provides reliable and relevant content, then it is likely for you to attract audience because you are becoming an expert in your clients mind when it comes to information related with your product. You will be able to explain them the benefits which your readers or potential customers can be able to grasp fully and this will lead to trust, and when consumers trust your brand, this will then generate sales.

Another benefit of blogging for your business is that you become their knowledge base or you have created and established authority. Consistently creating blogs with relevant contents will be helpful to your existing and new customers.

Blogging will also benefit your business because some blogs will enable your viewers to leave comments, and hopefully not spam. This will increase your interaction with them and have them experience excellent customer service. They can provide insight as to where your product can improve on and sometimes appreciate the product that they have used (which is self-gratifying for you and your brand.) This is essential because it is like you are being sympathetic to your customers and putting yourself into their shoes which is a good point for constructive criticism.

Story telling in the top of marketing trends

Storytelling is the process of conveying current events verbally using images more often by creativeness. Today storytelling is also a marketing source to keep and audience engaged with a brand.

storytelling as marketing trendStories are shared in all cultures as an indication of mass media, entertainment, school and college education, cultural ethnics, and even inspiring with moral values. The sensational elements of the stories and story narrating generally include the plots, story men, and point of view of the story narration.

There are few stories narrated in a way that expresses the original feelings of the people. Such kind of stories are really welcomed and get chance to understand and give voice to them.

Storytelling is simply the method used in order to share and interpret the experiences people have had in the current event. The stories narrated are actually universal where they can generally bridge the gaps between the educational, linguistic, and even age-specific divides. So the storytelling can really become suitable for people from all ages, just leaving the perception of the age isolation. Storytelling is also used as a method that teaches ethics, moral values, and other cultural norms and traditional differences. Learning is actually the most effective one while happening in the social environments which provides more genuine social indication on how the built knowledge is to be actually used and applied. These stories actually function as the best tool in passing the knowledge along the social environment in a friendly and very casual way.

Why is storytelling getting more marketers attention?

After all of the above facts, the knowledge with the human beings is actually based on the stories and the cognitive memory that is needed to perceive, understand, remember, and share the stories with the others. Generally Human beings are considered as the storytelling elements which can serve both individually and socially as whole. Stories are something that can replicate the interior thought as they narrate the stories and very often they remember the real incidents in the form of stories. Facts can actually easily understandable as they are the minor versions of the stories. Hence the storytelling is something that supplies the analytical thoughts.

So if you want your customers knowing your brand exactly as you imagine it by yourself, you need to tell them through a storie.

The Ten Valuable Steps To Create A High Quality Article

If there is one important lesson that you need to learn about being an efficient content writer Is that the key to composing and engaging blog entry is the amount of time and effort they pour out in the name of CREATIVITY. Stress and importance of this word is highlighted further because most often, some writers compose articles like they are in a race or manipulated by their boss’ imposed deadline. It’s very nearly like being on a production line – tragically the posts most writers compose frequently reflect this.
Learning how to pace oneself when composing an article tends to help create a more inspiring and engaging article and also help attract more readers. They may not guarantee a top post at first but it certainly gets you closer to a great ranking in the future.

Here are ten essential steps when composing a high quality article on your website.

