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How to get your freelancing tasks done when away from home

When the Internet emerged into our everyday lives and many of us did not have Internet access, we started getting used to Internet cafes. They were a kind of combination of a coffee shop and an Internet access point.

With the spread of online working, the cyber cafe is beginning to transform into a new type of office as a novice of modern world. You can simply take your laptop and join the army of freelancers working in cyber offices named the coffice since they it serves as half an office and half a coffee shop.

How does the coffice work?

The coffice is mainly meant to freelancers though it can be used for other purposes as well. Freelance working offers a more relaxing lifestyle with a flexible schedule, though it often means being attached to your home. How many times have you thought about the idea of travelling and still catching up with our work but you were unable to risk a reliable internet access? Today you have the privilege to literally drag around in space  your job as a freelancer. You only search for the nearest coffice in the destination you are heading to and work goes on.

The coffice is a shared office in cities usually located on convenient, easily accessible places. It is a destination with co-working offices for individuals, business people, entrepreneurs and other like-minded people. Unlike traditional internet cafes, this is a larger area encompassing separate compartments equipped with desks for freelancers. Fast, unlimited Wi-Fi, work stations for PC and tablets, and scanners and printers are at your disposal.. Depending on the coffice design, there may be a conference room as well. This seems very handy if you have a meeting but lack a conference room to hold it. There are also various option regarding the time you need to spent working. You can rent your place for a few hours or choose among the various packages of renting service. You can even make a long term contract in case you have decided to stay in some place for uncertain time. Providing you travel around Spain, you have the possibility to submit a desk online. This is very convenient for people with a busy, and beforehand planned schedule.

The relaxation area is what provides you with some quality time off from your busy schedule. Again, depending on the site, you may find a wide range of refreshments and snacks from the buffet.  If you want to stretch your legs and lose your body you can attend the relaxation area and use their sofas and comfortable chairs.

No matter what your intentions are when searching for this type of cyber working, it will provide you with an experience you have never encountered before. Additionally, you may meet people who are on the same wavelength with you in professional profile. Who knows, you may find a new client, or coworker, or at least a friend sharing your priorities.

Understanding the Basics of Links

Defining link building

Hyperlinks or simply links make it easy to direct our search among various pages on the Internet. Links can be built in different ways and they are not easy to create. However, when you learn how to build links they will bring you double benefit for your search engine optimization in the competitive cyber world.

How are links built in HTML?

Firstly, a start of a link is created, marked as “a” which comes from anchor tag. This is followed by a link named “link referral location” showing that another link will follow. At the end is the closure of link marked by `a` again. It may look like the following sample:

<a href= “https://www.pinterest.com”>pineditorials</a>. Here, `href` means `hyperlink referral. The link starting with `www` indicates the URL and it can be either a website or any other internet address leading to a file or image, for example. Also, you may come across local links which are marked with # meaning that you can be led to another part of the currently opened webpage. The second part of the sample link given above indicates the so called visible text of the link. If clicked, it further directs the user. It can be easily recognized as it appears in blue or any other colour.  The symbol > indicates the end of the link.

The relation between links and search engines

As mentioned, links are the way to higher ranking as they are used by search engines to discover new pages and evaluate how well the page qualifies on the web.  When the search engines find the pages they take the content of the pages put it to their indexes. Through this, each page is ranked for relevant keywords. The process is thoroughly explained in the following video.

Important factors that influence ranking are the content of the page and the number of links coming from other websites and their quality. If the externally linked webpages are of high quality, your ranking is likely to be ranked well by the search engines. At the present, Google is the most powerful search engine apart from yahoo, MSN and Bing. PageRank is one of the inventions for measuring the quality of a webpage giving foundation to a ranking algorithm for measuring page quality.

However, as in each race for success there are cases when users try to take advantages of the possibility of ranking with no efforts. For this reason Google has implemented some update options to control unfairly use of ranking. When they come across a webpage that is not worth being ranked, they simply throw out the webpage. Moreover, Google started with penalties in link building for over-optimization. This is important to know if you want to take the full benefit of link building.


