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Why Am I Not Getting Top-Paying Clients as a writer?

Trust me, you are not the first person to sit in front of the computer and ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” Freelancing can be really tough work, especially if you’re near the beginning of your career. There are so many successful freelancers making top dollar out there, so what is it that’s standing in the way of your success?

Well, there are a few things it could be. In this article, we’ll take a look at three big mistakes freelance writers often make; and tell you just how to fix them!

Mistake #1: You’re undercharging

Clients will often ask you what you charge before hiring you. If you don’t think you’re worth the money, why would your clients?! If your anxiety gets the best of you, then it’s very likely that you won’t even shoot your shot. Sure, asking for a high price is a little daunting – what if they say no? But if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

As a general rule, if every client accepts your quote, then your prices are too low. You could raise it until you get around a 50/50 conversion rate.

How to fix it: If you shoot high, then at least you have a definite answer and aren’t left wondering whether they would have paid you more. So next time you have the chance to set your price, take the plunge: just do it. A good piece of advice is to put your project price together and then add 25%, and that way you avoid any chance of underpricing.

Moreover, adding a little extra means you’ve already covered for any extra time it takes that you didn’t factor in. Perfect!

Mistake #2: You’re not confident

When interviewing with clients and communicating over price, it’s important to give them a reason to hire you. If you don’t think you’re the man for the job, then your clients aren’t going to believe it either. Uncertainty will shine through no matter what you do, so it’s essential to make sure you project the utmost confidence.

How to fix it: Remember to give yourself a pep talk before you start talking to the client. Remind yourself how kick-ass you are as a writer, and why you deserve to be paid for your services. You are the professional copywriter, and you are the one who is bringing expertise to the project. If you go in with that mindset, then you’ll definitely avoid underselling yourself.

Mistake #3: You’re sending a quote

I know what you’re thinking: are you not supposed to do that?! Well, not exactly. A quote focuses entirely on price, but you should be turning the tables and thinking outside the box, making sure that clients don’t consider you as just a commodity.

How to fix it: Turn your quote into a proposal. Basically, you need to persuade clients to hire you in a document that sells you as the perfect employee. Make sure you include things like:

  • Your project objectives.
  • An overview of your process.
  • A description of your service to highlight exactly what benefits you bring to the table.
  • Your terms of service.
  • Testimonials of happy clients.
  • A call to action so that clients know what to do next.

Final thoughts

Yes, it’s that simple! If you make these three quick fixes, then you’ll be on the top shelf for earnings in no time! As you can see, everything in freelancing relies on self-confidence and an ability to sell yourself and highlight all the wonderful benefits that you bring to any team.

Now that you know what you’re doing wrong, hopefully you can make the necessary amendments. Good luck!

Do’s and don’ts of writing a blog

Whether you have already been blogging for a while or you are thinking about starting your own blog, there are some things that can help your blog either get a head start or get to the next level. The thing is, no matter how good of a writer you are, there are always some things that you might not know and get your blog noticed.

At first, or even after a while you might not get those views that everybody is longing for. This means that you need to change something and here are some tips that may come in handy.

Do’s of writing a blog

  1. Be yourself

The main difference between bloggers and newspaper articles is their voice. People read your blog because they want something relatable, they want to know the real you. Instead of writing something extremely somber, try lightning things up with something funny, maybe a joke.

  1. Use links

Even though you might want to keep your readers to yourself, you also want them to get informed as much as possible. This is why you should provide links to similar articles written by other people or if not other articles from your blog that might be of interest to them. For example, in the case of this post an example of an external link is here and an example of an internal link is here.

  1. Respond to blog comments

As previously mentioned, it is important to maintain your audience. Getting closer to your readers is not necessarily something you can do by being yourself, but also by answering their comments. People usually want a dialogue with you, not just them reading your posts. This is mainly why some of them write comments. In order to show them that you care, you should respond to those comments, even if it’s with a simple thank you.

Don’ts of writing a blog

  1. Don’t set unrealistic goals

It is important to know your limits. If it is impossible for you to write an article every day, than do not promise your audience. If you do not keep your goals nor respect the promises that you make to your readers, then your audience will lose interest in your blog.