1. Picking The Right Topic
Take a bit of an additional time characterizing your point and the post will stream better and you’ll create something that matters to your readers.
2. Making Your Article’s Title
The most essential piece of really getting readers to begin reading your post is when they see it in the RSS reader or the search engine result’s main page.
3. Create An Interesting Opening Line
First impressions truly mater especially in writing. Once you’ve captured someone’s attention past your post’s title your opening line will draw them deeper into your article.
4. Make Your Post Matter
A post must have a point. It is not enough that it has a charming title and opening you’ll immediately convince every reader to stay and read until the end– however in the event that the post doesn’t “make a difference” to them it’ll never get a loyal following.
5. Create An Appropriate Call to Action
Driving readers to do something engraves the point of the article in their mind and helps them to apply it and helps you to make a deeper association with them.
6. Incorporate Some Depth
Before distributing your post – ask yourself how you could add profundity to it and make it much more helpful and noteworthy to all your readers.
7. Quality Control and Polishing Your Articles
Little errors might be boundaries to engagement for a few readers. Taking time to edit and correct blunders can help make an article great and take it to the next level.
8. Timing of Publishing and Relevance Of Your Post
Timing might be everything and the key timing of posts can guarantee that the right individuals or the right target audience see it at the correct time.
9. Post Promotion
After you hit the publish button– don’t simply abandon it to risk that your post will be immediately read by individuals. Providing for it a couple of key pushes can build the proper exposure it requires exponentially.
10. Discussion
Frequently the true activity happens once your post is distributed and being commented or discussed with by readers and different bloggers. Taking time to participate and reply on feedbacks could be exceptionally productive.
Taking additional time to understand each of these 10 steps may eventually benefit you and your career as a freelance writer, in the end all of this will pay off. You need to plan, time, discuss and most of all CREATE to make it work and like all things it will indeed take time but the rewards will be great.

Save, save, and save, don’t loose your documments

As a freelancer, your documents are important. Samples, works in progress, work that needs to be corrected, all of them could disappear in a flash. If your computer fries or a virus wipes everything off, this can spell disaster. And if you’re writing and lose your work before saving, that can be a problem as well. Fortunately, there are a few precautions you can take to avoid this from happening.

Always back up your work. It sounds like a common sense thing, but so many forget to do it. Put it on a cloud storage, email it to yourself, do whatever it takes so that it can be retrieved in case if it’s lost. If you don’t trust your documents being online, there are physical ways you can store it. Just a one gigabyte flash drive can store most of your Word documents comfortably. Always make sure to keep track of that as well so it doesn’t get lost. Put it in a drawer, or on your car keys.

If you’re writing a storm and suddenly something happens to prevent you from saving, this can be extremely frustrating. The common sense solution is to save all of the time, but sometimes that can break the flow of your writing. However, there are ways to autosave often. For instance, Word has an autosave feature, and the frequency of which it saves can be adjusted. For some writers, losing ten minutes of writing is a downfall. If something happens, the document can be recovered once you open Word. If you don’t see it, don’t fret just yet. For a Word document, search through your hard drive by typing in “.asd.,” which is the autosave document’s extension. Sometimes it can be retrieved from the bowels of your computer.

How to Use Freelancing To Get the Best Out of Your Book

freelance Spanish writer for original texts
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As a writer, you probably do freelance a lot. With many of the jobs, whether they are stories, articles, or blog posts, many require you to be a ghostwriter. Essentially, you write it and give all of the rights up to someone else. You’re tired of seeing your books online receiving positive reviews under someone’s name, and you want to publish your own stuff. If you want to write it on your own, there are still many ways you can use freelancing to perfect your book, all for reasonable prices.

  • First, you should hire an editor. While editing your own stuff can work, sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to give your story an unbiased touch-up. Some errors in grammar and problems with the story can be overlooked if you edit it on your own. If they can format it for Kindle, all the better.
  • Second, you should hire a freelance illustrator. Unless you have quality art skills, you may want to look into a professional to giving your story a cover that will catch the eyes of potential customers. Look at their portfolios and see which style most fits your vision, and work from there. Whether you’re making an epic fantasy illustration or a simple design, many people will judge your book by its cover.
  • Third, hiring someone review your book can benefit you. While some will read your short story for free, many won’t read a novel if you ask them to. While criticism is subjective, they could give you constructive points that you could use to improve your novel or use in the future. Also, you could hire reviewers to post on the book’s page, but you may want to avoid dishonest reviews. While having a few shills post five star reviews can get people’s attention, you won’t be able to control the outpour of bad reviews if your content is poorly-written. Remember to have quality before you release content.
  • Lastly, always hire someone to help with the marketing of your book. Unless you’re a master in advertising, getting someone to spread the word is essential if you want to make a profit. However, this can be a big investment. You may shoot yourself in the foot if you don’t choose the right marketing firm for the job. So make sure they have plenty of experiences in the marketplace and look at their clients. Also, see how long that you can see results. Typically, it may take a few months to take off, so don’t listen to a marketing firm if they claim they will get your product popular in days. Also, you will want a marketing company that is committed and won’t give you a one hit wonder, so strive for a long-term relationship.