Google Webmaster Tools Basics for Freelancers

Being familiar and using Google Webmaster Tools is an important asset if you want to optimize your site. It is a set of tools by Google that can give you an insight of what is happening on your website. Also, you will be able to make decisions according to real evidence instead of just making guesses about what to do.

There are several steps to take when you decide to log in to Google Webmaster Tools. First you need to add your website and to confirm that you are the owner of the site. After verifying your ownership, you will start seeing data on a dashboard. You will be able to have a look at a range of useful stuff such the amount of traffic you get, the pages that have been indexed by Google, etc.

For better ranking of your page, it is important that your website is configured. For example, configuration with site mapping will help Google to define what the pages on your website are so that it will be easier for them to index them. It is related to the traffic, the more indexed sites, the more traffic you get. Sitemaps are submitted in XML format with less than 50,000 URLs. On the other hand, if you don’t want some pages to be indexed, like private logins, you can create robots.txt file to block all the searching engines including Google.

The Diagnostic section is a useful part which tells you if something went wrong on your website. Even more, it can direct you how to solve the problem. For instance, any programs that may disrupt your computer may be discovered and you will get a warning like “Google has detected a malware on this site”. It is necessary to avoid getting malware on your server. Google will not rank your website if there is any danger of going to an infected site. No one wants to get their computer infected by being careless. Make sure to do a cleanup if you notice any malware.

These are some of the features Google Webmaster Tools offer to website owners. There are many more benefits you might enjoy if using it. It is completely free and it is worth having as it will guide you throughout the traffic by giving instructions what you need to do in order to improve your Google Traffic.

Go for it!

Common proofreading mistakes and how to avoid them

Whether you have your own blog or proofread texts for other people, there are some mistakes that most people make. It is quite important to avoid them as sometimes a spelling error could make your argument invalid or denote lack of education. It is crucial to have a flawless piece of writing especially on the Internet, where people will judge you and if you have the misfortune to find a so-called “grammar nazi”, then you are doomed. Do not worry, because this post is going to help you avoid being humiliated on the Internet, so read ahead.

  1. Trusting Word Spell Check

Either you are using Microsoft Word or any other program, they usually come with a spell check. The thing is that most of the time, we usually look to see whether there is a word underlined with red and then modify it. The main problem with this that the program identifies words that are spelled incorrectly, but not according to context. For example, you can have the words god and good and accidentally put the first instead of the second. Your text will make no sense, however, the program will not detect any mistake. The same can happen with the misuse of an accent in Spanish and the results can be horrific. This is why, you should double check the whole text, not just the underlined words.

  1. Overlooking inconsistency

Due to the fact that there might not seem to be something wrong at first, inconsistencies get ignored most of the times. Also, there are many possible errors of this type that it gets really hard to identify them. The main reason why we fail to spot them is because if we take them individually, they are not wrong. However, when the structure appears again, in the text in a different form, that is when the problem occurs. Just to have an idea of an inconsistency, think about numbers. For example, you start your text by saying: “there are 3 rivers in…” and then continue by saying: ”the three rivers”. The same happens with symbols, time and dates. The best thing is to either only write them with numbers/ symbols or spell them out. Choose only one method.

  1. Doubling words or phrases

Repeating yourself is one of the most annoying things possible. You want to get the message across and it might not seem to much for you to repeat the same phrase twice, three times in a phrase like “buy this now”. However, for the reader, this is very irritating and it will make him or her lose interest in your work. Also, do double check to see if you have accidentally written the same word twice like for example: “he has always always done this”. A slip of an extra word will simply denote lack of professionalism and it will stain your reputation.

I hope that these tips help you improve your proofreading skills. If you want some more tips on how to better proofread your text check out this article.

If you want a freelance proofreader for your Spanish texts, contact me.

3 Tips on how to improve your writing

Writing might not always come easy. Some are more talented, while others have a hard time finding their voice, their writing style. Setting aside the part where you try to achieve that flawless writing in terms of grammar and spelling, writing is more than that. It is about sending a message, about engaging the reader. This blog post is about improving your writing in terms of making it more attractive. If however, you just want to learn some tips for content writing, check this out.

