Choosing a Domain Name

When you are starting out with a new site,one of the trickiest but most important factors is the domain name. You need tochoose something that speaks volumes about your site, is easy to remember, andis brandable enough to make your new business venture a success.

A domain name is so important because it provides a first impression about your company, but it also affects SEO. Using keywords in the domain name can affect rankings! (yeah, yeah, I know they say they don’t, but they do).

Here are five tips to choosing the perfectdomain name…

1. Make it Easy to Type

The most popular websites in the world areeasy to type because they are easy to spell. Think about it: Facebook, Google,Yahoo, etc… You don’t want people to misspell your domain name and end up onanother website.

Ask 10 people to write down your new domainname without telling them how it is spelt. If they get it wrong, you need tosimplify it. Also, you should keep it concise easy to remember.

2. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

This is related to the above tip, ashyphens and numbers make domain names harder to type and harder to explain.Domain names should be smooth, which means you have no time for symbols.

Furthermore, it just looks lessprofessional. The nicest, most professional domain names just stick to letters.

3. Think Long-Term

A domain name needs to be future proof. Youcan’t build a business on one domain name and then switch to another when youget bored of it or when you decide to expand. Therefore, you need to keep yourlong-term plans in mind when choosing your domain name.

If you choose a very niche domain name andthen decide to expand your business into other areas, your domain name will nolonger apply. It should not be limiting in this way, but it should stillindicate what your brand is about currently.

4. Use Keywords

People definitely won’t know what your business is about unless you use keywords. This will help to improve your SEO and attract the right kind of audience. Place the keyword at the very start of the domain name for maximum impact.

Note, however, that you should avoidsounding too generic when you do this. Otherwise, you risk becoming mistakenfor other brands in the same industry, and that will only do harm to yourbusiness.

5. Use the Right Extension

The ‘extension’ refers to the part of thedomain that comes after the dot. There are plenty to choose from, and you maybase your decision on whether the domain you have chosen is already taken witha different extension.

If you have started your site throughwordpress or another tool, then the original domain name will be something However, this does not come across as very professional, as itdoes not seem like a true business organisation’s site. As a result, it is bestto change to something else.

75% of domain names end in .com.

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