  1. Don’t make grammar mistakes

People usually hate reading texts that have a lot of grammar or spelling mistakes as they sometimes denote a lack of education. If you are not native, tell your audience this as your readers might be able to understand you. However, it is best for you to hire a proofreader or use applications such as Grammarly to both correct and improve your writing.

  1. Don’t use bright colors

Bright colors and strange looking fonts might be hard to read for the audience and thus your readers will soon lose interest in your blog. In addition, even though the content is good, elements such as colors and fonts might damage it.

Above were just a few of the things that you should and should not do for your online blog. I hope they are useful and help you improve.

Verbs with prepositions in Spanish

Verbs are essential elements if we talk about forming sentences. Basically, without them, we would not be able to speak.

It is true that in Spanish, verbs are quite complicated. Well, I am talking about all of those different tenses and the long list of irregular verbs. So, do you remember how Spaniards like to overcomplicate things? I guess that it is time to make things a bit harder. How? By adding prepositions in the mix.

These are the Spanish prepositions:


Spanish verbs with prepositions are the equivalent of English phrasal verbs. Let’s take a look.

There are many verbs that require a preposition. We are going to talk about the most common ones. First, let’s take a look at the 5 prepositions that you should know:

  1. En (= in)
  2. Con (= with)
  3. A (= to)
  4. Por (= for)
  5. De (= of/from)

Verbs with en

The Spanish verbs with prepositions that use the preposition en can be followed either objects or infinitives. Let’s take a look at the 3 most common verbs that are followed by this preposition.

1. Confiar en (= to trust to/ to rely on)

When followed by an infinitive, confiar en means “to be confindent in”. When it is followed by an object, it means “to trust”.

  1. Dudar en (=to hesitate to)

It is followed by an infinitive.

  1. hacer bien en (= to be right to/ in doing something)

It can either be followed by an infinitive or an object.

When followed by an infinitive, it means “you are doing the right thing”. When followed by an object, it means “you are doing good in/for”.

Verbs with con

1.contar con (= to count on something)

It is usually followed by an object.

  1. Soñar con (= to dream about)

This structure is usually followed by either an infinitive or an object. It means to dream of or to dream about. However, when followed by an infinitive, it can also be translated as “to hope to”.

  1. comenzar con (= to begin by/ with)

It is usually followed by an object.

Verbs with a

The verbs that are followed by the preposition a, are a special type of verbs. Why? Because in Spanish, this grammar rule is known as the personal a. This means that the preposition a is placed before the object.

1.acercarse a (= to approach)

  1. ayudar a (= to help)
  2. resistirse a (=to resist)

Verbs with por

1.esforzarse por (= to struggle to/ to do your best)

This structure is usually followed by an infinitive.

  1. comenzar por (= to begin with)

This structure is usually followed by either an infinitive or an object.

  1. estar por (= to be in favor of)

This structure is usually followed by either an infinitive or an object. With an infinitive, this structure means to consider doing something. When it is followed by an object, it is used to show preferences.

Verbs with de

  1. Acordarse de (=to remember to)

This structure is usually followed by an infinitive, however, you can also use it with objects too. The meaning stays the same.

  1. Preocuparse de (= to be worried about)

This structure is usually followed by either an infinitive or an object.

  1. Dejar de (=to give up/ to stop)

This structure is usually followed by an infinitive.

Now that you now these things, your Spanish language skills have already improved.

Marketing on Facebook in 2018

Social media sites are constantly looking to improve user experience, Facebook included. Mark Zuckerberg announced several changes to the Facebook News Feed Algorithm at the start of 2018, which may have an impact on social media marketers. Although the new algorithm could have a potential negative impact on marketers, there is a way around it, meaning there is no need to worry.

How the New Algorithm Works

Facebook now awards posts with the highest engagement. Posts with more reactions, comments and likes will be awarded with a better position on the news feed. This was of course intended to improve user experience, but it does mean that marketers could be hit if they don’t promote a good user experience themselves.

However, if you stop thinking like a ‘marketer’ and start thinking like an ‘influencer,’ these changes could actually benefit you. You have the opportunity to have your posts prioritised if you adjust well to the new system.