Freelancing can help accomplish all these, and sometimes you can get professionals for only a few dollars. Scout around and see what they can do for you. Soon, you can be a writer and not a ghostwriter.

Why a Spaniard doesn’t use the Spain’s official flag

When I was creating this website, I thought that one of my characteristics I wanted to stress was the fact that I am a native Spanish writer from Spain.

So putting the flag of Spain in the homepage seemed a good option. However, I was in doubt because we, Spaniards, don’t use the flag as freely as the other countries do.

In Spain’s history there is a dictatorship and, though it happened several years ago and we live in a democracy now, some people stills identify the patriotism with a similarity with the dictatorship ideas. The flag is sometimes more linked with a political point of view than with the country.

Of course it doesn’t make sense and all people in Spain should be proud of its flag. But politics wounds are difficult to heal.


Can I use the Spain’s flag?

Since Spain won the football (soccer) worldcup in 2010, people get used to show the flag with a wholesome feeling. I would say that the weird feelings about the flag are no longer there.

Anyway, if you are foreign, use the flag is always welcomed. You can use it to show that you speak the languages, that you like the country, that you have positive feelings about it. There won’t be a problem.

If you are of national origin you can use it, but there could be a little proportion of the population that will suspect you. So it depends on the context, on what you are saying, etc, but sadly you still need to be careful with it.

As a conclusion, we are still working on restore the flag to normal feelings, and we have recently done some steps, but the task is not finished yet.

So if you are writing for your company, you likely don’t want to open this kind of political discussion. If you are big international company, the flag is ok, if you are not; my advice is beinfg careful with the context.

It is necessary hire a native to get a good text in Spanish?

do I need a native to produce content in Spanish for my website?
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As almost always in this world the answer depends on your needs.

First of all you need to be aware that if your writer is non-native, native readers will likely notice it. I have met really good Spanish speakers that weren’t native, but you always notice something in their expressions. Is it bad? It is not necessarily bad, but you need to look at some points to decide if this situation is ok for your texts.

When should I hire a non-native Spanish speaker to write a text in Spanish?

Easy and short answer: When this writer will add more value with his ideas and knowledge than the value that will be missed because of the fact the text is not 100% natural.

If you need a text about a specific topic in Spanish, and you know a non-native speaker that is the best in this topic, I am sure your readers will be ok learning from this expert. No matter if there are some little mistakes.

When is a bad idea to hire a non-native Spanish speaker to write a text in Spanish?

When you decide to do it, because it is cheaper.

Actually, this bad decision would be the same if you choose a bad writer that is a native speaker. If you give a cheap text to your readers you are saying them that all your products/services will be created in a low cost way, which is not usually a good marketing technique.

So first rule is to avoid bad writers, no problem where they are from.

Now, let’s think you have a good writer, but he/she is not native. If this writer isn’t the expert that I have talked about before, my advice is to choose a native one, because for Spanish speakers read a text written by a native is always friendlier than read a text that looks kind of not Spanish.

Show you reader you are worry about them being comfortable and make it easy for them.

What Spanish location is the best to produce a text in Spanish?

It depends on the target of your texts. If your texts will be mostly read by people from a specific location, the best option is choose a good writer from this location.

Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Spain, each country have its own expressions and, of course, very good writers, so take it easy and choose one that is accurate to your target.

But always keep in mind quality. I, as Spaniard, would always prefer a well written text by someone from Mexico that a bad one from my neighborhood. A good Spanish, no matter where it was produced is understood by every Spanish speaker in the world. Bad text is hard to understand even when the culture and history is common with the readers.

If your target is international, I would recommend hiring someone from Spain. The language is as good or as bad as in any other place, but it is taken as more neutral by many readers. Maybe this will change with time, I am not saying Spanish from Spain is better or purest, just that historically we were looking at it in that manner.