How to be a good web content writer

tips to be a good content writer
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The truth is, in order to be a good web content writer you need to be a good writer in general. If your writing is all messy, with poor formatting, full of mistakes and missing cohesion, you definitely need to work on it, since your writing is representation of you and your company.

Writing a good content is a choice, and it is up to your choice of putting your effort and energy into it. If you want to boost SEO ratings, gain traffic and leads, having a good content is what will get you there. Besides, as Google decided to punish copyright violators and reward unique ones, you would not want to get into trouble because of laziness. Instead, you could even make a better living!

Uniqueness and originality
Not only does your writing have to be original in terms of not anybody else’s, but also it should promote originality. Writing about outdated topics that have been heard and seen is not really taking you anywhere. Try to catch some novelty, or pose critical but argumentative attitude that contrasts the prevailing thinking. And even if you decide to write about something familiar, the way to write it is what matters. Use some humor through arguments, vivid examples and personal experience in the field.

Make sure your content is applicable
It is known that content that has no practicality is forgotten easily. Giving readers advice on ways to apply what they have learnt from your content and seeing that happen is what you want. A great example of actionable content writing is the Noob Guide to Online Marketing.  As soon as you write your blog post, give your readers tips on how they would apply that. After all, no practice- no results.

Make your content easy to scan.
When people want answers, they use search engine, and expect that google will get them accurate and fast answers. What readers will mostly remember from your post is their own point of interest, so make sure you make it simple and practical.
Ensure good sourcing

Inaccurate information can be dreadful for your company and your reputation as a writer. Statistics have to be verified, and you need to choose the right sources. The more you have- the better. Besides, you’re helping the search engines by linking to other sources. Thus, the search engines will make sure about the content of your content and its arrangement.

Update your writings regularly
Starting a blog or website is like having a dog. You need to take care of it and feed it regularly so that it lives. Similarly, you can’t just quit your job once you’ve started it. If you do, you not only lose your readers, but also search engines do not favor sites that are not updated regularly. How much you will update your site is up to you, try to make a rough estimation, at least once a week, preferably twice.

The most important after all is that you write something about which people can relate with. Stay simple and original, keep good humor and create thought-provoking content- there you go the recipe for success.

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