Connect with the Audience

The way to increase user engagement and thus receive highly-rated posts is to stop thinking like a business. Being a good social media marketer now means acting like an influencer and aligning with your target audience. To do this, you need to truly understand your target audience and then blend your content into that.

It is recommended to run a competitive analysis. Find out who your competitors are and look into what they do to run successful campaigns. If they are successful, mimic them in some way. If you can see flaws in their campaigns, give the audience what they want by adapting and improving it.

Knowing who your target audience is, is vital. This seems obvious, but it is a crucial step in any marketing process. Try creating buyer personas so that you can better cater to their values and opinions. When doing this, conduct sufficient research rather than guessing. Some analytics tools are available to help you find an accurate audience demographic. In social media marketing, you can even try out geo-targeting to target people in specific locations with your ads. This can help you post at ideal times, as well as help you target people who will be more interested in your services.

Finally, targeting a brand-aware audience is a good idea. Finding a ‘warm audience,’ – i.e., people that are familiar with your brand or services and will be receptive – is likely to gte better results. This does not necessarily mean existing clients, but people who have seen or heard of you and not actually engaged with your content.

Running Ads

Make sure that you vary your advertising content. Using a variety of media including images and videos is a good way to ensure that the audience doesn’t get bored of seeing your content.

You should also pay attention to frequency because people will get bored or irritable if they see your ad too often. Try to make sure your ad doesn’t appear more than five times to the same customer.

Finally, you should avoid engagement bait as much as possible. These posts will be penalised by Facebook’s new algorithm, meaning you should avoid ads that bait viewers into voting, reacting or sharing. These posts may even deter users because they seem like spam.

Final Thoughts

The Facebook algorithm introduced for 2018 is not actually a death sentence for marketers. If you adapt to the system through clever marketing techniques, you are sure to get a successful marketing campaign.

Spanish animal expressions to use in your Spanish phrases

Animals have been with us since the beginning of times. Our lives have always depended on animals in one way or another. We use animals for transportation, for food, for protection, and even for company. Much of our lives depend on our furry friends. This is why, today, in order to honor our little friends, I have decided to share with you a few animal expressions. You will see that some are more intuitive then others. So, let’s have some fun and learn some new expressions.

  1. Ser un/a gallina – to be a chicken

This expression literally means to be a chicken if we translate it word by word. Now, let’s think a bit. Do we have a similar expression in English? Well, there is this expression: to chicken out, which means to freak out. What exactly does ser un gallina mean? If you guessed to be a coward, then you are right. It is also quite intuitive as chicken get scared quite fast and run away when you get close to them.

  1. Estar como el perro y el gato – to be like cats and dogs

This expression is quite an easy one as there is an identical one in English. To be like cats and dogs or to fight like cats and dogs means to fight a lot. I guess no further explanation is needed for this one.

  1. Comer como un pajarito- to eat like a bird

Let’s think about this expression. How do birds eat? Have you ever seen a bird eat a lot? We are not talking about pelicans or vultures, but normal birds. They eat a few bites. After all, they do not have a big body, so they do not need all of those calories. So, if someone eats like a bird, then they do not eat a lot.

  1. Tener memoria de elefante- to have the memory of an elephant

Elephants are big, and so are their brains. It is said that they are the animals with the highest memory. So, if someone tells you “tienes memoria de elefante”, this means that he is complimenting you. He is saying that you remember everything, just like elephants do.

  1. Estar pez –“ to be a fish”

In English we have various sayings about fish. One of them is to have the memory of a fish. Another one is like a fish out of the water. Fish are known for their short memory. Having this in mind, what do you think the expression estar pez could mean? Well, it is actually the equivalent of like a fish out of the water, which means clueless.

As you can see, there are many animal idioms in Spanish that are quite similar to those in English and very helpful to add in your Spanish phrases. However, it is important to remember that not all expressions translate the same. It is better to always double check with the dictionary or a native Spanish speaker when you want to use a Spanish expression, otherwise you might end up making a fool out of yourself. With this in mind, I might come up with another list of Spanish expressions in a short while if you have enjoyed this one.

Tips for translating a book

If you have been translating as freelance for a while, you probably want some bigger gigs as well, such as translating a book. As opposed to translating a simple text, this task is more time consuming and it also requires more attention to details. As many of you are looking for guidance regarding this aspect, this article will come in handy. So, let’s get started. It is time to learn some tips and tricks for when translating a book.