  1. Read Books

In school they always made us read books. It seemed useless back then and a bit annoying to take out some part of our play time just to read. The thing is that those books helped us find our style of writing. The more we read, the more our writing evolved. We started using more complex words and our sentences started evolving and so did our content. Nowadays, the same thing applies. Read books! It does not really matter whether they are science fiction, non fiction or romance novels. All that matters is that your writing will evolve as you will involuntarily adopt elements from the writing style of the authors whose works you read.

  1. Watch Ted Talks

You have probably heard about this worldwide phenomenon called Ted Talks. It is basically an event where people go an hold speeches and they are usually very engaging. You will learn from the way they speak, the structure of their monologues and how they give arguments in order to sustain their ideas. Soon, you will start adopting those concepts to your writing and you will realize in no time that your content is more interesting and your ideas are more clearly stated and have greater arguments. All of this, with little or no effort.

  1. Watch Stand Up Comedy

This might seem a bit stupid at first, but watching stand up comedy could really get your writing to the next level. How come? Simply watch a comedian capture the attention of the public. You will see how he makes a story out of everything. A simple walk on the street becomes a great adventure if you look at it through the right lenses. They can talk about basically anything without making you lose interest and also manage to make you laugh. That is simply magic. You know how when you make new friends you soon start adopting some words that they use, their style? Well, think of stand up comedians as your friends. Watch many videos and you will soon end up having engaging texts and who knows? Maybe even funny.

As mentioned above, writing is all about finding your voice and getting a message across. If you are having a hard time engaging your audience, then you should try out these tips. You might end up writing the latest best seller. You might even get new ideas, learn new things. You will have fun and your writing will improve. That is definitely something to look forward to.

What is Anchor text?

Speaking of internet marketing, everyone who is into the business should be familiar with the meaning of anchor text and its role in the search engine optimization. If it is used in a proper way, anchor text can help you to get a good search engine ranking.

Anchor text is the clink that is clickable in the hyperlink and that leads you to the target page. It means that it directs you to another location or document and this part is always printed in blue. For instance in Google, the word “Google” is an anchor text and it can be created with the HTML code <a href=”http://www.example.com”>Example Anchor Text</a>.

Some types of Anchor texts

Anchors can vary depending on the link profile. It is important to optimize your anchor text as it can help you to create a link profile consisting of various generic anchors.

  1. Generic anchors are usually combination of words like “click for more information here”, “check out” or “read more”. This is how you create a link to your site and it is up to your creativity how you will mix the words.
  2. Branded anchors are texts that use any brand name. Some of the well-known sites like Moz have a huge number of branded anchor texts.
  3. Brand & Keyword anchors-This is a combination of brand name and a keyword of your choice which helps you to build a strong anchor. An example of this type of anchor is “SEO services by Moz”.
  4. LSI anchors is an abbreviation for Latent Semantic Indexing which refers to the different kinds of your keywords or synonyms closely related to your target keyword. For example, if your target is “Bookshop” the LSI keyword may include “Digital library online”, “Book clouds” and so forth.
  5. Exact match-this anchor text can help you a lot in improving your ranking. They are the same as your target keyword phrase. For instance, if the target phrase is “link building” the anchor will be the exact match to it: “link building”. You should be careful with this anchor texts as they can make you get penalized by Google if used inappropriately.

How to optimize anchor text

Make sure you deliver various types of anchor texts. Some marketers believe that branded anchor text should have a greater distribution in comparison to generic anchors, for example. Also, when building backlinks, it’s useful to track anchor texts that have been used. This will show you where you are heading. Avoid using anchors with too many keywords and do not try to over optimize your page.

Pay attention to not to connect with infected or spam sites. There are some useful monitoring tools to use for this purpose like SEMrush, Monitor Backlinks and Ahrefs. Most importantly, look for sites that are not only relevant but authoritative as well. It will make good to your link profile. Websites with high authority and traffic may improve your link profile and increase your optimization.

