About Me

My name is Miguel Bratos, I am a freelance Spanish writer from Valladolid, which is located in Spain, and writing is both my hobby and job.

I think a man is a combination of what he does, what he knows and what he likes. In order to introduce myself to you, I will explain a little of myself with regard to these three categories. The first part of this trio is explained here in my Spanish writer services section. The second,could be summarized in my education, which is listed at the end of this page. So, let’s start with the third, what I like.

What I like

I like reading books, especially fantasy ones such as Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’, J K Rolwing’s ‘Harry Potter’ series, Game of Thrones by Martin or The Witcher by Sapkowski. However, I also thoroughly enjoy the work of Robin Cook, Michael Crichton and several Spanish writers.

Quite apart from reading, I also enjoy basketball, playing it or watching games on TV, football, listening to music and learning new things, which always proves to be interesting.

Education and CV

I have two university degrees, one in Business Administration and other in Marketing Research. When I finished with marketing studies I felt something was missing. Marketing, at times, can feel as if one is stating the obvious in making a plan to reach your objectives, or noting that listening to one’s customers will inevitably generate more customers. In my opinion, most people instinctively understand many of these marketing principles, and yet still find it difficult to achieve success. So, with that in mind, I began to study for a PhD in Sociology. I have never finished it because work became more and more demanding, and I decided to leave the Academy, but it helped me a lot to look at things as a whole. But let’s start from the beginning:

Thanks to my academic past, an area of expertise of mine is Business Improvement Districts, which has led to me conducting a great deal of research in ‘urban revitalization schemes’. I have published some academic papers on this topic.

One day the University of Valladolid offered me a part-time job as teacher of Sociology for which I had to set up myself as a freelancer. I discovered the content writer job and I felt in love, so eventually I left the PhD research and become full-time freelance writer.

I studied a 500 hours course about Community Management and did a 150 hours course about Proofreading Spanish language.

Of course I have studied English language all my life, but, as you may see, my English is not 100% perfect. That is why if you need an English text and you want me to be the responsible of it, we have two options:

a) I write it and one of my English colleagues proofread it.

b) I have the text written by one of my colleagues and then I check it is SEO optimized, engaging and follows your instructions.

So take this into consideration if you need any kind of NDA.

The blog of this website is a good example of you can get in English from me.

After 9 years of freelancing for all kind of clients (car rental, dating, gambling, finance, traveling, and many others), a Swedish company hired me to work for them 40 hours per week a SEO project manager of their Spanish sites (gambling and financial niches). That is what I am doing right now.

 What I do

You can check my services as freelance Spanish content redactor here.

I am a freelance copywriter from Spain