The first thing that you have to do before you start translating a book is to ask yourself a number of questions that will make things easier. The first question that you have to ask is who is the target audience?

In addition, you will need to know whether the book is fiction or nonfiction. This is important, because the latter requires specific terminology that might not be easy to translate.

You also need to ask yourself whether you have experience in the field of the book. Have you done similar jobs in the past? In addition, you need to know whether you also need to do the editing and proofreading of the translation. In this case, extra attention is required.

In order to know the appropriate language style that you have to use, you need to first read the document at hand and identify both its style and register. In addition, the genre and target audience are again important. Why? Because you use certain words for people who are already familiar with the field, and you have to explain the terminology for people who are not.

Another useful tip that you should take into consideration is that you can gather some materials like other books that are similar to the one that you are translating, both in original and translated version, along with some dictionaries that have specific terminology.

After you have finished translating the text, you should reread it to make sure that it makes sense and that it is easy for the reader to understand it. It might sound like a waste of time, but it pays off.

Now you know a few more things about how you can improve your book translating tips. Maybe you have some more that I do not know of. If this is the case, then you should definitely share them with me as I am always eager to learn. In addition, if you want to learn more about writing and translating, do check out the other blog posts on these site. Who knows? You might even find the right thing to get you back on track, Give it a try, you might be surprised.


Add-ins to take your blog to the next level

You make your blog, and invest a lot of time and effort in making it look great, in capturing an audience. However, it does not seem enough. No matter how hard you try, you just do not seem to get it to that level that you have always wanted. Do not worry, you should not panic, because there is a solution to everything. Today, I am going to talk to you about some add-ins that will boost your blog, and maybe even to that place where you have always wanted it to be.

  1. Akismet

We all simply hate those spam comments that somehow keep on finding their way into our blog. No matter how hard you try or how popular your blog is, they keep showing up. If you want to gain 10000 followers on your blog, please follow this link. It is simply annoying. Just imagine having to delete those comments one by one. It is such a waste of time, and leaving them there will simply do no good to your blog. Luckily, this application helps you deal with the unwanted spam comments by eliminating them. The app eliminates the comments one by one, without you even having to come across them. Isn’t that simply great?

  1. Yoast SEO

Nowadays, writing blogs is no longer just about the content. You do not only write what you feel, what you want to tell the world. In order to be successful, you also need to optimize your blog for SEO. It is all about keywords and landing on the first Google search page, because let’s be honest, you must really be desperate if you go on page 2 of Google results. So what is the role of this add in? How does it optimize your blog? Well, it guides you every step along the way with optimizing your content correctly.

  1. Regenerate Thumbnails

One thing that is really unpleasant is blurry images. No one likes to see unclear images. I mean, back in the 2000s, when we used to have those 1mp cameras, it was acceptable. Now, with the development of technology, is no longer ok. So, just imagine that you are trying to make your blog look a bit fancier by adding a theme to it. However, after making everything look fancier, you realize that the photos that you have on your blog are blurry. What should be done in this case? Can you keep both the blog pictures and the theme? Of course, with the help of this program Regenerate Thumbnails, you will have your media restored in no time.

  1. Simple Social Share

The more shared your content is, the more viewers you get. This is how it works. You want your readers to be able to quickly share your post without any hassle. You want to be able to click and share, instead of copying and pasting links from one place to another. This is why, this add in is going to be a great saver for your blog, and it will also make it easier for your content to reach new people. You know how all of those popular blogs have a button for social media sharing? Well, this add in will help you take your blog to the next level, by making the content more shareable.

  1. Scroll Triggered Box

Now that you know how to make your content easily shareable, let’s talk a bit about keeping your audience. Sometimes, if you post regularly on a certain day of the week, the frequent readers of your blog will check it out. However, if for some reason you forget to post a few weeks in a row, you might slowly lose your audience. The solution for this problem is a newsletter. If you want your readers to be notified when you post something new, creating a newsletter is the best option. This add in will let your readers subscribe to your newsletter, ensuring that all of your blog posts are read.