When working as freelance writer, you will have clients asking you to write about a topic using a specific anchor text for your keyword. What you need to do is to put the link in that keyword within a sentence that makes sense and is coherent with the full text.

If you are looking someone to write your guest post with specific anchor texts in Spanish, do not hesitate in contacting me!

What is aCall-to Action (CTA)

How to do a business plan
creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Bohman

Call-to Action is one of the crucial marketing tools. We have discussed before that everything like anchor text links, buttons and images is what make visitors take an instant action but how does it function actually?

A Call-to action is usually a picture or text line that directs your visitors to literally “take an action”. This can be something like:

  • signing up for an event,
  • downloading an e-book,
  • get a coupon
  • buy something
  • and other possibilities offered on the Internet.

You can put the CTA wherever you like, such as in your blog post, in an email or your website. A simple example of a CTA is a notion like “Download free e-book here”. You can use a single CTA or you can put multiple options, it’s up to you.

There are certain things you should include when adding a CTA

First of all, in other to attract visitors to click where you want them to, you need to create a catchy design.

In this regard, you should think of making it noticeable. The ideal size is thought to be 225px wide and 45px high. The first visual contact helps to attract visitors so make sure the CTA colours are different or in contrast to your website.

Also, sometimes it is not enough to say “click here”, readers need more information on what they are headed to. For example, what is it- a Prezi template, a manual for download or a sign-up for a Newsletter. It is believed that strong verbs create more clicks, though other types of words are also important like “these”, “now” or “free”. Then, keep in mind that CTA need to be short and concise. No one wants to waste time on reading unnecessary information. 90-150 characters seem to be ideal word count.

Another important point to think about when it comes to CTA is the landing page. It may be more efficient if visitors are directed to a specific landing page after clicking it and taking the visitor to any random page on your website. As an example, it is all right if you take a visitor to a “contact here” page if you sell services, but maybe not for an online store. It means it cannot be effective in generating leads and customers like a real landing page where someone can find a specific product.

This brings you to select the right CTA for every page on your site. As a marketer here you should identify the stages in the sales route. This is important because not every offer may be suitable for all the visitors throughout the route.

Ideally, after you have given a deeper thought to the above, you can start creating a CTA of your own. In case you need a more thorough outlook of the creation process and a beneficial optimization of your CTAs, you may like to look for some customizable Call –to-Action templates.

CTAs are powerful assets whose strength can boost conversion. Take an action by yourself-understand the basic points, functions and use and you are ready to create valuable CTAs.

Types of writing and how to differentiate between them

If you aim towards improving your academic writing skills it is necessary to know the different types of writing.

Why is it important if you already have a good command of the language and you can create a meaningful content?

The way you put your thoughts for someone to read is how you are perceived as a personality and it shows your expertize in a given field. Writing is about having a particular goal to reach your audience. It can be an explanation or description, or simply prevailing an idea on the reader. Depending on the purpose there are various styles of writing.

Expository writing

Expository articles give explanations on an idea, topic or issue. They are widely used for writing textbook/manuals, business and technical descriptions, as well as events, debates, artistic works and many more. This piece of writing is constructed of five paragraphs: introduction, main part consisting of three paragraphs and the conclusion, similar to any standardized essay. Expository writing differentiates several sub-types regarding the purpose of writing. If you write about a specific subject, such as a product or a service you should emphasize the connection and connotation by giving a definition and how it associates with users or customers in the given case. Similarly, giving detailed explanation of an idea or item, there must be a classification in the description starting with the most general content and break it into smaller categories. Sometimes you need to describe similarities or differences between products, then you must carefully lead the thread of comparison to be precise and understood. Explaining procedures and functions also fall in this category of writing.