  1. Easy Facebook Like Box

If your blog happens to be linked to a Facebook page, then you have to get this add in. Just think about it. It is said that if you are not on Facebook, it is as if you do not exist. So, if your blog is not on Facebook, does it really exist? This is why, you should create a Facebook page for your blog, where people can be informed about your blogs as soon as you post them. Also, you can see how many people like your blogs, by making using this Easy Facebook Like Box add in.

There are of course, more add ins that you can use to amp up your blog. These are just a few of them. So, as you can see, there are many ways in which you can make your blog writing days easier. Just think about it. You no longer have to think a lot about all of that SEO drama, when you can simply add a plug in to your blog. The same happens with the social media presence. Nowadays, it is all a matter of word of the mouth advertising. One share leads to another, and a few shares later, you are viral. This is why you just might need that social media share button.

As you can see, there are so many options. Some add ins even show you the number of visitors that you have had that day, and even their nationalities. Others might even generate automatic answers to FAQ. Others are robots that are used as chatboxes. It all depends on the type of blog that you have, and what you want to do with it.

If you want to learn more about blogging, and other programs that help you improve your blog, just take a look at the page of resources for writers. Some might even surprise you, in a good way.

Repurposing Content: How to Get the Most Out of Your Posts

Content creators know all too well how much energy it takes to churn out content frequently. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into every photograph, every article, every piece of work you put out there. So after you hit that post button, what happens? Your content is out there on the web, but surely you want to make the absolute most of it?

Repurposing content refers to re-using the same ideas and content you have already produced, but in a different format. Not only does this allow you to milk your content, but it also means that you might reach a wider audience that prefer their content in a different format to what you would usually post.

When it comes to repurposing content, it’s a good idea to use your most popular and best-performing posts. Once you have that figured out, you have to decide how to re-package it.

Read on to find out our five ideas for repurposing your content.

1. Turn blog posts into podcasts

Podcasts are proving to be a very popular way of ingesting information online. Busy people can simply stick a podcast on their speakers on the way to work, or listen to it while they fall asleep. It’s a great way of reaching people.

If you don’t have a podcast, it’s pretty easy to set one up. Once you have some recording equipment, simply read your blog posts aloud and then post them online. Then, you can even embed the podcast in your blog post to offer your subscribers a new way to access your content.

2. Combine your best posts into a round-up

At the end of every month or so, try creating a little listicle (that is, a list article) to throw your content right back at your readers. You could also create a round-up based on a particular theme.

This could give your content a new lease on life or even make readers aware of content they had previously missed.

3. Combine newsletters into a blog post

Spend a lot of time sending out e-mail newsletters? Well, now you can repurpose them! Similar to creating a round-up, try combining similar newsletters into a blog post. That way, readers that don’t subscribe to your mailing list also have access to all your content. Of course, you should leave a time delay between the newsletters and the post to ensure that subscribers get exclusive access.

4. Turn quotes or statistics into infographics

Internet users love infographics and images. BuzzSumo found that articles with an image every 75-100 words had the most shares, so you should definitely be paying attention to aesthetics.

Use free image creation tools like canva to create infographics for your statistics. You can post these to Twitter and Instagram with links to your blog posts, too.

5. Turn videos into blog posts (or vice versa)

If you’ve spent time creating a video, you can embed it right there in a blog post to help demonstrate your point. Furthermore, you can transcript the video and make a whole blog post out of it!

Or, if you’ve expended energy writing a blog post, turn it into a script, film it as a video and post it on YouTube!

6. Rewrite it in other language

Typically you start your website in English and after some time you decide to have a Spanish version of your site. 

When doing most of people just get it translated, but in many cases it could be more useful for readers if instead of translate it, you ask your Spanish copywriter to use the content as inspiration. This way, the writer has more freedom than doing a translation, can add value from his own experience and can adapt the text to the audience. Yes I know that good translations should include localization and adapt the text to the audience, but let’s face it, something written by a native don’t need to be adapted, because it is created adapted.

Final thoughts

There are endless ways to repurpose your content, with the above ideas being just a few prompts. As you can see, you just need a little creative streak and you’ll be able to repurpose all your content with ease.

There’s no need to waste your energy, just get innovative!