Persuasive writing

Persuading customers in a well-written form is half a success. Here you should present a strong argument and valid basis to convince people to be on your side. Most important characteristics of this type of writing are:

  • Defining the essential features of the object of persuasion. For example, what are the qualities of your product?
  • Keep the readers interest- Focus on the topic giving a clearly defined view and reasonable opinions without exaggeration. Give reliable evidence when promoting the object of persuasion.
  • Pay attention to verbal expression-Ask yourself you your audience is and use the relevant vocabulary. Remember that your goal is to win the readers. Though, do not write to affectionately, this is not poetry. Give practical outline of whatever you try to sell.
  • Keep the readers interest- Focus on the topic giving a clearly defined view and reasonable opinions without exaggeration. Give reliable evidence when promoting.

This is mostly used for advertisements, reviews, letter of recommendation, complaints and cover letters. Here is an example of persuasive writing. “Following the exhibition of high-tech digital applications for online marketing, the technical department representative reported a 1.5 billion $ boost to the company budget. Although the new applications are rather expensive for the average customers, if used wisely they can provide real benefit to online marketing. Marketers should consider investing in high-tech applications.” This is convincing attitude since it involves a proposition-` Marketers should consider investing in high-tech applications` which means the author is trying to persuade readers to agree with the idea.

What is a link profile?

A link profile is the total amount of links that are directed to your website. It plays an important role in keyword rankings and in these terms, both the quality and the quantity of links contribute to high ranking.

When building a link, apart from quality and quantity another feature should be also considered – diversity. There are several factors that influence the link diversity of your site.

Area of influence: meaning the more links you have from various websites, the better trusted and respected you may be.

Traffic blend: links from different sites gives you an opportunity to have new, varied traffic for your site

Greater visibility: having more links from different sites enables you to be more accessible by users.

Genuineness: a number of links from the same source may look intentional and not real.

The first step in building a link profile is to find a reasonable amount of links.  Connect with fellows, sellers, commercial organizations, various directories (blog directories, forum participation and trackbacks) social bookmarking sites and many other high and low rated sites. It is also recommended sending press releases using the link to their website with the company name in the anchor text.

The anchor text can be branded (includes the brand name of the company), semantically relevant (using semantically similar keywords) and diluted text (combination with other words and phrases beside the keywords). Be careful of spam backlinks. Most importantly here, you must not forget to create and offer some really eye-catching content that might be valuable to be linked.

A piece of good advice by specialists is not to rush while building your link profile. Google algorithms are sensitive enough and can detect suspicious links. There is an `unnatural` link penalty for quick link building. This happens if you are pushy when using anchor text for your backlinks. Generally, you may need 35% of your backlinks to be links that use domain name or any branded link text.  For example, a lot of high valued websites have 50-80% branded anchor text. Therefore, you should be patient in building your link profile within time not at once.

Having all this in mind, since achieving high ranking is your priority, it is good to be careful when it comes to linking. Google algorithms are not only sophisticated but changeable also. It is not only enough to have excellent content and a wide range of links. We cannot predict what might happen with the Google linking signals. What may keep your position safe in SEO is the variety of links. It is a kind of protection from unexpected changes regarding rules or re-measuring certain links or patterns. Link diversity is an important issue as you need to avoid looking for or building links from the same site.

All in all, link profile has an incredible importance for SEO. To summarize the points related to link profile we can say that it is the most important factor in website ranking. You should pay attention to the quality backlinks with a standardized and diverse anchor text.

Do you need someone to writer your guest posts for your Spanish site? Contact me.

Check English Grammar with Grammarly online corrector

Do you need to proofread an English text extremely fast, but nobody is available?

If you want to check your spelling and grammar mistakes for free and in just some seconds, you can do it with with Grammarly the best sentence corrector. You just need to sign up and instal the extension in Firefox, nothing else!

Go to Grammarly here

That happened to me, one night. I was in a hurry to finish one article, but even though my spelling tends to be great, I sometimes have some slips of hand and some double letters appear where they should not and a misplaced comma here and there.

It happens to all of us. But how can we correct it? That night, I decided to finally click on the link that claimed to check both my spelling and grammar in no time and that is how my adventure with Grammarly started.

Below I will write about both the advantages and the disadvantages of the program and also suggest some additional features that the program could benefit from. But first, let’s take a look at what Grammarly is and what the site promises to offer.