Perks of Being a Freelancer

Freelancing seems to be a current trend for content creators everywhere. But why are so many people converting to freelance? There are actually a lot of perks when it comes to being a stay-at-home freelancer, despite the sometimes-heavy workload and deadline pressure that puts some people off making the leap into the world of content creation. Below are some advantages of this career path that might make you rethink.


The big one here is the massive surge of independence that you earn as a freelancer. Everybody has experienced that awful boss at a job somewhere down the line. Being bossed around all the time and told what to do is never the best thing for your self-esteem. Becoming a freelancer is a quick fix to this issue. Of course, when working with clients you still have to negotiate and comply to the client’s needs, but since it is a self-employed line of work, you have the option of declining work that doesn’t interest you and focusing solely on tasks that you deem important or fun.

A little more freedom is always desirable, particularly if it allows you to do work without it feeling like too much of a chore.

Spare Time

Deadlines are a huge part of freelancing, but if you are the kind of person that’s good with time management, then you might find yourself with a little more extra time. If you can properly juggle all your deadlines and figure out the most productive times to do work, you can set aside some additional “you” time. Whether its spending time with your loved ones, indulging in a little retail therapy, or just taking time out to get other things done, having the freedom to allocate yourself some free time is utterly ideal.

A Tailor-Made Job

As a freelance writer, there is a number of options to explore when looking for work. Some people prefer to strike up a relationship with a long-term client, working together over an extended period of time to get a lot of content out there. Others prefer one-off projects and short-term work. The best part about freelancing is that it’s totally up to you when choosing a job.

Furthermore, you can undertake more or less work depending on your schedule, and therefore choose your own hours and project-time. It’s also the perfect option for people who like to change things up a bit sometimes.

Transferrable Skills

Being a freelancer takes a lot of skill and ability. Over the course of your career, you can learn a lot of skills that are useful in other areas of work, or even just generally helpful tools in life. These include organisation, time management, motivation, dedication, and of course you get to hone your writing talents.

There are numerous benefits to freelancing, which is probably why this career path is taking off for many online content creators. To summarise, freelancing is a flexible, freeing, independent and skilful line of work.

What’s not to love?

Well you can take a look to the threats I identified when did my SWOT about working from home.


How to learn Spanish vocabulary with movies

The more you surround yourself with a language, the more you immerse yourself in it, the faster you get to learn it. If you do not get the chance to learn Spanish by living for a period of time in Spain or in Latin America, or even by living with a native, you still have a chance of perfecting your skills.

I, for a fact have many friends that learned English by watching cartoons. They use simple words that are easy to understand and to remember. If you are a beginner in learning Spanish, then watching some cartoons, and some shows for children might just be what you need in order to amp up your Spanish game. In addition, the best part about watching cartoons is that the language is correctly used, without slang, and without errors. Also, the characters speak clearly, so you will be able to understand them.

Another tip that I can give you is to first watch with subtitles in your own language. At first, it might be difficult to understand words in a new language. With Spanish, it might be a bit easier if your native language is of Latin origin. However, until you reach a vocabulary level where you can hold a basic conversation, it is better to use subtitles in Spanish language. Also, you can write down some of the new words that you learn.

This way, you will also learn how to spell the words that you hear. It does not really matter whether you understand everything that the characters say. The important thing is that you improve your vocabulary. Do not forget the fact that you can always watch the movie again if you missed a part, so do not panic if you do not get everything.

Something else that you can do is to find some movies in Spanglish. This means, that they are a combination of English and Spanish. In this way, you will not feel frustrated that you do not understand everything that the characters say. You get to learn Spanish, while enjoying the movie too. One popular TV series that you can see is Narcos. You can also try to give the movie Spanglish a go. You might find yourself learning more vocabulary than you know.

Finally, you can try to learn more vocabulary by watching a Tv series or even a Spanish soap opera. After all, there are many cases of people who have learned Spanish by watching soap operas. You might even find the drama funny. I am 100% sure that you already know some of the famous lines such as “ Estoy embarazada de tu hijo” or “ Díos mío”. In addition, most of the words repeat themselves quite often, so it would be easier to memorize them.

Now that you know that watching movies can be a great way to learn Spanish vocabulary, all that is left to do is to go check them out. Some might even become your favorites.