Grammarly description

Grammarly is a writing application, that scans your text for any mistakes and many complex writing errors. It checks grammar and helps you to correct spelling. The application is said to check your text input while you are writing it. It verifies whether grammar rules are respected (more than 250 rules are checked).

The Grammarly description on their website says that the application looks for grammatical errors, use of articles, spelling mistakes and verb conjugations (mostly irregular). In addition, the application also looks at the context of the sentences.

A final feature of Grammarly is that it suggests synonyms in order for your writing to be easier to read. This is great because sometimes the word you need might not come to you at that moment. That’s one of the reasons it is my favourite sentence corrector.

Try it for free!

How does Grammarly checker work?

The first step is creating an account. Then, you can also download the Windows plug-in. This way, using Grammarly will be more efficient. After you have finished writing your paper, you should copy the text and insert it in the blank text box. If you also want to verify your paper for plagiarism, then you can go to the Start Review button which is located at the top of the page and then click on Plagiarism Detection and turn it on. After this, you should click on Start Review. This is where the actual process starts. Don´t worry, because it usually takes less than a minute to complete.

Part two of the process is the report. You will see any parts of text that are incorrect being highlighted. In addition, there will be a card that shows you what type of error it is. Also, you will be able to see an explanation of the error along with a suggestion on how to correct it. After that, you can click next and continue with an other error (if there is one). Then, do the same thing until you have seen all of your errors along with their explanations and suggestions.

Advantages of Grammarly

One of the main advantages of using this program, is that you do not have to hire a proofreader to do this job for you. In addition, it is a faster way of achieving similar, if not better results than those of a proofreader. It is physically impossible for a proofreader to finish correcting your piece of writing in less than a minute, well, if you have more than a few sentences at least.

An other advantage of Grammarly is the fact that besides checking your grammar and spelling, it also provides explanations. This is an important aspect, as you will be aware of what your most common mistakes are and how you can correct them. This way, you will learn from your errors and will most likely make them less often or stop making them at all.

Grammarly also includes the option to check your document for plagiarism. This is a great feature, as you do not have to use more than one program to check your work for grammar accuracy and plagiarism.

There is also a free version of the program which enables you to see the critical mistakes that you have made. This version is enough to correct spelling and use it as sentence corrector. However, if you want to see a more thorough analysis of your errors, you will need to get the Premium version (which of course you have to pay for)

Disadvantages of Grammarly

Some people might find the cost of this program a bit on the pricier side, as paying $29.99 for a monthly subscription might not be a suitable option for them. In addition, it might not seem as the best option if you only need it for one use, and the length of the document is not that long.

An other down side of the program is the fact that you are unable to use it for languages other than English. If for example your text is in Spanish, then you are out of luck and will have to rely on a human proofreader.

Even though, Grammarly is as close as possible to a proofreader as it can get, it can never truly replace one. A human will always get the context of the text and also the figurative meanings of the words and the expressions. In addition, using Grammarly does not provide an excuse for you to not learn grammar, because the program will correct it anyway. It is better to try to improve your work rather than relying solely on the program.


The program is not perfect and there are some areas where it can improve. One of them regards the technical part. It is for now only available for Windows, so people using Mac operating system are currently unable to download it for their devices. Further development of this technology in order to make it available for other operating system is an aspect that should be taken into consideration.

One area that the program has some issues with is the possibility to use it for other languages as well. A suggestion would be expanding the supported languages to include some of the most common such as: Spanish, French, German.

In conclusion, Grammarly is a great product if you want a quick solution to proofreading. It does however not have the accuracy of a human proofreader, but it does decent work. It might seem pricier, but the cost could be worth it if you frequently need to use a proofreader. It is only up to you to decide whether the benefits of the Premium version of the program outweigh its cost and give the program a try to form your own opinion about it. The process is simple, as you can download the program in less than 2 minutes or install the Firefox extension after you register on the website.

*I am an afilliate to Grammarly program, however this review has the intent to be as honest as possible.